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  1. WTF is going on in Frontlines? Game after game I barely make Captain before the game is  over, defend or attack. I used to average major (so equal number of captains and generals with a bunch of majors) but it's slipping away fast. Not sure what's going  on but perhaps this boost to heavy tanks has given Steve the incentive to drive heavies and they are just too slow to stop caps and attacks on objectives. This is a terrible development....

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    2. LamaLeif


      Yea I have been having the same problem, lemmings pushing for victories in games with not even a Major present. I have not seen any evidence pointing to it being heavies though, I don't even see that many of them compared to the amount of spaghettos, wheelieboiis, various other mediums and the skorps/su130pms.

      In the past frontline weeks I have been playing mostly solo and chilling, I may have to adopt a new philosophy of platooning to maybe oppose and deal with the lemming issues. Though how do you stop a 20 lemming lemming train?

    3. WhatTheSkara


      It's a prime time problem.


      In the morning (on EU) games are way better, people are way more competent and know that fast games are a waste of time, so they make sure to cap everything and slowly kill each other, unless there's not much time left and in that case the attackers push turrets.


      Yesterday morning had quite a few geneals, but in the afternoon i mostly had captain games with the occasional major. I suspect it'll be the same today.

    4. LamaLeif


      definitely not the case, this morning has been completely retarded teams

  2. Jesus they made the maps shit for spotting recently with those TD nests with magical bushes and shit. I'm trying to do what looks like the easiest mission in the world. Spot 1500 and kill one cancer-spreader. And I need to survive and win.

    Sounds eaaaasy, something you''d do in many games. 50 games later, still looking for that combination. Any game where I spot enough, someone killsteals my arty. And when I get the arty it's on maps where spotting is very random or impossible. Or I see the game is lost around the middle and don't even bother.

    I'm starting to remember why I stopped trying to do missions and just picked one at random and left it on until I happened to finish it.


    1. Kymrel


      Ranting helped, got it done in  10 or so more games. I hate missions with win-stipulations. It's just a fuck you in your face  when you do the other mission objectives and your team sucks.

  3. At least it looks like it has a weakspot and weaknesses. Like horrible accuracy and aim time. Comparing it to the massively outdated T34 is pointless. Compare it to the Defender and IS-3A and it looks way worse. Obviously, since it isn't Russian...
  4. Wow. Three out of four tier 10 tanks (57 heavy, 11111115A and an STB-1) all managed 0 damage in a game with 8s and 9s. On my team, clearly...

  5. Of course it will be totally balanced. You know, like the IS-3A and Defender.
  6. I want to hope Wargaming is actually putting this out to test the water, wait for the backlash and then back up to what they always wanted, to reduce the damage of the gold rounds. Only after suggesting this they can do that as a concession to the players, have it "the will of the players" in their PR.
  7. Don't say when. Say if it goes live. I'm not convinced it will. It just screws up too much. If this goes live we'll probably see even more people playing TDs with high pen on the regular round. And that's what the game really needed. More high-alpha TDs.
  8. This had better not hit the live servers. With WG track record, rebalancing every tank in the game with HP buffs and alpha buffs is going to be a complete nightmare that will create problems for a veeeeery long time.
  9. Unicum uses secret hacks to increase OP tank viewrange would be the clickbait title for the following video. In reality it's a funny joke so I encourage you to watch it...


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    2. Wanderjar


      I think I paid 1400 gold for this setup. prob could have saved a few here and there by redoing it properly but eh wth. I had a Lowe refuse to shoot me one match because he was laughing so hard





      so damn funny

      Edited by Wanderjar
    3. Kymrel


      Worth it!

    4. BadLuckCharm


      If inscriptions permitted that, i'd have 'ZG1' written on a tank so decorated...

  10. I mostly like it. This might be an unpopular opinion, but light tanks could do with a bit of a nerf in this game mode (I know, shocker). I play them a lot (probably 50% light, 40% meds, 10% something else), but the sheer number of EBRs and 432s gets boring after a while. If this persuades some reserves-hungry people to switch to meds that's fine by me. I'll take engineering on all my lights. It's well worth it when defending as you can yolo in and get heaps of XP, or set up in a sneaky spot and farm cappers from range in some cases. It's useless when defending the turrets, but then it's useless as well when attacking the turrets so that's a wash. I would probably have gone with 2 for heavies and 3 for meds, but I can live with this. I don't think heavies needed to be pandered to, frankly, but I can sort of see why they did it. I hardly ever take mine out in this mode, only really when I need to attack or defend the city. But in general heavies feel pretty useless much of the time with poor DPM, long aim times and poor accuracy (generally speaking) as well as being too slow for this huge map. Spawning so far away from the action after the last patch really doesn't help. So, again, not a change I would have made, but I can sort of see where it's coming from. Combat reserves are mostly a convenience, not a necessity. If the only change had been reducing the reserves arty gets to 1 (or 0....) that would have been a good change.
  11. This is from the third iteration of the 1.5.1 common test:
  12. After playing tier 7-9 for a long time I've played a few tier 5 games recently. Sure, lack of HP is a problem there, but increasing those doesn't address some of the biggest bugbears down there. The biggest things WG needs to deal with are, IMO: 1) Massively OP arty. If they only hit next to you for half your HP you are a lucky dog. I've been one-shotted twice in a PZ IV by that disgusting USA clicker. The rate of fire and penetration is wildly stupid. Compare the pen of arty vs armor on same tier meds for low tier arty and high tier arty. Penning people happens all the time in the low tiers but fairly rarely in the high tier games. Fix that shit. 2) Derp guns. I'm guilty here, I've been playing the PZIV. But they really are a scourge for new players. Old hands know how to deal with them, mostly, but you can still get caught out and penned. 3) A handful of OP vehicles. Those are easy to spot when you have XVM and can see how many battles players have in the vehicle. You can spot the seal clubbers from a mile away with hundreds or thousands of games in their T67s, Type 64s and the rest of it. Just nerf those tanks a little and you'll create a more balanced playing field. People will still club seals with better crew, fully equipped tanks and better understanding of the game mechanics but don't give them OP vehicles to make it even worse.
  13. Apparently there is a semi-reliable leak of all the blackmarket tanks. Trust at your own risk.


