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  1. Trying to do some Block missions and after a few games in the STB-1 (which is a nice tank now) I splurged and got myself the Leo. Wow. What a comfortable ride that tank is. Aced it in the second game with just over 7k damage. That alpha on a high-velocity accurate gun and a mobile platform is giving me a boner.

  2. OK, I haven't used it before, I usually either go east of that building or further west. That KV4 must have had shit view range then. I guess they all do. Good for lower tiers then.
  3. Yeah, there is a similar but worse position in the south-west of Minsk. Bushes next to hard cover, impossible to outspot but a bit easier to approach. I also noticed a new (I think) bush on Lakewill which I abused in a recent game. It's marked in red on the picture. Next to the house, you can shoot on people who poke from the hull-down position in the south-east passage, and if people poke past the church. And you can do it while the bush is solid and you won't get spotted. I don't recall that one being there before the latest update. I was abusing it in a 50TP tier 9 heavy with almost no camo, and I could still drive into the bush, spot a T95 poking, back up and shoot without getting spotted, even when a KV-4 poked the corner by the church. This is not exactly an OP camping position, but another example of Wargaming changing maps to make new op positions.
  4. I kind of like this tank. It's slow and awkward with huge tracks and terrible hull armor, but the gun is just lovely. Punishing people for 560ish gives me a warm feeling. It can't really snap and is a bit derpy even at medium ranges but that's to be expected. The armor seems trollish at best. I get some bounces on the hull, mostly from people who don't know where to shoot or can't hit the huuuuuge lower front plate. The 8 degrees of gun depression make the tank more comfortable, and hull down it's decent enough. Nobody wants to stay still in front of that gun for very long so unless you've just fired only stupid people stick around to carefully aim for cupolas. Meaning only Russian tanks hit those with their abnormal snapshots. I don't think it's a keeper, but it's a nice tank to grind through.
  5. You could always tell us what happened so that we don't have to watch a replay...
  6. Only boring lines left to grind. Need more med lines plox.

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      They need to add another Czech line so i can use the stupid blueprints I got and don't need

    2. Snoregasm2


      1 hour ago, PlanetaryGenocide said:

      They need to add another Czech line so i can use the stupid blueprints I got and don't need


      WG logic - let's give everyone 30 nation blue prints for a nation that has 1 line that has been out 4 years+.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      I used the first set to finish the 50/51... and then the other 28 or so that I have are just going to sit there.


      Didn't even have the courtesy to convert them to universals, fucking trash

  7. Look. The two of you need to get a room and have wild passionate sex. That's the way this is going. I can tell, I've watched a lot of romantic comedies. Just leave the rest of us out of this please. If you want to measure your gear, do it in private.
  8. Getting really sick of those OP tier 10s. Chieftain and the 279(e) mostly. Just lost a game where the enemy team had a 279 that effortlessly did 5k damage chewing through our heavies and TDs. The player has a 53% WR, 63% in this tank in 360 is games. As a comparison, he has a 50% WR in his 907 in 180 games and 47% in the 260 in 300 games.  Noooo, the 279 isn't broken at all, Wargaming, good job.

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    2. Kymrel


      It's like a super-conq but faster with better pen, 440 alpha and slightly worse gunhandling (but still excellent for a heavy). Not saying it's indestructible, but it is clearly better than the super-conq, which is one of the better tier 10 heavies. If you don't think it's OP we'll just have to agree to disagree I suppose.

      The 279 isn't indestructible either, but the fact that so many pubbies can't handle it gives it an automatic advantage. If it can quickly chew through a tank or two while taking no damage, either because the guys driving those tanks haven't got good HEAT ammo or because they don't switch until it's too late, the team with the 279 has a much better chance of winning.

      Both tanks are OP for sure, and seem even more so because generally they are driven by the best players. Whoever thought giving the best players OP tanks should be fired on the spot. As should everyone involved who didn't do anything to stop it.

    3. Snoregasm2


      I think that's a good description and I wasn't saying it wasn't OP (it is), but if we're talking an OP scale the Chief is much closer to the Super Conq and a few other regular tier 10s (277, WZ, etc.) - in that it has obvious strengths but also exploitable weaknesses if not hidden - than it is to the 279, which is just RRR, press 2 and win.

      I kind of agree putting OP tanks in good players hands is stupid, but there needs to be high tier rewards too. The 260 is a good example of a tank that has a lot of weaknesses to balance its strengths, and even its strengths are hard to use for a shit pubbie (speed, good turret but shit gun dep). More reward tanks like that make more sense, or the T-55A which again is really nice but not twice as good as a tech tree equivalent.

