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  1. I finished grinding the 120 recently. It wasn't the gun handling that did me in with that one, the 3 degrees of gun depression were causing a +100 degrees of player depression on that one. Any map that isn't flat is horrible to play in that tank. I do agree about the 59 though. I own both that and the 44-100 and the difference between the two shows how laughable WG attempts at balancing tanks is.
  2. I had heard the 40TP was bad but hoooly shit. It is so slow it can compete with the TOG on some maps. I decided to finally grind up the Polish line with the Tankfest bonuses so it should only be 10-12 games with that and the premium 3x. I can't stomach much more of this turd.

  3. Very much not interested. I like light tanks but not enough to play the German and tier 9+ Chinese. And not enough to play this line, from what I can tell. 16 rounds of ammo on the Manticore in the supertest, by the way. How often do you run out in a bat with 30 rounds? Now half that number and cry every time.
  4. Tankfest stream telling us the new British lights are coming soon (TM), tier 7 to 10, researchable from the Cromwell. Not really interested.

  5. Only played Frontlines for a week and then hopped into a couple of tier 10 games today in my Udes. The amount of arty and tds is just retarded. Can't play aggressive and camping is soul-crushingly boring.

    I don't know how to fix tier 10 but all they do seems to be making it worse. I feel that with the gold ammo nerfs there will just be more TDs and arty wankers because they can either pen with normal ammo or wank in the back and not worry about bouncing...


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    2. Kymrel


      The all-tier 10 games with 3 arties and 7 tds? Might as well go afk and do something else with your life.

    3. WhatTheSkara


      Say thanks to WG for forcing people to play arty in the 2nd set of personal missions.

      I had to buy the m40, I will need to buy the t8 lorraine, gw panther and grind the su-14-2, so I can spend orders on those -15 missions.

    4. Kymrel


      It's not just the missions forcing people to play arty. I play arty for the missions and they are (so far, have the 260 and working on the Chimera missions) stupidly easy. As in, pick one, play two to four games and it's done. It's more the hulldown no-weakspot heavy meta from hell that makes people want to shit on other people from the redline.

  6. Well, what little excitement I had for this tank, mostly for Frontline duty, has all but vanished. It's been pre-nerfed for your (in)convenience. Because it clearly isn't Soviet. Comparing it to the Prosciutto is just sad. It has worse pen, worse gun handling and lacks the auto-reloading flexibility. What it has is better power to weight, probably negated by terrain resistances, and a little higher shell velocity, as well as 1.8 intra-clip rather than the 2 on the Spagetto. A tier 8 paper medium with a 720 clip, 202 pen and a 23 second reload? That sounds pretty bad. The Lorr can at least sort of clip people with a 1200 damage clip...
  7. Looks pretty nice. Not that the lack of high-tier US premium heavies was killing us. It beats getting a Chinese TD or something.
  8. WTF is going on in Frontlines? Game after game I barely make Captain before the game is  over, defend or attack. I used to average major (so equal number of captains and generals with a bunch of majors) but it's slipping away fast. Not sure what's going  on but perhaps this boost to heavy tanks has given Steve the incentive to drive heavies and they are just too slow to stop caps and attacks on objectives. This is a terrible development....

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    2. DirtyACE7


      The other day in FL we had someone on our team who did like 1k damage (maybe a little less even) in the entire match. Out of curiosity I looked up his record, and they were right around 43%. Alright, no surprise. I message him and ask, "let me guess, you're either an elderly person or disabled in some form or fashion". They reply, "Neither. Why do you ask?". I say, "what's with such poultry damage?". They say, "I don't really know what I'm doing". So I say, "umm... you have played almost 30k matches on your account. Are you serious?" After that just silence.

      This is WG's target audience.

    3. j_galt


      3 hours ago, DirtyACE7 said:

       poultry damage

      Chickens were harmed in the coding of this game...

    4. Kymrel


      I always sacrifice one before every session.

  9. Jesus they made the maps shit for spotting recently with those TD nests with magical bushes and shit. I'm trying to do what looks like the easiest mission in the world. Spot 1500 and kill one cancer-spreader. And I need to survive and win.

    Sounds eaaaasy, something you''d do in many games. 50 games later, still looking for that combination. Any game where I spot enough, someone killsteals my arty. And when I get the arty it's on maps where spotting is very random or impossible. Or I see the game is lost around the middle and don't even bother.

    I'm starting to remember why I stopped trying to do missions and just picked one at random and left it on until I happened to finish it.


    1. Kymrel


      Ranting helped, got it done in  10 or so more games. I hate missions with win-stipulations. It's just a fuck you in your face  when you do the other mission objectives and your team sucks.

  10. At least it looks like it has a weakspot and weaknesses. Like horrible accuracy and aim time. Comparing it to the massively outdated T34 is pointless. Compare it to the Defender and IS-3A and it looks way worse. Obviously, since it isn't Russian...
  11. Wow. Three out of four tier 10 tanks (57 heavy, 11111115A and an STB-1) all managed 0 damage in a game with 8s and 9s. On my team, clearly...

  12. Of course it will be totally balanced. You know, like the IS-3A and Defender.
  13. I want to hope Wargaming is actually putting this out to test the water, wait for the backlash and then back up to what they always wanted, to reduce the damage of the gold rounds. Only after suggesting this they can do that as a concession to the players, have it "the will of the players" in their PR.
  14. Don't say when. Say if it goes live. I'm not convinced it will. It just screws up too much. If this goes live we'll probably see even more people playing TDs with high pen on the regular round. And that's what the game really needed. More high-alpha TDs.
  15. This had better not hit the live servers. With WG track record, rebalancing every tank in the game with HP buffs and alpha buffs is going to be a complete nightmare that will create problems for a veeeeery long time.
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