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  1. Am I the only one confused by the camera angle on the Mighty Maus? I just bought one after having it unlocked for ages. When firing in sniper mode the shell seems to come from far above the camera. It feels like I'm shooting a catapult or something. Accurate, sure, but it feels wrong, somehow. I haven't experienced this with any other tanks, but then I unlocked the Maus through the VK ausf B so I haven't played the two mini-mauses.

    1. Tarski


      Like half the tanks in the game have a serious camera bug in sniper mode right now. The camera is too low, as you noticed, and this means that sometimes it looks like you don't have a shot when you in fact do. Wargaming might fix this someday. 

    2. Action
    3. Kymrel


      Interesting, thanks. I hadn't noticed that on the other tanks I've been playing. Thanks for the info and link.

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