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  1. This is the weirdest account I ever saw. I'm guessing he's been playing FL in his premiums, which doesn't show up in his stats, but that has to be  the weirdest re-roll ever. Pluss, you know, that username and he still went for the 11111115A...


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    2. mati_14


      I got a reroll too, and went for Kranvagn... during 268V4 meta :doge:

    3. Kolni


      i got paid to grind out 800k xp during the winter mode on a 0 battle account

      it had 0 battles on every part of the service record since winter battles didn't have one/got removed 

      with a prem account i played the french thing nonstop for a week and ground it out, and because of the xp/credit overflow of that mode the account had like 13 million credits, a fully kitted out batchat with a 4-5 skill crew with 0 battles across the board

      ofc the meron was a plateaued permablue so he obviously wasted his money :serb: 


      any reroll worth their salt knows that you get to keep reward tanks too, so if you want a real dank service record you wait to reroll until after a campaign


      with bonds currently in the game rerolling doesn't make sense anymore tho, it is too big of a setback to restart that grind considering how long one piece takes to acquire unless you're willing to grind 2 ranked seasons too along with FL before even starting to play randoms for a competitive reroll (3 equipment pieces is all you need if you can stick to playing one tank at a time, which an account like this does for the start at the very least - or ppl like me that spam one tank until MoE or 100games until playing the next), with that and FF directives you'll be as competitive as the seasoned accounts and you'll earn up the bonds to both transfer it onto a new tank and some extra unless you're willing to grind the same tank for like 2k games to farm the next set of bonds lol)

    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      Imagine caring about stats enough to reroll

  2. Haven't been on the test server, but just from the description of the new Kharkov the field seems iffy as fuck with the standard Wargaming Camping Nest (patent pending) on either side so that bushwankers have somewhere to wank. The pandering to camping in this game is getting stupid. But hey, at least we have the camping prevention units...
  3. Is this picture a lie? I shot that thing six times with 263 pen and bounced every one. I was at very short range as well so some hit that weakspot for sure. Boy when Wargaming buff they really go nuts. When I played this it was lol-penned by everything in that tumor.
  4. Kymrel

    UDES 16

    I didn't run extinguisher in the tier 8, but find you really have to in the tier 9.
  5. Yeah, it works. Just a matter of getting the right map, the right baddies on the enemy team, and, most importantly, the right kind of bads on your team.
  6. Trying to be a hipster playing the 120. Jesus fucking christ it hurts. 3 degrees of gun depression and  the gun handling from hell make this unusable. 7 losses in a row now.

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    2. Kymrel


      50 more than the 430 and Udes. Which comes with that gunhandling and depression. Not worth it.

    3. Oicraftian


      If you get the bonds for the bond stab, run food, max bloom skills, bond vents, BIA, the handling is tolerable.

    4. Kymrel


      Nah, I'm too cheap for that. I don't play Clan Wars or Ranked so those bonds accumulate rather slowly. I'd rather save my 11k for a tank, if they ever sell tank for bonds.

  7. Kymrel

    UDES 16

    It's time to bite the bullet and stop using food and take an extinguisher. This thing lights up like a Christmas tree and even with the firefighting directive I'm burning for 600ish HP.
  8. Wow. Just had my first 11x XP game. 5x for event, 3x for the premium mission, 3x selectable thing from the premium account. Hello 15k XP on my least favorite wheeled shitter so far, the Lynx. If I get a result like that again tomorrow the grind will be over...

  9. Kymrel

    UDES 16

    Yeah, I normally don't run food but the gun seems to need it. But it burns so much I think I may need to use an extinguisher. I've been running a firefighting directive, since they've given me about 300 of those, but I still burn for a lot of HP in far too many games.
  10. Kymrel

    UDES 16

    I like how 1,253 base XP is a second class mastery badge. The values out there are nuts.
  11. 22 games in the Udes 16. Fully upgraded, top gun from the first game. Can't get this fucking thing to work. 32% WR (yes) and 1900 dpg (2k on the tie 8). Every game with tier 10s that are mostly dumber than the tier 10s on the other team. This is a rather long-winder way to say I'm chatbanned again...

    1. Archaic_One


      This post started pretty well and ended even better

  12. That's what every game feels like now. Everyone on one team dead in 2-3 minutes. Either you need to squeeze out all the damage you can before your team implodes or you have to chase damage as the enemy team is wiped out in 3 minutes.
  13. Kymrel

    UDES 16

    It seems to have the typical binary Swedish armor. Low-caliber guns have massive problems penning but Rusky tanks lol-pen unless the angle is extreme.
  14. Is tier 8 the new tier 9 for comfortable gameplay? I played the tier 8 Swedish med and had a lovely time with about 50-60% of the games being all-tier 8. Now I'm playing the tier 9 and get nothing but tier 10 games. Before the 3-5-7 got booted (for a good reason) tier 9 used to be a nice little comfort zone. Now I'm not so sure any more.

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    2. SIRJ4MES


      Enjoy playing LT-432 .  

      So good, and especially in tier 8. 

    3. hazzgar


      @Kolni t10 was aids since way long ago

    4. lavawing


      13 hours ago, sohojacques said:

      On the Asia servers tier 8 feels better for sure now. Especially when you only play the tier in OP premiums for credits.

      When everyone is overpowered, no one is (not unless you're that one shameless bloke in the TVP 'Defender Slayer' VTU)

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