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  1. Getting really sick of those OP tier 10s. Chieftain and the 279(e) mostly. Just lost a game where the enemy team had a 279 that effortlessly did 5k damage chewing through our heavies and TDs. The player has a 53% WR, 63% in this tank in 360 is games. As a comparison, he has a 50% WR in his 907 in 180 games and 47% in the 260 in 300 games.  Noooo, the 279 isn't broken at all, Wargaming, good job.

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    2. Kymrel


      It's like a super-conq but faster with better pen, 440 alpha and slightly worse gunhandling (but still excellent for a heavy). Not saying it's indestructible, but it is clearly better than the super-conq, which is one of the better tier 10 heavies. If you don't think it's OP we'll just have to agree to disagree I suppose.

      The 279 isn't indestructible either, but the fact that so many pubbies can't handle it gives it an automatic advantage. If it can quickly chew through a tank or two while taking no damage, either because the guys driving those tanks haven't got good HEAT ammo or because they don't switch until it's too late, the team with the 279 has a much better chance of winning.

      Both tanks are OP for sure, and seem even more so because generally they are driven by the best players. Whoever thought giving the best players OP tanks should be fired on the spot. As should everyone involved who didn't do anything to stop it.

    3. Snoregasm2


      I think that's a good description and I wasn't saying it wasn't OP (it is), but if we're talking an OP scale the Chief is much closer to the Super Conq and a few other regular tier 10s (277, WZ, etc.) - in that it has obvious strengths but also exploitable weaknesses if not hidden - than it is to the 279, which is just RRR, press 2 and win.

      I kind of agree putting OP tanks in good players hands is stupid, but there needs to be high tier rewards too. The 260 is a good example of a tank that has a lot of weaknesses to balance its strengths, and even its strengths are hard to use for a shit pubbie (speed, good turret but shit gun dep). More reward tanks like that make more sense, or the T-55A which again is really nice but not twice as good as a tech tree equivalent.

    4. Diriz0n


      What makes FV421 over powered, is an accumulation of many different things. It has the things that Super Conq sorely lacks, such as reverse gear top speed and HP/T. This is incredibly important, and game breaking, because it allows the tank to deploy across the map and obtain key hulldown points, Super Conq or TE5 have no chances in getting to, needing a few minutes of driving instead. When getting to hulldown, super conq can still get shot in the face, as the areas surrounding the gun are vulnerable to prem  (285 effective-) but FV is nearly indestructible. Like, we are talking 35O HEAT from VK721 won't break it. Next, FV won't feel as out-traded, as it deals higher alpha damage and matches many tanks like IS4, 113, 43OU

      The loss in HP, gun handling - can certainly be felt in flat maps that force close encounters, to which super conq DPM and gun handling feel alot better, but FV can still take med tank flanks, with great mobility. Lastly, it is important to note, super conq spaced armour glacis resists HEAT very well, but still gets hit by APCR from tanks like IS7, Maus, PzK Vll, Etc. Again, like its turret it is vulnerable to prem ammo, auto aimed. FV on the other hand, takes an approach like 113 or obj 268 V4, where the hull is extremely angled, promoting alot of ricochets. Not necessarily relying on thickness, but mechanics. This is whats really annoying. And its way too thick, to use HEAT to try to by pass ricochet angle. 

      9O7A, 26O, FV421, 279E are not good at all for the game. All of them need to go.



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