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  1. You can see it by hovering over the ammo in the game. At 100m its 227, at 200 its 2019 and at 500 down to 193. Compare it to the Renegade with 226/221/206, there is a difference for sure. For some obscure who the fuck knows reason.
  2. Union 7 for the 279 is so stupid. Damage 3 internal modules three games in a row. With the random saves for modules it's a complete shit show.

    Just came out of a game with the double barrel tank doing 3k damage with 8 penetrating hits. I shot a Udes 03 with both barrels, scorpion in the turret, IS-6 in the butt, T28 prot in the side and a turtle in the roof armor. Oh, and  a  Tiger II in the side and a Lynx in the side as well. Total number of internal modules damaged? 0. Zero. 

    What a complete rng shitshow this bullshit is.

    1. sr360


      Yeah, 261, or else you can use the ISU-152 with HE, v4 with HE or WZ113GFT with HE (lol).

    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      705A with HE.


      Any high calibre gun with HE.


      Missions and winning games aren't directly related to each other, just do what WG intended and throw games because of their terrible mission design. 

    3. hazzgar


      113 with HE on a med flank or is the shell too small? Obj 268 v4 is a good choice too since it can chase hits late game.

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  3. Have they fixed the side armor problem on the tech tree tank? The bulge under the turret you could shoot when it tried to sidescrape? I haven't fought one so long I have no idea.
  4. This looks fake to me. And it wouldn't be as good as when it was in the game, with all the HE, wheelies and accurate arty fire. But who knows? WG greed is a thing, after all.
  5. You will look back on this infestation with a fondness if they decide to sell the EBR in the calendar. That's a whole new level of infestation...
  6. You people are doing eeeeevil things with the 703II. 1337 base xp is a second class mastery badge!??! Also, this tank is really, really good. Snapshots like a god.

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    2. Kymrel


      Pretty much anything that works to kill the IS-3 works to kill the 703. But if he looks at you menacingly and doesn't fire for a  moment, take cover or eat a double shot. 

    3. Assassin7


      @hazzgar dont worry I bought ~25 last year and got gifted a 75 one the year before. No T8 prems yet. 

      Dont think ill buy any this year.

    4. Kymrel


      1393 XP is only first class. FML.

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  7. Wow, haven't played the Progetto 46 in a while and took it out for a spin. Nice how 1,310 base XP is still 1st class and not an Ace...

  8. It doesn't come into play until the tier 8.
  9. I saw a couple of 703 games on the Wargaming stream yesterday . The gun seems derpy as hell and the 4 second intra-clip is pretty horrid. The dual-shot feature seems to be more of a gimmick usable in very specific circumstances with the charge-up time and the shells starting on either side of the aim point, meaning you can't really use it unless you have a large target you can pen (i.e. not cupola or something). Switching between barrels after firing one seemed disoriented, but something one would get used to I guess. I was sort of interested in getting the tank for the novelty, but derpy
  10. I watched the WoT stream on twitch for a little while today, Eekaboo (or however you spell it) said it played like a tier 8 E50.
  11. Just to confirm without a doubt, I did the Alliance 15 mission for the Chimera just now in a Grand Battle.
  12. Well. In the end I went with the M48, purely because it offers a different kind of gameplay to the Leo, whereas the M60 might be a little too close. It took all of three games to get the mission done, in a Grand Battle, sniping like a little bitch. Sadly not with honors, so I might keep it on and try to do it with honors later.
  13. Guess the question is, if nationality isn't an issue (for missions) would I ever pick the M60 over the Leo? With the super-comfortable 440 alpha on the Leo I doubt it. But then I've got the 279(e) missions to go (but am far from sure I'm good enough to ever finish them).
  14. Perhaps what it will come down to is that once the mission is done the M60 will be similar to the Leo while the M48 will have a somewhat unique position in the garage. Thinking...
  15. I did get the Phase 1, but figure I have a better chance of getting the 6,5k on tier 10 with an all-tier 10 and lots of HP going around. I did love the M46 back in the day though....
  16. That's one vote for the M48 over the M60, thanks for that. I agree on the bonds vs. credits, but I've been hording mine since they came to the game (I don't play ranked or clam wars) and am too cheap to spend them on improved equipment. I'd be willing to spend on a fun tank I guess, I can keep them for ever, waiting for the perfect tank to spend them on that never actually comes... I have the Super Conq in the garage but find it oh so boring. I could buy the T57 (sold that a while ago) but don't think I'd enjoy it as much as playing a good medium tank. The idea is to have fun playing
  17. TL;DR: If you could pick only one tank and currency (silver/bonds) was not an issue, would you go for the M48 or the M60? I've been grinding out the last few missions for the Chimera and finally finished the Block missions last night. I've been playing the Leo and STB-1 a lot, and found that I really love both tanks. The gun on the Leo is orgasmic and the STB has the gun depression and turret that make it very much my style of a tank. (I figure I'd love the Progetto 65 more since the Standard B was awesome, but I finished all the missions for that nations group a long time ago so I h
  18. That's a new record for me. In a tier nine and ten game 9 friendly tanks managed to do 0 damage. On Steppes. Two more got a grand total of one shot of damage. WTF?


    1. echo9835


      That looks like NA server levels of shitlord teams. What the hell happened to the EU server?

    2. hazzgar


      Renegade marathon + free hellcat = we pour mountain dew on our crops type of people. It's basically get a carry tank or GTFO. Worst part is even low tiers got stupid. Usually you could escape the mouthbreathers by playing t6 but not anymore.

    3. echo9835


      Welcome to the NA server, we produce people like this all the time. No intelligent thoughts allowed.

  19. I flicked GBs on for giggles and got one in a Maus of all things. Obviously it didn't go well. I did get up the mission parameters by pressing N so I figure it's still working.
  20. People have Grand Battles active? I thought that game mode was dead.
  21. I found that going beach with a TD to snipe from behind sort of worked. Only did it a couple of times though. Shoot enemies that poke on your heavies in the face. Plenty of HP, straight line of fire, no pesky light tanks. I can see the appeal for farming simulator purposes.
  22. Kymrel

    HWK 30

    I ended up getting this tank for scouting missions where I had to use German or Soviet vehicles. The extra gun depression and especially shell velocity (I have discovered that I'm a shell velocity whore after the wheeled vehicles entered the game) over the Blackdog is nice, but this tank never really did it for me. Until I started playing the tier 10 leo a lot for said missions. Then it clicked. The HWK 30 works far better when played like the leo than a light tank. Playing it as an underpowered medium tank at the start of the game and cleaner late game works much better than pretending
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