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  1. How WG could reduce the annoyance from grinding tanks and events by 90%? Give the top 3 tanks in the losing team winning team xp and the bottom 3 tanks in the winning team losing team xp.

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    2. Kymrel


      We are not all the god of tanks my man!

    3. sr360


      I mean, between boosters, free XP, and blueprints, I haven't ground a single line in years. I think I've jumped to the tier 10 straight on the last several lines.

    4. LoverJoy


      I agree with sr360. I feel it's easier to "grind" tech trees then it has ever been. In ye olden times it was great to have 4-5x first win bonuses, now they are kind irrelevant with clan and personal reserves. As well as 5 times 3x with premium account. I haven't played a a lot, and I have at least 1 blueprint for each of the new American tanks. I don't even know where the prints come from


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