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  1. I fking hate TDs that camp all game right at the back and do one shot of damage. To me, killing me when I make a play. Like literally why the fk would you camp your redline when you have had no shots for 8 minutes???

    1. Diriz0n


      In 2O14, it was anfield who'd say this. Now its lemmingrush or TRUvoodoo.

      TD are particularly bad tanks. And they are multiplied by more bad, when played by bad people - which is over fifty% using avgs. 

      These bad people, in bad tanks, do 1-shot of 75O dmg, then are quickly spotted and killed, and A)  didn't even move far from spawn  B)  did nothing else all game  C) extremely predictable spots that most other bad people flock too and sit,  or extremely unpredictable in stupid positions no sane player would go, but they did.

      But the shitty point is, they did dmg when it mattered, to say a particularly skilled player being aggressive and/or carrying a team  -  and makes it all the more harder now. Passive play, passive concealed play, punishing players for being aggressive.

      Worse yet, WG bides by it, adding extremely dumb passive sniper spots in maps  AKA sand river, ghost town, fjords, mountain pass


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