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  1. Now this is fking hilarious. I played 11 games in the WZ-120 GF and the 111111111-4. Never got even close. Caved in and bought the SU-152, loaded lots of HE and some HEAT. First battle, Glacier tier 9 game. Got the mission done with 2.6k damage. Just HE goodness in the face. Literally FIRST game in the SU-152 got the mission done. Sadly only 2 kills so no honors, but that's the way things go. I figure it's also a pretty good tank for getting the only other Union mission I need to unlock mission 15. Kill 6 tanks of 2 different types. This tank can do that for sure when top/mid tier.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. Too bad I've ground out pretty much every tank I want to have in the Soviet/Chinese trees. I'm still on the Obj 263 but that tank is just so far from being my normal playstyle it's hurting me just to play it a couple of times in a row. Playing a tier 9 TD with full HE sounds like something that will really kill my dwindling love for the game so I can't bring myself to do that. I guess I could just spam premium tanks like the T-44-100 or the 432 (can't really do much more of the IS-3A or Defender after getting a couple of missions spamming those) and wait for the stars to align while making creditos. The WZ TD is also in my garage and at least it's quick so the lack of turret isn't as horrible as it is for many TDs. Or I could get the SU152 and derp until I drop, or I get the mission, whichever comes first. I figure Kolni is right about the high-tier tanks, although I think most people have decent crew already at tier 8+. I have been playing for a long time and still know where the modules are on a lot of tanks. The ammo rack especially is usually easy to target if you get side-shots, so I'll try to keep that in mind. Also, a lucky fire or two would really help, that's very true. I guess it's going to be another one of those RNG-lotteries missions you just select and forget until you finish them by a fluke...
  3. Since I found out I had only a handful of missions left for the Chimera I decided to try to finish them. One of the missions I need to do for the Union (Soviet/China vehicles) is to damage or destroy 5 internal modules or crew, and preferably destroy 3 vehicles in the process. With a tier 7+ tank. Too bad, or the KV-2 would have been the natural candidate. I have most of the candidates, but wonder what tank to pick to maximize my chances. I've been trying the Obj 704 (remember when the BL10 was the terror of the battlefield?) since high caliber is probably more likely to damage stuff, but I really like faster turreted tanks, especially in the current meta, so that's not ideal. I sort of think the SU152 could do it but I'd really want someone to confirm before buying the damn thing again and finding a decent crew. I even gave the Obj 261 a few goes, but found I mostly just fucked up tracks. I really don't want to go tier 8 or 9 arty, since playing arty is horrid. What tank would you guys pick for this mission?
  4. I hadn't played the Borsig for years, not since I used it for some missions back in the day. I always used to play it with the 12.8 cm gun, but now that I want to finish the Chimera missions I decided to mount the 15 cm, load plenty of HEAT and go to town. And oh boy, this is a fun tank to play now. Slow, yes, unarmored, yes, takes module damage like there's no tomorrow, sure. But blaping people for 750 in the face with 326 pen never, ever gets old. Shell velocity is a PITA, but I can live with that. Memes galore!
  5. Yeaaaah. Sand river with 7 wheeled shitters per side. Thanks for the EU special Wargaming. And fuck you very much.

    1. BadLuckCharm


      Seven?? Ouch, might want to take a break for a bit. Seems they got your number

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      Wheeled vehicles might actually be the biggest fuck up of the past few years, and that's a competitive field.

    3. sohojacques


      @Jesse_the_Scout I think there’s no question that they are. There are lots of broken, OP, combinations thereof, vehicles coming in and out of meta. But only arty and wheelies actually break the gameplay itself.

  6. Wow. Ramming mission for the Germans is bugged. I did it in an E25, ramming a Hellcat for over 300 and killing it while taking about 200 myself. But then I get killed by some asshole who rammed me to death 5 minutes later and therefore I failed the mission. Slow clap Wargaming.

  7. I did that mission with the M53/M55 since I had no interest in getting the T92. It's just a matter of waiting for maps where heavies cluster (encounter Mali hill for example) and getting lucky. I didn't need too many games, which tells us I was lucky and the stars aligned.
  8. Been forced to play this to grind out the last Chimera missions. Get 4k spotting on this thing is easy, right? Well, should be, but not when you factor in the lack of maps where you can scout and then throw in six light tanks per team (including 2-3 wheelies) when you actually get the scouting maps. This POS has very little going for it. Other than not being British. It was weak when introduced, and the recent powercreep has left it in the dust. Smoking, from all the HE pens from the French shitters.
  9. Doing a spotting mission. So either I need to be stupidly lucky or get one of two maps where you can sort of reliably hope to get spotting damage. What an annoying lack of spotting maps...

