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  1. Christ the Lynx is terrible. With this shit view range you have to work your ass off to try to do something for your team, taking unreasonable risks for usually very limited gains since your snipers always seem to be far worse than the enemy snipers shooting at you.

    1. kariverson


      The whole line sucks. I didn't know how much it did suck until I outspotted an ERB 105 in my FV4005 and one shotted him afterwards... Their view range needs fixing asap. 

    2. j_galt


      Naw, fuck that.  Let them die on the vine.

    3. Kymrel


      It just keeps getting worse. Meeting tier 10s a lot makes it sooo much worse than the tier 7. You get outspotted by everything, every game. Can't snipe with that gun, can't scout, shit DPM, no armor, no HP. Why is this in the game?

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