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  1. I'm at the tier 8 now. A big improvement over the tier 7, this one can actually go hull down at close ranges without getting penned in the cupola by everybody, every time, even while moving and wiggling like a worm on a hook. I find it hard to get damage though in the fast-paced games. It's not heavium fast and 240 alpha is a bitch. It's a good tank for sure, but slow and low alpha makes it not my cup of tea. 

  2. I played a couple of games in the tier 8 and 9. All  the points above are spot on, but I'd like to add that 12 km reverse speed is very annoying for poking. The Bisonti has 15 in reverse and that feels slow. 12 is just terrible.

    I was excited for this line, since I kind of enjoy grinding new stuff and have very little left to grind in the game, but unless they buff the tanks massively it seems like a line for masochists. 

  3. With pretty much nothing left to grind in the game and the Italian heavies not here yet I finally took the plunge and started playing the British light tanks. I can't understand why Wargaming has not one single member of staff that can balance tanks. I'm on the tier 8 now and to think that this is in the same tier and class as the 432 and EBR is a sad joke. At least it's got 230 alpha, so you don't need to expose for a 135 alpha like the shitter on tier 7. DPM and ammo capacity are tragic though. As is the lack of HE pen.

  4. When using XVM to show stats (I do. I don't like the mechanism, but it's there, others are using it and I'll do it too until it hopefully gets banned one day.) players using anonymizer are grayed out, and  so very obvious. It is usually one or the other, a very good player or a very poor player. It might be anecdotal, but when I look players up after the battle that's what I tend to see (there is some bias there, as I'm most likely to look up players who did very bad or very good in a game). But you don't have to look very hard at how they play to know the difference.

    After injuring a finger recently I've played arty exclusively for almost a week to get some stages of the marathon done, and I can tell you it is ludicrously easy to tell the difference from a top-down view. So really, I don't see anonymizer doing very much at all to spare good players focus fire from arty using XVM.

    I don't focus based on it, but I can see the attraction. Very bad players are likely to sit still, take their time aiming, not knowing when to hide or take cover. So shooting them is easy points. And shooting the good players is obviously helpful to winning the game, if you can hit them. But they tend to be good at using cover, popping up in different places for shots etc.

  5. Just finished the IS-3-II grind. Unlocked the ST-II with no intention of ever buying it. The IS-3-II was very much not my cup of beverage. The double-shot is a gimmick that gets used once every 20 games or something, and then you get a longer reload so it might not even be worth it. Instead you get shit armor, turret that gets penned way to easily and not much else. IS-3-II has been sold, and I'm glad to be rid of it.

  6. 10 hours ago, hall0 said:

    With the recent change of the American T54 this is the only medium with 390 alpha at T9. Maybe that's why many like it 

    Eh? Did you mean medium 390 alpha with autoloader? Because there is a ton of tier 9 meds with 390 alpha.

  7. Small size? It feels enormous. Not too high, but pretty much every hit pens so you feel big and fat. I don't think it can work in positions the 430 can rock, since it has a squishy turret. It's been so long since I played the Pat and 61 so I can't really judge it in comparison with those.

    So engine is a yes? Or suffer through without it since it's not really a keeper?

  8. Don't see a thread for this tank so why not create one? I kind of find it decent, it's not Leo PTA comfort but trying for the same position so that makes it bad by comparison. It feels like the least bad  Polish medium to me, with the possible exception of the derp-BUGI, which has hilarious alpha for a tier 6 med.

    Have any of you researched the engine? The stock engine is 670 HP and 1.900 kg. The upgraded one is 700 hp and 2.100 kg. Seems to me there is no real need to spend 50.300 xp on that thing. Should I?

    I will absolutely not spend 9.200 xp on the upgraded radio. Going from 710 meters to 730 at tier 9 is absolutely, utterly pointless. And you get the radio for free when you unlock the tier 10 so double the reason not to spend XP on that module.

  9. 4 hours ago, Balthazars said:

    The low shell velocity and relatively poor accuracy means that it is not designed at all for long-range bush-kemping. All the better for it, as it encourages you to get forward and smack people in the face with 750 alpha, and brawling or second-lining means that you're less likely to need to shoot said EBRs.

    Agreed. My best games have been ones where I've been very aggressive. Less easy against a bunch of tier 10s but I tend to be too aggressive in all my tanks anyway...

  10. Yeah, I have to take back what I said earlier. I took the plunge and got the tier 9. It is surprisingly fun for a turretless TD. Blapping people in the face for 750 never gets old and there aren't that many of them around so some people don't even press 2 until the first shot or two bounces.

    Low shell velocity is my pet peeve with this one. Makes sniping moving targets (read: EBR pests) harder.

  11. After reading this, having nothing better to play, I bought this TD for giggles. It isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It can bounce when people can't aim/hit or you can hide your lower front plate. But unless whoever you're fighting is dumb, you will only bounce one shell and the next will be gold, penning your flat armor every time. I take a good amount of HE as well to shit on hull-down heroes.

    What does my head in is the shell velocity. Gun is accurate enough, when shooting unsuspecting immobile tanks or tanks up close, but if you ever manage to hit an EBR-105 at long range you should praise whatever unholy power you've made a deal with and sacrifice another animal/virgin immediately.

  12. Has anyone had any success scouting on Berlin in light tanks? Seems like there are just so many TD nests, bushes, indestructible walls and angles to get shot from that trying to scout the field is pointless. But it's a new map and perhaps some of the clever folks here have figured out a way?

    After a handful of games on it as I grind the WZ-132A (for no good reason...) I've now just blocked the map.

  13. I've only played it a bit. Not really a fan. It's certainly unique, but I found that in almost every game I would have been better off in a Leo PTA and much better off in the Standard B. Interesting concept but the long intra-clip and reload keep this from being a good tank. Not bad and can be fun, but not a contender for the top spot in the tier 9 medium meta as is, IMO.

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