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Kymrel


      Sadly for this one I need a USA or UK tank. FML. T92 or Sheridan...

    3. NightmareMk9


      The UK lights have a pretty good camo rating and view range.  I was easily able to get the Play your Tank Class Right Missions done with them.  They do have too few shells, but overall not bad.  They are also a little more likely to tip over.

    4. Kymrel


      Honestly, I feel like the UK tanks are disturbingly similar to the T92 in most ways. A bit higher alpha which they pay for with terri-bad DPM and limited ammo. I had a totally shit time playing the T92 and can't imagine the British lights are much different. I'm a light tank guy though, so if they get buffed I might be tempted. But I'm staying far away while they are in their current state.

  10. I fking hate TDs that camp all game right at the back and do one shot of damage. To me, killing me when I make a play. Like literally why the fk would you camp your redline when you have had no shots for 8 minutes???

    1. Diriz0n


      In 2O14, it was anfield who'd say this. Now its lemmingrush or TRUvoodoo.

      TD are particularly bad tanks. And they are multiplied by more bad, when played by bad people - which is over fifty% using avgs. 

      These bad people, in bad tanks, do 1-shot of 75O dmg, then are quickly spotted and killed, and A)  didn't even move far from spawn  B)  did nothing else all game  C) extremely predictable spots that most other bad people flock too and sit,  or extremely unpredictable in stupid positions no sane player would go, but they did.

      But the shitty point is, they did dmg when it mattered, to say a particularly skilled player being aggressive and/or carrying a team  -  and makes it all the more harder now. Passive play, passive concealed play, punishing players for being aggressive.

      Worse yet, WG bides by it, adding extremely dumb passive sniper spots in maps  AKA sand river, ghost town, fjords, mountain pass


  11. Kymrel

    TL-1 LPC

    Despite playing tanks that should have similar gun handling a lot, I get really frustrated with the accuracy on this tank. It derps shots left-right-and-center, even at short ranges. If I'm not fully aimed in it will derp. And if I am, it will probably derp anyway. Getting really frustrated with this one.
  12. Kymrel

    Tier 9 foch

    I rage-sold this tank a long time ago, long before it had an autoloader, and now that I have nothing interesting left to grind I decided on a whim to buy it back as it is in the top of the tree line. I'm not saying it's good. It isn't. But the four-round autoloader can be neat. I would prefer a 3-round with a quicker reload, but a 30 second reload for a 1600 clip isn't too horrid. Of course, being a TD you can't abuse the autoloader like you can in actual tanks, but when people drive into an ambush you usually hit three out of four and feel OK about it. Somehow hitting and penning all four feels like nirvana. But it rarely happens. One always derps into the ground, it seems. The negative part about having an autoloader on a TD is also to do with aim time. You are usually shooting at medium to long ranges, unless you are being super-aggressive as top-tier. Now, 2.4 sec between shots is nice and all, but if you are at long range and not shooting at a convenient cluster of unarmored tanks you'll need to aim in for an extra second or two between shots. Like all sniping tanks it's not accurate enough to track anything reliably at long range so unless your enemies are in the open you have to choose between shooting half-aimed or not shooting at all, gambling on RNG to guide you. It rarely does. The front armor sort of works at range, and at shorter ranges against complete morons who auto-aim and hope for the best. Four time in a row, while face-hugging like one Cent did in a game this morning, allowing me to reload and then clip him. Perhaps the tank is rare enough now that some people don't remember the weakspot in the heat of battle? Side armor is a joke, obviously, and arty loves your roof long time without rubber, so there is that. All in all, for sure wayyyy out of the meta and far out of my light/medium/fast heavy comfort zone, but not as boring as some other TDs to play. EDIT: The clip is pretty nice when you lose a game. Instead of getting one last shot off you can sometimes get an entire clip. It helps with the average damage, although it is "useless" damage.
  13. Is it public yet from what tank the wheeled line starts? Haven't been following any news from this game for a little while now, sorry if this is public knowledge.
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