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    2. Ozjasz


      Got Caern X today, it was one of three things on that list I am interested in, other being tier X styles and Pz V/IV. It looks like the leak may be right, but they are changing the order of the tanks.

    3. SoliDeoGloria


      The Alpine Tiger probably doesn't sell as well as you anticipated, as it's not exactly a high demand tank, combined with a number of people already owning the 111 from before.

    4. DirtyACE7


      From this video only two things interest me, the tier X styles and Pz V/IV. That's it.

      Today's offering of the Alpine Tiger is super weak and for 10k gold no less, simply hilarious. Even 5M credits would be too much for this shit bucket.

  14. Kymrel

    UDES 16

    Actually my opinion of this tank improved vastly as I played it. At first it was a rude awakening after the nice tier 8, which is better tier for tier than the tier 9. But as I got used to playing it as a second line support tank early game and a regular medium after that it got better. A lot better, in fact. It really helped that I played this tank almost exclusively. I've finished the grind to tier 10 but I'm keeping the 16 in my garage, for now. I haven't even aced it yet (due to too many of you purple unicorns grinding up the line) so I may play it some more in the future. I didn't sell the tier 8 either, for that matter. Both take some getting used to, but really work once you are comfortable with the siege mechanism. The main thing I still have problems with is poking hills in close quarters. Like C1 on Serene Coast. It doesn't work well, since you can't poke up quickly and get your gun on target and the baddies have time to pull back denying you the shot.
  15. They are actually selling the golden Type 59... Madness. For 25k gold. 


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    2. hall0


      25000 gold for a reskin Type. 


    3. DirtyACE7


      No, this tank doesn't have the 2x automatic credit booster. That is exclusively on the Chinese server which makes this even more hilarious. Someone literally paying $100 for a very average tank with a different skin. LOL. Carry on.

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      I'm genuinely enjoying the posters on the main forum who are mad they bought $100 worth of gold for it and then couldn't even get one. Gonna have to borrow from mom again to restock the Mountain Dew this month.

  16. Am I massively wrong, or do the Russians get the black market tanks a couple of hours before us EU plebs? So if someone on RU spills on each tank we'll know if we want to try to get whatever will be on offer?

    1. Hellsfog


      Yes, at least that's how it's been for NA.

    2. Tman450


      Yep. we get like an 8 hour warning on what each tank is.

  17. Yeah, I tried three or four games. It's not for me...
  18. It's just one more way for new players to rush up to higher tiers too soon. Granted, it's a small step compared to the endless credits they are throwing at us these days, but it's still a step in that direction. And while it's true you could use free XP to do that, I doubt many people do.
  19. Wargaming is now planning to let us purchase "training manuals" giving crew free XP. So now you don't even have to play the game to have a good crew. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/1-5-1-crew-books/
  20. Kymrel

    No t20 love?

    I used it for some missions a couple of months ago. It's still a very comfortable ride, by far my favorite in the tier 7 medium category.
  21. This is the weirdest account I ever saw. I'm guessing he's been playing FL in his premiums, which doesn't show up in his stats, but that has to be  the weirdest re-roll ever. Pluss, you know, that username and he still went for the 11111115A...


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    2. mati_14


      I got a reroll too, and went for Kranvagn... during 268V4 meta :doge:

    3. Kolni


      i got paid to grind out 800k xp during the winter mode on a 0 battle account

      it had 0 battles on every part of the service record since winter battles didn't have one/got removed 

      with a prem account i played the french thing nonstop for a week and ground it out, and because of the xp/credit overflow of that mode the account had like 13 million credits, a fully kitted out batchat with a 4-5 skill crew with 0 battles across the board

      ofc the meron was a plateaued permablue so he obviously wasted his money :serb: 


      any reroll worth their salt knows that you get to keep reward tanks too, so if you want a real dank service record you wait to reroll until after a campaign


      with bonds currently in the game rerolling doesn't make sense anymore tho, it is too big of a setback to restart that grind considering how long one piece takes to acquire unless you're willing to grind 2 ranked seasons too along with FL before even starting to play randoms for a competitive reroll (3 equipment pieces is all you need if you can stick to playing one tank at a time, which an account like this does for the start at the very least - or ppl like me that spam one tank until MoE or 100games until playing the next), with that and FF directives you'll be as competitive as the seasoned accounts and you'll earn up the bonds to both transfer it onto a new tank and some extra unless you're willing to grind the same tank for like 2k games to farm the next set of bonds lol)

    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      Imagine caring about stats enough to reroll

  22. Haven't been on the test server, but just from the description of the new Kharkov the field seems iffy as fuck with the standard Wargaming Camping Nest (patent pending) on either side so that bushwankers have somewhere to wank. The pandering to camping in this game is getting stupid. But hey, at least we have the camping prevention units...
  23. Is this picture a lie? I shot that thing six times with 263 pen and bounced every one. I was at very short range as well so some hit that weakspot for sure. Boy when Wargaming buff they really go nuts. When I played this it was lol-penned by everything in that tumor.
  24. Kymrel

    UDES 16

    I didn't run extinguisher in the tier 8, but find you really have to in the tier 9.
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