    4. Diriz0n


      What makes FV421 over powered, is an accumulation of many different things. It has the things that Super Conq sorely lacks, such as reverse gear top speed and HP/T. This is incredibly important, and game breaking, because it allows the tank to deploy across the map and obtain key hulldown points, Super Conq or TE5 have no chances in getting to, needing a few minutes of driving instead. When getting to hulldown, super conq can still get shot in the face, as the areas surrounding the gun are vulnerable to prem  (285 effective-) but FV is nearly indestructible. Like, we are talking 35O HEAT from VK721 won't break it. Next, FV won't feel as out-traded, as it deals higher alpha damage and matches many tanks like IS4, 113, 43OU

      The loss in HP, gun handling - can certainly be felt in flat maps that force close encounters, to which super conq DPM and gun handling feel alot better, but FV can still take med tank flanks, with great mobility. Lastly, it is important to note, super conq spaced armour glacis resists HEAT very well, but still gets hit by APCR from tanks like IS7, Maus, PzK Vll, Etc. Again, like its turret it is vulnerable to prem ammo, auto aimed. FV on the other hand, takes an approach like 113 or obj 268 V4, where the hull is extremely angled, promoting alot of ricochets. Not necessarily relying on thickness, but mechanics. This is whats really annoying. And its way too thick, to use HEAT to try to by pass ricochet angle. 

      9O7A, 26O, FV421, 279E are not good at all for the game. All of them need to go.



  9. How does a 45% player get a T95/FV4202? I had one in my game just now. Average damage on that tank is 1322.

    1. simba90


      lucky with the lottery? probably paid like 15k bonds for it.

    2. Diriz0n


      He could have paid for it.

      I know clans offered spots on their rosters, so long as you had the fitting tanks, and someone could play your acc for CW battles, you could pay for a spot within a clan and win the tank. Lot of running jokes, people paying three-four hundred US, for a spot for a campaign, then removed after. I am sure many of those were true, not just jokes


  10. Oh boy. The EBR 105 is as good as the EBR 90 is annoying. On the right maps, of course. Still horrible to drive on Ensk and corridor-fest maps.

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    2. Kymrel


      The tier 9 has a terrible alpha (like most of the tier 9 lights), which really makes anything other than ambush shots very risky for little reward. The 400 alpha on the tier 10 is a vast improvement.

      The cars suck harder than other lights on city maps because they are far harder to control. If you try something clever you might end up ramming a corner and coming to a dead stop because you over/under steered a little. Or because there was a tiny bump that got you airborne and turned 90 degrees. I'd always prefer to be in my T100 than the EBR105 on a city map. But on an open map I'd take the EBR any day of the week.

    3. Diriz0n


      Russian light tanks can double as meds, especially if +tiered.  For instance, T54LT is basically an armoured medium tank when facing shit like T43 or comet. As I said, those don't really count.

      But compared with ridiculous shit like MTV, Bat Chat 12T, or HK12, or ELC Even.....being trapped in a city is horrible. At least an armoured car can sensibly zoom away, picking and choosing corridors and zooming down them 85km/hr, to which light tanks are incapable of. And when they come across skorp G, or SU-PM, they slap it for HE damage. 

      Ever play himmels or Ensk, drive off cratered rubble or rubble incline heaps, an over turn your RU251, or panzer wagen or T-5O-2? Well armoured cars maybe take 5 dmg from the small jump, then if overturned they right themselves up and everything is A-okay.  LT time out or are stuck on their side. Added plus of course, is no tracking.

      Even at their worst, ACs are better than LTs, because LTs are even worse than that worse. Except RU LTs, which basically are meds. 


    4. Kymrel


      I'm just giving you my experience man. As someone who's played a lot of lights and now a bunch of armored vehicles. And my experience is that it's better to be in a light tank in a city than a wheeled vehicle. Your opinion may differ, but it might be skewed since you, as far as I can see, don't have any games in the wheeled vehicles.

      The main problem is maneuvering, hitting random walls and corners coming to a dead halt if you miss your turn doing those 80+km/h drives you mention. And then having to back up, turn, go forward again. 

      I'm not the only one having problems steering the EBRs. I was watching Daki last night on Twitch. He drove his EBR through the trench in running through the middle of the new Kharkov (or whatever it's called) map. He's played wheeled vehicles a bunch and is a far, far better player than I can ever hope to be, and even he was hitting the wall and almost flipping driving down the trench. They are annoying to control and it becomes far more of an issue in a city.

      Another problem I have is overshooting. Which is probably something I'd get used to and compensate for, but it's still a problem I don't have in lights that becomes apparent in the wheelies. If I drive past an opening (a street) and plan to shoot a tank I know is there, I often don't manage to break in time, go too far and either miss my shot or have to back up. Again, this is something that will be less of a problem with time, I guess, but it's still annoying.

      Not whinging about wheelies on city maps, just mentioning a few reasons why I'd always prefer to be in a light tank than a wheeled vehicle on a city map.

  11. I'm getting ready to rip out my hair when driving the EBR90. Even the good games feel annoying. Any small bump you drive over can spin the fking tank sideways, which is incredibly annoying. You skidd endlessly and ram houses and walls regularly. Maneuvering around enemy TDs at close quarters can be a nightmare if they know what they're doing.

    It can't carry unless the stars really align on prok or something with 240 damage and shitty pen at tier 9 and shitty view range compared to the other lights (and meds).

    The only thing it does better  than other light tanks is yolo-spotting, which I hate. If you have retards on your team you can work your ass off and the few tanks that actually bother shooting what you spot miss or bounce. Yolo scouting also relies on the enemies shooting poorly as you zig-zag like a moron. So you are putting both your impact on  the game and your life in the hands of other players.

