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  1. Trust Wargaming to make what could be a fun, simple PvE game a complicated annoying mess. I've played 5 or 6 games now at tier 1, lost every single one since two or three morons in the team just press W and die, again and again. And the reward? Yet another IS clone. That's a hard pass from me.

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    2. Kymrel


      My problem every single game has been that I can't kill the baddies fast enough at the end because I have only one or two friendly tanks. Not because I camp, but because I actually use cover, angling and side-scraping. Doesn't save me from the frikking lazer-guided shots from some of those bots, but it is better than sitting in the open taking fire from two directions like my teams seem to like doing.

      I guess this could be OK for a platoon of 5 guys, but as is I won't bother with this.

    3. hazzgar


      In my game max 1 guy is dead. Mostly all have 2-3 tanks. They just shoot what is closest or play it too slow instead of avoiding as many tanks as possible to get to commander tanks. 


      Then again EU meta is cancer. I started playing EBR again since everybody camps for 10 minutes then suicides and that's the only tank that can exploit that. 

    4. BadLuckCharm


      What i don't understand is why you guys subject yourselves (those that do) to this crap in the 1st place. To me, it was obvious from the get-go that this event-thing would be crap mode. Not even going to touch it with a ten-foot pole.

  2. Is the meta in Frontlines changing? I'm seeing more and more heavies and far less lights and meds, in general. I've even started taking the Renegade out and it performs pretty well. Still prefer the usual Progetto/LT432/EBR but playing something else is a bit refreshing.

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      If i actually play the prog/ELC EVEN/Skorp i will general almost all the time. 


      Its not fun, its still boring as shit. Fucking WG thinking that 4 weeks in a row of FL is fun. 

    3. Kymrel


      I forced myself to finish to rank 15. That way I only have to get rank 10 next time. I played the Rene a lot this time, mostly for a change of pace. It can bully somewhat, especially at range, but it suffers like all non-EBRs when a swarm of those totally balanced and not at all bullshit cars come for you.

    4. Tman450


      People finally figured out that the way to farm ranks is to cap/reset and it's way easier to do in something with tanky armor. If a shitter platoon breaks out triple 252U/Defenders they're almost guaranteed to cap.

  3. Kymrel

    Su 100y

    When I'm top tier in this I'm hella aggressive. Sometimes to my demise, but it's just too much fun.
  4. I agree on the camos, but offering a 3d style for a single tier 9 TD, as opposed to, for example, a choice between a few so that players can pick a tank they like, is just lazy IMO.
  5. A 3d skin for a T30? Really, guys? That's the big one?
  6. Kymrel

    Su 100y

    Just got this one for free for Tank Rewards. Holy moly, when this thing is top tier it cleans house. Shooting gold (with lower pen but higher alpha because reasons) you can pen pretty much anything tier 7 and under for 510 alpha. At tier 6. Just came out of my 7th game with this thing, a Pool's Medal on Fisherman's Bay one-shotting tier 4s left right and center. Not something I'll play a lot, but dayum, when this thing hit, it hurts.
  7. Goddamn I'm tired of 279s dominating games. A 55% WR player on the other team casually steam-rolled our team on Mali doing 8.5k. Battle was lost before we loaded. Would it be too much to ask for Wargaming to fucking learn how to balance fucking tanks?

  8. Finally. Union 7 for the 279 done. 3 internal crits, 3 games in a row is a total RNG fiesta from hell. Ended up doing it in the 212 cancer after trying with mostly that and ISU with HE. Some good advice from people here to use those two tanks.

    UNION 7.jpg

    1. Kymrel


      And the next mission I go for was getting 7 (10 for honors) vehicles killed by spotting or tracking them in 10 games. Took me 6 games to get it with honors. The balance on those missions are just totally fucked.

    2. hazzgar




      Yeah WG doesn't play their game. The ones that do are potatoes. That's the problem. They saw how often they get 3 crits and thought a few games in a row is as hard as a normal spot mission.



      Also yeah all light missions are easy. Maybe except the tracking ones since they require your team o shoot what you spot so some rng is present

    3. lavawing


      TIL 212A is a tank


  9. What utter RNG bullshit this Union 7 (Is anyone there) mission for the 279 is. Damage three internal modules or crew three battles in a row.

    I've left it on for a while now playing through the double-barrel tanks and premium tanks without ever getting more than two games in a row, and usually just one. I've even been trying with the 261 cancer. Gotten two in a row once in about 15 games now. Even games where I hit lightly armored targets that, when I'm playing them take module damage all the time all I do is track, at most. Multiple games with around 3k damage in this shit class with one or no internal crit. Just WTF?

    If Wargaming could fucking play their own game and then try to balance missions I'd be a hell of a less annoyed right now.

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    2. Kymrel


      Could work. I tried the 704 briefly but that just felt like I was fucking my team up by shooting HE.

    3. Tedster59


      clanmate did it with the ISU-152 and HE, it's definitely viable.

    4. Kymrel


      Damn. Really don't feel like buying back the ISU and training crew for it, but then I don't really feel like playing cancer either. I'll give the 212 a little longer and then try the ISU. Thanks for the help.

