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  1. 16 hours ago, Ham_ said:

    I will never complain about camos, a) I like them b) better than some broke shit instead. Cosmetic rewards/economy worked out so much better for every other game in terms of game health.

    I agree on the camos, but offering a 3d style for a single tier 9 TD, as opposed to, for example, a choice between a few so that players can pick a tank they like, is just lazy IMO. 

  2. Just got this one for free for Tank Rewards. Holy moly, when this thing is top tier it cleans house. Shooting gold (with lower pen but higher alpha because reasons) you can pen pretty much anything tier 7 and under for 510 alpha. At tier 6. Just came out of my 7th game with this thing, a Pool's Medal on Fisherman's Bay one-shotting tier 4s left right and center. Not something I'll play a lot, but dayum, when this thing hit, it hurts.

  3. There is also the booster situation to take into account in favor of the FL, I suppose. If I use a credit booster for an hour that will last for three games, even if the first two last the maximum amount of time possible. So an hour of boosters in fact gets you an hour and 15 minutes or something, at least some of the time, when the moron's don't destroy the objectives with 10 minutes on the clock.

    I'm still not entirely convinced, but as mentioned not needing prem ammo is also in FL's favor for credit earning. 

  4. Is it though? A great money maker, that is? If you spend as much time playing randoms in tier 8 prems would you make more? I haven't done that experiment, but I figure you just might make more in randoms, especially with daily missions and now the battle pass.

    I'll still play FL for the variety (even if it's starting to get pretty boring and predictible), but I question the common knowledge that you earn good credits there.

  5. I didn't find it that good in FL. Gun is a bit too derpy for all the long-range engagements and unless you fire gold all those heavies will give you troubles, even side on (hello Defender). My main issue with it, however, is the awful turning speed. Since I play a lot of light tanks in FL (and Progetto, I'm not an idiot) it feels even more sluggish in comparison. Since I have only one decent French medium crew I'm keeping that in the Lorraine for that last minute clip late in game to snag General.

  6. Quote

    It is already clear that the new paradigm of shells and the reworked HP pool of vehicles, together with the mechanics of HE shells and SPG rebalance, require further improvements and are not ready for release in their current shape.


    Several solutions implemented on the Sandbox server were successful, but some of them still need to be adjusted. As a result:

    We will proceed with the HP increase for low-tier vehicles, the rework of the Tech Tree, and the implementation of Collectors' Vehicles, at which point we will share more details in the near future.

    Other changes, including the shell type rebalance, HE mechanics, and SPGs rework require a thorough review, and will not be released anytime soon.

    Source: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/sandbox-february-results/

  7. I like many of the points raised, and would add one more. The effects on lower tier tanks in a +2 MM environment will be horrific. Now you can't pen with normal ammo and need to load the gold to pen. This won't change, but after this package of shit is implemented you'll do less damage (or, rather, the tanks have more HP, the net effect is the same), allowing armored tanks of a higher tier to bully even better.

    Unless they go to a +1/-1 MM this change will be utterly terrible for the game. Even if they do, it still might be. People will gravitate towards armor and tanks with high standard pen. So more super-heavies and TDs. And arty because fuck this game. Staples like the T-54 and other meds/lights that need gold to be competitive are humped and can go fuck themselves. Really well thought out, Wargaming...

    What they need to do is to not go live with the broad strokes rebalance they are trying to do now and instead immediately deal with the obvious problems that creates before releasing this new version of the game. Because that's what this is. Buff HP of some tanks more than others. Introduce actual weak spots on tanks that really, really need them and make some alleged weak spots (type 5 cupola, Defender lower front plate etc) real weak spots by lowering the armor value. Buff pen on some tanks, reduce or increase ammo cost, amount of ammo carried etc.

    They don't need much testing to do many of those changes. Just common sense and game knowledge. They would then need to tweak them once it's live, doing a lot of little fixes to fine tune the game. And this should be done quickly and efficiently, without any regard for if tanks are premium tanks or not. Call it 2.0 and people can't really complain. If they do, give them the tanks as they were in 1.X with the old HP and standard alpha and tell them to go fuck themselves.

    But of course Wargaming won't do any of that because they are incompetent shits who don't play their own game. Instead they'll go live with their great rebalance, screw the game in a major way and then spend two years gathering data and then finally fix something, long after the game ceases to be relevant.

  8. If I'm not mistaken they had 15 last time. They started in the afternoon/evening and ended with a Type in the evening as well. Perhaps someone can confirm since my memory of the event is hazy at best? If they follow that trend perhaps they may have two left?

  9. Wow. I agree about this round of the Black Market being very boring. But then I'm a whore and own most of the shit they're flogging. Or have 0 interest in getting it, as in the tier III SU or golden Type 59. And seeing how they'll auction anything interesting they might have in the final offer, and people seem completely mad about how much they are willing to spend on a single pixel tank (see: auctions for tier II and III shitters) I doubt very much I'll be willing to spend what is needed to get whatever final offer they'll have.

    I really regret setting an alarm every morning for the last week, but my OCD won't let me stop. Halp.

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