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  1. Playing a bit of tier 6 for a change. This is the tier 6 experience these days. M44s all over the fking place. Looking up some of the guys playing this cancer and they have hundreds and thousands of games in this. But hey, let's not nerf this cancer Wargaming.


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    2. Snoregasm2


      So tier 10 is ebola and tier 6/7 is cancer. No wonder I only really player tiers 8 and 9 nowadays.

      Played tier 10 today for the missions and sweet mother of Mary it is horrendous. All tier 10 games with 3 arty all day long.

    3. Kymrel


      Yeah, I did that to complete the first couple of missions. It's usually quite bad, but with the marathon encouraging people to play tier 10 it has become a special kind of torture. I confessed to crimes I had no idea existed before backing down to tiers 6-9 again.

    4. sohojacques


      Playing tier 6 without a full repair skill crew is a risky business these days. So where do you train new crews now? Just imagine how many f2p and new players WG has lost just because of the M44.

  2. Source: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/sandbox-february-results/
  3. I like many of the points raised, and would add one more. The effects on lower tier tanks in a +2 MM environment will be horrific. Now you can't pen with normal ammo and need to load the gold to pen. This won't change, but after this package of shit is implemented you'll do less damage (or, rather, the tanks have more HP, the net effect is the same), allowing armored tanks of a higher tier to bully even better. Unless they go to a +1/-1 MM this change will be utterly terrible for the game. Even if they do, it still might be. People will gravitate towards armor and tanks with high standard pen. So more super-heavies and TDs. And arty because fuck this game. Staples like the T-54 and other meds/lights that need gold to be competitive are humped and can go fuck themselves. Really well thought out, Wargaming... What they need to do is to not go live with the broad strokes rebalance they are trying to do now and instead immediately deal with the obvious problems that creates before releasing this new version of the game. Because that's what this is. Buff HP of some tanks more than others. Introduce actual weak spots on tanks that really, really need them and make some alleged weak spots (type 5 cupola, Defender lower front plate etc) real weak spots by lowering the armor value. Buff pen on some tanks, reduce or increase ammo cost, amount of ammo carried etc. They don't need much testing to do many of those changes. Just common sense and game knowledge. They would then need to tweak them once it's live, doing a lot of little fixes to fine tune the game. And this should be done quickly and efficiently, without any regard for if tanks are premium tanks or not. Call it 2.0 and people can't really complain. If they do, give them the tanks as they were in 1.X with the old HP and standard alpha and tell them to go fuck themselves. But of course Wargaming won't do any of that because they are incompetent shits who don't play their own game. Instead they'll go live with their great rebalance, screw the game in a major way and then spend two years gathering data and then finally fix something, long after the game ceases to be relevant.
  4. Yeah, I don't get that. Why not alternate? Possibly they need time to do some changes for Steel Hunter? I don't know anything about that game mode, didn't play it when it was live last year. If it needs a bit of work it makes sense to start with Frontline.
  5. Thanks for selling the Defender again Wargaming. I didn't really want to play this week anyway.

  6. They refunded extra reserves last time, if purchased with gold, and removed those earned. So that would be a no. They were a hot fix to make up for setting the requirements too high.
  7. Honestly? Most of it sounds pretty good. I kind of like Frontline, but got burned out by the mode after finishing the final prestige and getting the tanks last year and didn't bother playing the last two episodes.
  8. Wow. And now that the auction is over it turns out that this tier III shitter was the final offer. Whoever did the lineup for this Black Market needs to be fired.
  9. I would have payed 1500 for 3 orders for the second campaign. That would be three blocking missions I'd not have to do...
  10. So underwhelmed by the black market. I got up at 4 in the morning for a week for this shit? The only thing I actually got (ironically) was the 261 skin. I bid min amount on the Chrysler and Mutz for the lols but didn't really want the tanks.
  11. If I'm not mistaken they had 15 last time. They started in the afternoon/evening and ended with a Type in the evening as well. Perhaps someone can confirm since my memory of the event is hazy at best? If they follow that trend perhaps they may have two left?
  12. Wow. I agree about this round of the Black Market being very boring. But then I'm a whore and own most of the shit they're flogging. Or have 0 interest in getting it, as in the tier III SU or golden Type 59. And seeing how they'll auction anything interesting they might have in the final offer, and people seem completely mad about how much they are willing to spend on a single pixel tank (see: auctions for tier II and III shitters) I doubt very much I'll be willing to spend what is needed to get whatever final offer they'll have. I really regret setting an alarm every morning for the last week, but my OCD won't let me stop. Halp.
  13. Arty skin on an auction. Why would people want arty skins? You only see your vehicle while driving the 20-30 meters you do at the start of the game. After that, the only one who sees it will be the EBR that kills you, unless you are a pro arty player and manage to successfully drown yourself before he can get to you.
  14. Booooring indeed. I tossed in a min bid (well, 3,2 mills) but I might actually just withdraw it.
  15. Tier 2 for 9,5k gold? It's like Wargaming is taking a fking laugh now.
  16. Holy fuck, people are insane. I have the regular Type 59, it really feels outdated compared to newer tanks...
  17. Because Wargaming is secretly trying to ruin itself?
  18. Yeah, I tossed in a 3,2 mill bid. I don't really care if I get the tank or not, to be honest, but don't mind paying 3,2 mills for it.
  19. Lansen today, apparently (I have it so I don't see it) for 8,5 mil credits. Which is a bargain for a rather fun medium tank, IMO.
  20. So far I've only done it on the ELC Even. But wanking in bushes when there are Ferraris in the game is tantamount to suicide. Once they have been eliminated there is a chance, but really, not many maps have good bushes any more.
  21. Well, yes and no. You can earn different tier 10 rental tanks in the 7v7 as you progress, but you can only use them in the 7v7. So it tends to be a good way to spot the noobs, although some better players probably use the opportunity to play tanks they haven't unlocked before, like the Progetto or Udes.
  22. Yeah, just had my first game with arty. And I'm rank 4 or something. So they are rare. Only morons would play arty in a 7v7.
  23. Dare I say it? The 7v7 is actually not bad. No arty, people go for the objective and slug it out in 4 minutes or so. Pretty neat.
  24. That was what I thought, so at first I tried with the 60TP with no luck. I'm not that comfortable in heavies. I would focus on the Patton, T57 and S-Conq. And turn on the grand battles for sure, I did this mission in one.
  25. Christ. Can't even have fun derping around in an EBR105. Every game has 2-3 per side, ruining the fun.

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