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  1. Finally at 30k bonds. For someone who doesn't play clam wars, ranked or anything else, this is a milestone. Haven't spent one, ever, so I wonder if I should. Don't have a tank that I like enough to get bond equipment and only the M60 appeals somewhat to me. The question is, should I get some super-equipment or just keep hoarding and  hope they eventually put a tank I want for sale for bonds?

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    2. arthurwellsley


      Good luck with that one. I very much doubt that the Object 907 will go into the bond shop. The RU server would go wild for the Object 907 at 15,000 bonds every Ivan and his brother, sister and uncle would buy it and then tier X MM would be swamped with them.

    3. Ham_


      121B is the only tier 10 I have fun in

    4. Snoregasm2


      The other way to look at it is to buy 3 pieces of equipment, and then move them to flavour of the month tanks at 600 bonds a time (at most - if you have bounty rammer and vents, then just spend the gold).

      To really min-max, the vert stab is nice but not as good as the vents/rammer combo, so you could just buy them. As others have mentioned, the vents really make vision game tanks pop that little bit extra.

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