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  1. Christ the cars are broken. Both ways. On the right maps they break the game. On the wrong map they are useless as fuck and terrible to drive. Why am I doing this to myself again?

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    2. Archaic_One


      I am actually thankful for the cars. As much as I ranted about the Japanese heavies, the P2W prems, and the V4 - I kept playing - it was the cars that finally flipped the WASD Tank switch off for me.

    3. tajj7


      I have not and still don't get the fuss people make about them, they are really not hard to deal with and IMO they help break those OP camping spots, and seem to mainly camping TD players and arty players, they have improved gameplay IMO, too many maps infested with OP TD camping nests where they get all the advantages but WVs actually can yolo spot them and they get arty spotted and killed more often, so whats not to like. 

    4. Kymrel


      That's like using AIDS to fight cancer, IMO. The TD nests are a problem, sure. But cars are not the solution. Removing the idiot-prove nesting grounds is.

      The trouble with the cars is that on some maps they are OP as hell. On others you can barely drive without bumping into a building or flying off a rubble and ending sideways in front of the baddies or are stuck in a corridor fest with no way of being useful.

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