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  1. Oh boy. The EBR 105 is as good as the EBR 90 is annoying. On the right maps, of course. Still horrible to drive on Ensk and corridor-fest maps.

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    2. Kymrel


      The tier 9 has a terrible alpha (like most of the tier 9 lights), which really makes anything other than ambush shots very risky for little reward. The 400 alpha on the tier 10 is a vast improvement.

      The cars suck harder than other lights on city maps because they are far harder to control. If you try something clever you might end up ramming a corner and coming to a dead stop because you over/under steered a little. Or because there was a tiny bump that got you airborne and turned 90 degrees. I'd always prefer to be in my T100 than the EBR105 on a city map. But on an open map I'd take the EBR any day of the week.

    3. Diriz0n


      Russian light tanks can double as meds, especially if +tiered.  For instance, T54LT is basically an armoured medium tank when facing shit like T43 or comet. As I said, those don't really count.

      But compared with ridiculous shit like MTV, Bat Chat 12T, or HK12, or ELC Even.....being trapped in a city is horrible. At least an armoured car can sensibly zoom away, picking and choosing corridors and zooming down them 85km/hr, to which light tanks are incapable of. And when they come across skorp G, or SU-PM, they slap it for HE damage. 

      Ever play himmels or Ensk, drive off cratered rubble or rubble incline heaps, an over turn your RU251, or panzer wagen or T-5O-2? Well armoured cars maybe take 5 dmg from the small jump, then if overturned they right themselves up and everything is A-okay.  LT time out or are stuck on their side. Added plus of course, is no tracking.

      Even at their worst, ACs are better than LTs, because LTs are even worse than that worse. Except RU LTs, which basically are meds. 


    4. Kymrel


      I'm just giving you my experience man. As someone who's played a lot of lights and now a bunch of armored vehicles. And my experience is that it's better to be in a light tank in a city than a wheeled vehicle. Your opinion may differ, but it might be skewed since you, as far as I can see, don't have any games in the wheeled vehicles.

      The main problem is maneuvering, hitting random walls and corners coming to a dead halt if you miss your turn doing those 80+km/h drives you mention. And then having to back up, turn, go forward again. 

      I'm not the only one having problems steering the EBRs. I was watching Daki last night on Twitch. He drove his EBR through the trench in running through the middle of the new Kharkov (or whatever it's called) map. He's played wheeled vehicles a bunch and is a far, far better player than I can ever hope to be, and even he was hitting the wall and almost flipping driving down the trench. They are annoying to control and it becomes far more of an issue in a city.

      Another problem I have is overshooting. Which is probably something I'd get used to and compensate for, but it's still a problem I don't have in lights that becomes apparent in the wheelies. If I drive past an opening (a street) and plan to shoot a tank I know is there, I often don't manage to break in time, go too far and either miss my shot or have to back up. Again, this is something that will be less of a problem with time, I guess, but it's still annoying.

      Not whinging about wheelies on city maps, just mentioning a few reasons why I'd always prefer to be in a light tank than a wheeled vehicle on a city map.

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