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  1. How WG could reduce the annoyance from grinding tanks and events by 90%? Give the top 3 tanks in the losing team winning team xp and the bottom 3 tanks in the winning team losing team xp.

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    2. Balthazars


      I still grind lines because I sort of feel it's part of the 'experience' of the game to try out different tanks at different tiers, but mostly also to grind crew because I don't have that many crew skillbooks, so I usually blueprint/free-XP up to either tier 6 or tier 7, and then grind up the line from there (and by the time you get to tier 10 that way, you usually have a decent crew). I still mostly do stock grinds too (except maybe for tracks), again just because I kind of feel it is part of the 'experience' of the game, but I feel it's much better now because at least if I end up coming across a stock grind or a tank I just cannot stomach playing, it's very easy to blast past it with boosters, free-xp, blueprints and having a premium account. If anything, I think it's one of WG's big issues with introducing new lines at the moment, because any half-established player barely needs to grind anymore because so much has been done to shorten grinds (heck, it's one reasons Field Mods are done the way they are, it's designed to make people grind again and give them a reason to go back to previously unlocked tanks and/or use free-XP).

    3. Jul_Le


      I don't grind anymore, I don't have to because of the blueprints. Also if you are in a clan, you can get vehicle fragments from tour of duty. If you just play few games a week, you will unlock all the tanks in a new line in about 6 months without even touching the tanks.

      I still play the tanks and 'grind' some xp, usually 10 games or so. I mean what is the point of the game if you don't play anything. I'm using free xp for the modules though, I want my tanks fully kitted out (apart from field mods).

      The xp grinding has gotten a lot easier in past few years with blueprints, manageable xp and x5 missions. Back in the day without boosters or anything, only event that gave you extra xp was the x3 or x5 weekends. An that was just one win. Nowadays first win of the day usually gives less xp than subsequent wins, because the x5 missions don't work on the first win.

      Anybody remember the "+5% experience for 6 hours" boosters? :D

    4. Snoregasm2


      @Jul_Le they had to remove those +5% boosters as people were getting nose bleeds rising up the tiers too fast.

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