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  1. The double shot might be situational, but it's another weapon in the arsenal. I use it rarely, but occasionally blapping someone for 780 is a perk for sure. Arguing it isn't is weird, nobody forces anyone to use it, overusing it is just gambling I suppose, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Your argument against it being a powerful tool mostly seems to revolve around people not knowing how and when to use it. Comparing the auto-reloader feature, shooting the second barrel after 5 seconds, to the 155 is a massively flawed argument. It very frequently allows you to trade 2 for 1 against enemies you push on. The 155 has a massive reload, no turret and is a tier 10. It's not a helpful comparison at all. The armor is certainly not shellproof, but it bounces a fair bit, allows for sidescraping and hull-down play. Just good Rusky armor and a lower plate that bounces the occasional shot when angled heavily so you can push our a corner and bait shots. When discussing the gun you didn't mention the awesome soft stats. I rarely aim for anything since the aim circle is so small to begin with. This is a snapshot king, that's part of what makes it a veeeery comfortable ride, probably OP.
  2. Meh, he's not wrong here. Except where he talks about the upper lower plate being weaker than the lower lover plate. I don't think that's the case, at least not according to Tanks.gg or Armorinspector.
  3. QB seems to feel the same, this is today's video:
  4. For sure. 270 gold pen on the 127 mm kills the tank.
  5. Really? I find the 703 II good (well, OP) because of the gun. But not just because of the double barrel thing. Mostly because it doesn't bloom much and because it can have a second shot in 5 seconds if it needs it, making it a very efficient trader. The armor is only the second best thing about the vehicle, IMO.
  6. At 45 degrees out in the open you should be penning through the front tracks every time, and his side every time if you avoid the spaced armor.
  7. How does that work? I tracked a T54 and got track damage. Yet, somehow, the game doesn't display a single damaged module from my shot in the end plate. It's an interesting bug that makes me think the missions where you need to damage modules are an even bigger shit show than they first appeared. Or am I missing some simple explanation?




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    2. Wanderjar


      I'm not sure what your mission was but typically when they say modules they mean internal ones

    3. Kymrel


      It's not about the mission in this case. The point is that in game I clearly destroyed a module. The T54 tracks. I even got track damage. And still there is nothing about that in the end plates. Which leads me to speculate that the game might very well not count other critical hits, robbing us when it comes to those module missions.

    4. kolni


      it's a feature

  8. Will the tech tree tanks have the awesome dispersion rates of the premium 2-barrel tank? As well as a bit of gun depression and armor? That sounds super comfortable, even though I prefer faster tanks...
  9. This is a friendly reminder. It's Christmas time so don't make any aggressive plays expecting any sort of support or intelligence from your teammates. This is mostly a reminder for myself but I figure others could benefit. The teams out there are horrific. 

    1. j_galt
    2. sohojacques


      Xmas day pubbies make Sunday pubbies seem positively talented.

  10. You can see it by hovering over the ammo in the game. At 100m its 227, at 200 its 2019 and at 500 down to 193. Compare it to the Renegade with 226/221/206, there is a difference for sure. For some obscure who the fuck knows reason.
  11. Union 7 for the 279 is so stupid. Damage 3 internal modules three games in a row. With the random saves for modules it's a complete shit show.

    Just came out of a game with the double barrel tank doing 3k damage with 8 penetrating hits. I shot a Udes 03 with both barrels, scorpion in the turret, IS-6 in the butt, T28 prot in the side and a turtle in the roof armor. Oh, and  a  Tiger II in the side and a Lynx in the side as well. Total number of internal modules damaged? 0. Zero. 

    What a complete rng shitshow this bullshit is.

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    2. sr360


      Yeah, 261, or else you can use the ISU-152 with HE, v4 with HE or WZ113GFT with HE (lol).

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      705A with HE.


      Any high calibre gun with HE.


      Missions and winning games aren't directly related to each other, just do what WG intended and throw games because of their terrible mission design. 

    4. hazzgar


      113 with HE on a med flank or is the shell too small? Obj 268 v4 is a good choice too since it can chase hits late game.

  12. Have they fixed the side armor problem on the tech tree tank? The bulge under the turret you could shoot when it tried to sidescrape? I haven't fought one so long I have no idea.
  13. This looks fake to me. And it wouldn't be as good as when it was in the game, with all the HE, wheelies and accurate arty fire. But who knows? WG greed is a thing, after all.
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