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  1. I finished the grind anyway last night. I suspect you're right about not liking the 268v4, but it's a good tank to have for missions so I don't have to love it. Since I'm doing shit grinds now I think I may finish the Conway as well, just to get that over with and take a break from the missions for a little while. Also, with boosters and daily 2x from premium grinds are super easy now...
  2. Ah, was that it. I did put in the code and get some skin for the AMX1390. One of those days I may start reading those specials news from WG rather than just glancing over them. I just find that I either do the missions by playing normally or really can't be bothered doing something special to finish them anyway.
  3. I got the same. So I stopped grinding missions and started playing tanks I truly hate, the Obj 263 and Conway. It doesn't seem like 10 5x victories after the daily would be a "normal" reward from some mission, but I don't follow the news from Wargaming that much, to be honest so I couldn't say for sure.
  4. Yeah, apparently I have some 5x victory missions I had no idea about so I popped boosters and did about half the 263 grind (I had some blueprints for the 268v4) yesterday. Still faaar from my cup of tea, but just the idea of selling the 263 and getting the 268v4 should be enough to get me to finish the grind.
  5. Drats. Does that mean it would be a good idea to finally do the Obj 263 grind? *shudders* Got really close twice today, 400ish short and 700 short in the 430U and 260 respectively.
  6. I've been trying to finish off the last few Chimera missions. Until recently I used my standard tactic of turning on a random mission and finishing by chance whenever. I've only got the last Union mission left, Armor of God. I need a combined of 10k damage, blocked and damage taken. So far I've been trying with the 430U, but have been branching out, trying the Obj260, WZ11111111115 and even a game or two in the IS-7. I fking hate missions with damage blocking so damn much... What tank would you use for this mission? If you've finished it, what tank did you use? Tier 10 seems like a given. Seems like a real "stars align" mission for us non-unicorns. Do like 6k damage, bounce 2-3k and take 1-2k seems like a likely scenario here. I've been trying to play hyper-aggressive when I think I can get away with it, hoping to stay alive in a hull-down position and for people to shoot at my turret, but haven't really gotten even close. People either don't shoot or shoot HE. So far the best I managed was about 8.5k in a game where I did almost 5k damage, bounced a little and died. Halp? EDIT: Fk me, got 9.573 combined in the 430U just now. One more shot of damage, just one. Fk.
  7. Quick mission question. I have three Block missions to go and then just the 15th mission for 3 groups to get the Chimera. I have 5 orders I could use. If I don't use those, can I use them for the 279e missions instead?

    If so, can I use them now and then when I'm not sick to death of playing German tanks go back and finish the missions to get them back?

    It's been so long since I finished the first campaign and I didn't need to use orders on the first step of this one so I literally can't remember.

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    2. Kymrel


      Ah, so you need the secondaries as well. Better just stick to it. The three missions I need aren't that hard, it's just that playing German tanks is getting super boring. Need to do 5k damage, so playing Leo a lot and getting up to 4.9k a couple of times because reasons. It's a matter of time though, have done over 7k in the Leo. Then it's just a couple of topgun-missions. Since I'm no unicorn all three of those will take time and some luck.

    3. Sylvansight


      time and luck will cover a lot of it,  I liked to split them into missions I would likely hit with a tank I was still due to grind vs those where I'd have to actively start playing a different way, or probably needed a tier X. You'll get there, good luck.

    4. Kymrel


      Yeah, that's the problem, I have so few tanks left to grind. And really none I want to grind in the German or Japanese trees. I mostly have the arty to go (not really interested) and haven't bought  some of the tier 10s, but they are all unlocked apart from the PzKVII (and why would I want to play that tank?).

  8. I just played the first game ever in a Mauerbrecher (it's a rental, I'm not that stupid). And now I have pixel aids. What a garbage tank.

    1. echo9835


      Pixel aids are incurable, you are going to die. Sorry about that. :/

  9. It doesn't have -5°? Tanks.gg lists both it and the 121 as having -5 but the tier 9 as having -3 (I finished that grind, it was paiiiinful).
  10. I'm confused now. Why is the Hydro worth getting? Compared to the V/IV it's trash in every single way. The stats on the 121B don't look that bad. NATO gun on a Chinese turret. I guess there has to be a downside, but I've never really given it any thought as I don't play Clam Wars. Is it half-decent or just bad? If bad, why?
  11. Yeah, the new stuff is that they will apparently make HESH a new type of shell.
  12. Apparently some WG guy commented on a thread on the official forums saying HESH will get special treatment. Probably re-worked as a separate type of ammo. Since that's apparently from some EU-dweeb, take with a huge shovel of salt.
  13. Now this is fking hilarious. I played 11 games in the WZ-120 GF and the 111111111-4. Never got even close. Caved in and bought the SU-152, loaded lots of HE and some HEAT. First battle, Glacier tier 9 game. Got the mission done with 2.6k damage. Just HE goodness in the face. Literally FIRST game in the SU-152 got the mission done. Sadly only 2 kills so no honors, but that's the way things go. I figure it's also a pretty good tank for getting the only other Union mission I need to unlock mission 15. Kill 6 tanks of 2 different types. This tank can do that for sure when top/mid tier.
  14. Yeah, this mission is just one big RNG-fiesta...
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