    Rocking a 43% WR on this after 50 games. The 1390 is at 56% after 369 games, lightweight at 59% after a similar number. 

    Regretting ever deciding to play cars,  but I've found that to learn how to beat tanks you find annoying (yes, that includes arty) you need to play them a bit to find out what works. Apparently what works is playing tanks with super-shell velocity or getting lucky.



    1. tajj7


      The EBR 90 is pretty shit to be honest, compare it to the EBR 75, there is not a tier difference of stuff there. 

      Really the only WVs that are decent are the premium and the tier 10, all the rest suck, they lack too much gun power to actually compete and are not fast enough to avoid fire consistently, despite the whines from the bot masses.

      The EBR 75 has a gun that basically competes with the best other tier 8 lights have (if not better because it essentially pumps out 350 alpha), that together with its speed makes it competitive. The tier 10 is the fastest, with the best camo and is the only one with the usable view range, so that allows it compete despite its shit gun.

      The 90 has a gun barely any upgrade on the tier 8, with low alpha for tier 9 and you get like 5kph more speed than the ER 75, meaning its not fast to avoid fire as well because as you go up the tiers gun handling improves and shell velocities improve, so for 5kph more top speed you are facing more APCR standard rounds and tanks like the IS7 that can snap full turret with virtually no bloom, and you are still pumping out 240 alpha with crap DPM and have crappy 330 view range. 

      You just have to get through it, the tier 10 is a massive step up because you get 390 alpha, the 520 alpha HE, the bigger jump in speed, camo and view range so you can have more of an impact in unfavourable maps. 


    2. Kymrel


      Yeah, I figured as much. I think an EBR75 with 200 more HP would be superior to the EBR90 in most ways. Slightly worse pen but better alpha (well, -ish, with the clip), better shell velocity, better aim speed and better gun depression. 5 more KPH isn't really noticeable. It does have 20 meters less view range, which would be the only downside.

      I'm almost done with the EBR90. With the bonus xp for the premium account, some 5x wins and blueprints the grind on a tier 9 doesn't have to be what it used to. I have a terrible WR on this one, but with such few battles that's just the way things go when you get Ensk, Ruinberg, Tundra and Mountainpass in a loop one evening and only two games total on Prok (both Ace Wankers) and one on Campinovka.

      I rarely play tier 10 tanks, but I'll sell the 90 in a heartbeat and pick up the tier 10.

  12. Christ the cars are broken. Both ways. On the right maps they break the game. On the wrong map they are useless as fuck and terrible to drive. Why am I doing this to myself again?

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    2. Archaic_One


      I am actually thankful for the cars. As much as I ranted about the Japanese heavies, the P2W prems, and the V4 - I kept playing - it was the cars that finally flipped the WASD Tank switch off for me.

    3. tajj7


      I have not and still don't get the fuss people make about them, they are really not hard to deal with and IMO they help break those OP camping spots, and seem to mainly camping TD players and arty players, they have improved gameplay IMO, too many maps infested with OP TD camping nests where they get all the advantages but WVs actually can yolo spot them and they get arty spotted and killed more often, so whats not to like. 

    4. Kymrel


      That's like using AIDS to fight cancer, IMO. The TD nests are a problem, sure. But cars are not the solution. Removing the idiot-prove nesting grounds is.

      The trouble with the cars is that on some maps they are OP as hell. On others you can barely drive without bumping into a building or flying off a rubble and ending sideways in front of the baddies or are stuck in a corridor fest with no way of being useful.

  13. That feeling when you are in an EBR90 on Prok as the only light and in the opening moves you get the only enemy scout killed with a lucky tracking shot in the open. Hello 11k combined damage and ace wanker...

    1. simba90


      And then remember you don't have LT15 selected.

    2. Kymrel


      Exactly. I have the 260, but had some other mission I didn't have the secondaries for selected. And I don't have the LT15 for the 260 with secondaries -_-

  14. I think the location you're fighting in matters quite a lot. I always pick a versatile tank as my first tank (Progetto) and when that gets blown up I'll pick what fits my plans. Usually something fast though, only heavies with depression and turret when defending C, the rest is all meds, lights and the Scorp. That being said, I mostly agree with the list. My most played tanks (by a wide margin) are the Progetto, the EBR, 432, T44-100 (so tempted to type 1OO), Lorraine and Scorpion. Some of those tanks I only pick for specific roles. Lorraine mostly when attacking or defending in late game in the city, where I can get off two clips and get a quick rank at the end. Scorp when defending the field in the end game. The tanks I pick for less specific situations, the Progetto, EBR and the T44-100 (and the 432 when I need a light and the EBR is on cooldown) all have one thing in common. They have good gun handling and can hit shots at range. If you need to take a long time to aim you will either miss a lot of shots or you will take a lot of return fire when exposed to fire. Aim time and accuracy are key for me.
  15. Yeah, it's a whole thing now it seems, even more than before. You get 15ish light tanks and quick meds rushing defenders around the cap, and then capping. And then the morons go for the objectives.
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