  10. Wait, what? Is there a difference between the bounty equipment and bond equipment? I thought it was the same...
  11. There is also the booster situation to take into account in favor of the FL, I suppose. If I use a credit booster for an hour that will last for three games, even if the first two last the maximum amount of time possible. So an hour of boosters in fact gets you an hour and 15 minutes or something, at least some of the time, when the moron's don't destroy the objectives with 10 minutes on the clock. I'm still not entirely convinced, but as mentioned not needing prem ammo is also in FL's favor for credit earning.
  12. Is it though? A great money maker, that is? If you spend as much time playing randoms in tier 8 prems would you make more? I haven't done that experiment, but I figure you just might make more in randoms, especially with daily missions and now the battle pass. I'll still play FL for the variety (even if it's starting to get pretty boring and predictible), but I question the common knowledge that you earn good credits there.
  13. I didn't find it that good in FL. Gun is a bit too derpy for all the long-range engagements and unless you fire gold all those heavies will give you troubles, even side on (hello Defender). My main issue with it, however, is the awful turning speed. Since I play a lot of light tanks in FL (and Progetto, I'm not an idiot) it feels even more sluggish in comparison. Since I have only one decent French medium crew I'm keeping that in the Lorraine for that last minute clip late in game to snag General.
  14. 1465 base XP is just 1st class on the Bourraesque. The purple unicorns out there are making the rest of us look bad. Also, just got a Tank Sniper on this thing on Prok. Don't know how the fuck. RNGJesus giveth and RNGJesus taketh away.

  15. Playing a bit of tier 6 for a change. This is the tier 6 experience these days. M44s all over the fking place. Looking up some of the guys playing this cancer and they have hundreds and thousands of games in this. But hey, let's not nerf this cancer Wargaming.


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    2. Kymrel


      Very desirable, but will never happen. Capping arty to 1 per side would be almost as good.

    3. Diriz0n


      It really has to do with effort. Effort is the key point. Doing well, in something like B/Cromwell, T3485M, Type 64 still requires the user to place effort into what they do and/or accomplish. Even if the vehicles are strong to begin with. What they shoot at, commonly puts them in position to be spotted and/or shot at in return. 

      And this results in the ancient argument, while artillery may not be overpowered, and dominate games in damage dealt and kills and wins. They certainly are broken. They turn shit players, into valid threats. And they take absolutely no effort, other than pointing and clicking and waiting to repeat


    4. Istanbultaye


      *has 670 dpg in M44* (I only play SPGs for campaign missions, plz don't kill me!)

  16. Source: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/sandbox-february-results/
  17. I like many of the points raised, and would add one more. The effects on lower tier tanks in a +2 MM environment will be horrific. Now you can't pen with normal ammo and need to load the gold to pen. This won't change, but after this package of shit is implemented you'll do less damage (or, rather, the tanks have more HP, the net effect is the same), allowing armored tanks of a higher tier to bully even better. Unless they go to a +1/-1 MM this change will be utterly terrible for the game. Even if they do, it still might be. People will gravitate towards armor and tanks with high standard pen. So more super-heavies and TDs. And arty because fuck this game. Staples like the T-54 and other meds/lights that need gold to be competitive are humped and can go fuck themselves. Really well thought out, Wargaming... What they need to do is to not go live with the broad strokes rebalance they are trying to do now and instead immediately deal with the obvious problems that creates before releasing this new version of the game. Because that's what this is. Buff HP of some tanks more than others. Introduce actual weak spots on tanks that really, really need them and make some alleged weak spots (type 5 cupola, Defender lower front plate etc) real weak spots by lowering the armor value. Buff pen on some tanks, reduce or increase ammo cost, amount of ammo carried etc. They don't need much testing to do many of those changes. Just common sense and game knowledge. They would then need to tweak them once it's live, doing a lot of little fixes to fine tune the game. And this should be done quickly and efficiently, without any regard for if tanks are premium tanks or not. Call it 2.0 and people can't really complain. If they do, give them the tanks as they were in 1.X with the old HP and standard alpha and tell them to go fuck themselves. But of course Wargaming won't do any of that because they are incompetent shits who don't play their own game. Instead they'll go live with their great rebalance, screw the game in a major way and then spend two years gathering data and then finally fix something, long after the game ceases to be relevant.
  18. Yeah, I don't get that. Why not alternate? Possibly they need time to do some changes for Steel Hunter? I don't know anything about that game mode, didn't play it when it was live last year. If it needs a bit of work it makes sense to start with Frontline.
  19. Thanks for selling the Defender again Wargaming. I didn't really want to play this week anyway.

  20. They refunded extra reserves last time, if purchased with gold, and removed those earned. So that would be a no. They were a hot fix to make up for setting the requirements too high.
  21. Honestly? Most of it sounds pretty good. I kind of like Frontline, but got burned out by the mode after finishing the final prestige and getting the tanks last year and didn't bother playing the last two episodes.
  22. Wow. And now that the auction is over it turns out that this tier III shitter was the final offer. Whoever did the lineup for this Black Market needs to be fired.
  23. I would have payed 1500 for 3 orders for the second campaign. That would be three blocking missions I'd not have to do...
  24. So underwhelmed by the black market. I got up at 4 in the morning for a week for this shit? The only thing I actually got (ironically) was the 261 skin. I bid min amount on the Chrysler and Mutz for the lols but didn't really want the tanks.
  25. If I'm not mistaken they had 15 last time. They started in the afternoon/evening and ended with a Type in the evening as well. Perhaps someone can confirm since my memory of the event is hazy at best? If they follow that trend perhaps they may have two left?
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