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  1. Yet another game lost because the enemy team had the OpĀ 268-4 and a Super Conc while we had a Grille and an E5. I know those games are winnable, but ffs it's a massive fucking handicap and it's getting massively on my nerves. Just nerf the bloody 268-4 already.

    1. Daerlon


      If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. (I have 40-something WR in my Super Conqueror, doing my part to even it out for you).

    2. Kymrel


      I have one game in my Super Conq. Plus some games in Ranked before realizing that game mode was ebola. I guess I just wanted a break after grinding through the very nice Conq. I'll not be grinding to the 268-4 though. I've got about enough of playing fixed gun tds for a while and by the time I'd get to tier 10 they'll get around to nerfing it properly to get people to free-xp the next OP tank.

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