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  1. Damn. What are you people doing on those Obj 430s? (The tier 9, to be clear.) A game with 7.1k combined, 5 kills andĀ 54 defense points coming in at 1,418 base xp only gets a 1st class mastery badge? We need more bots on this tank please to make me feel better about myself...

    Edited by Kymrel
    1. Tman450


      Only good players are playing the 430 ATM.

    2. Kymrel


      Yeah, tell me about it. I only average just under 2,1k damage per game and someĀ  garage mod tells me that's better than 58% of the other players. For comparison, I average 2k in the AMX 30, which is better than 82% of the other players.

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