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  1. It really is. Between yoloing wheelies and asshats in EBRs going behind enemy lines when attacking and taking out objectives before anyone can rank up they are not a good addition to this game mode IMO. I've played the Lynx a little, since I sort of want to grind out the rest of the modules in this mode on the large map, but the gun is so much worse than the premium wheelie for this game mode at least that it's extra painful. What it excels at is switching flanks and yoloing. And going 80 kph isn't much better than going 70 kph in the 432, which leaves yoloing and hoping the baddies can't hit you.
  2. With their record of "extreme professionalism" and "utmost reliability" that sounds plausible.
  3. Meh, I find that people are usually quicker than before to respond to fastcap attempts on A and B but other than that I see no difference. It's mostly just platoons of three wheelies with max engineering that can fastcap now. Mostly. When attacking we usually don't have problems capping. Sometimes I have to lead by example and start the cap, and then the others will pile hungrily in. C is always a problem, of course. I have, sadly, been able to confirm that playing arty, at least in the opening stages, is easy points. Since I need a German arty for missions I have progressed to the tier 8 cancer. I've started loading into Frontlines with arty, and then abandoning it when I'm either out of targets or out of ammo and switching to a proper tank. It is just so easy to farm points while staying safe and accumulating extra respawns. If I'm on defense I set up with shots on two caps and then shoot cappers. I thought it would be harder to rank up on attack, but shooting the heavies and meds that try to reset your cappers gets you huge amount of XP since everyone will nuke them once you've stunned them, netting you easy xp. If Wargaming had any brains (and we know they don't) they'd take away all the arty consumables (or give them 1 max) and reduce the ranking progress for decapping if you don't spot for yourself. Or just for arty, because fuck arty. The good news is that I'm grinding that clicker much faster in Frontlines than in randoms so I have to play far less with it than would normally be the case.
  4. Yeah. I hope they'll do that. I for one enjoy FL enough that I'll probably not play any normal games while that's on this week. Although I must admit it's getting a bit repetitive with only one map.
  5. Getting stuck as an attacker on C when it's being spawncamped by 15 reds and the other two fronts are full is not fun. Can't even drive out since for some reason three TDs camp the bridge. Awesome.

    1. 8_Hussars


      Yes, had that happen last night.  Game was over in 16 minutes.

      On the plus side, a toonmate and I successfully fast capped C off the hop twice in a row last night (with support)... so It can happen.

  6. What a bunch of incompetent morons. Why would you test changes to the MM with Frontlines running? It won't give you any sort of accurate reading. I wonder how long they will be testing.
  7. Kymrel

    HWK 30

    Yeah, that's a strange conclusion to reach. From the stats (I haven't played it) it looks decent but nothing special. I would have thought that the point is more that the HWK12 is underpowered. I'll cartainly never play it while it has 630 m/s shell velocity and 338 (!!!) on the HE rounds. That's slower than arty ffs.
  8. There is more to it than +0MM. Huge map, lack of corridors (mostly) and respawning is a pretty big reason to like Frontlines. It's not perfect, far from it in fact, but I share the feeling Jesse mentioned. The streamers don't like it because they can't grind marks in Frontlines... (I kid. Mostly.)
  9. Yeah, I'm cautiously optimistic. Not sharing when it goes live is just funny. As if most players with two brain cells to rub together can't figure out it's happening when 3-5-7 and 5-10 (and 15-0-0) aren't the only combinations thrown into battle.
  10. Just played against a guy with 14,5k games, thereof 10,5k in a VK 45.02B. Rest is all German. That's dedication for you!

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    2. Haswell


      To be fair, the VKB was a monster back then. Now it's just trash.

    3. Kymrel


      I liked it before the nerf. The lower front plate was awesome. It was still a slow, lumbering beast with sides made of ammo racks. 10.5k games even in its heyday would be madness!

    4. hazzgar


      It was strong before the nerf but boring. Still those times even the most boring tank was better becaues the game was better.

  11. Kymrel

    HWK 30

    Since I have the Bulldog that's a pass from me. Although I dislike the poor camo and slow shell velocity I also like other tier 8 lights much better (looks at the 432) so I have no reason to get it.
  12. I'm playing the SU-100 as well for missions, just played a 4k game in it, camping base on Sand River. Stay with it @EvilMonkee.
  13. You just need the right game with the SU-100. Bring plenty of ACPR and sacrifice a goat to the RNG-gods. It's 6 penetrating shots to get the mission (assuming no killshots and average RNG) so it's going to happen fairly often.
  14. This looks interesting. They will be an xp-pinata for arty, but I've been playing the Standard B so I'm used to that...
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