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  1. That's just not fair! I need three LT missions done to unlock LT15-3 and just had a game in the bulldog with a combined spotting and own damage of over 7k... Guess how many games it will take to repeat that once I have the mission selected...

    1. Kymrel


      Good good. Now that the hellish Ghost mission is finally over (hellish because barring very good luck there are so few maps you can do it on and so many scouts in the teams) I get that mission done (with honours) two games in a row...

  2. Lost: All maps where scouts can complete the LT12-3 Ghost mission, missing for four days now. If you find Malinovka, Prokorovka, Fiery Salient, Lakeville or Erlenberg please return to the game immediately.

  3. LT12-3 "The Ghost" mission is driving me nuts. Hardly get any maps where this could be easy (Lakeville, Malinovka, Prokorovka, even Erlenberg) and when they do drop by (Mali and Prok only) I get retarded monkeys on my side that don't shoot what I light or an enemy suicide scout that just manages to light me and get me killed before my retarded monkeys can shoot him. 

    2k damage from stealth should be fairly easy, I've done it a million times, but now that I have to it's turning out to be a major bitch.

    This is probably karmic balance for finishing the MT-7: "A Surprise Blow" in the first game after selecting it :S

    1. Kymrel


      Been there, last time I got Redshire I camped that bush in the start. Lit up all the heavy tanks on the other side. Out of 6 tanks on the hill sniping one (1) managed to do about 300 damage. I then got bumrushed by a 59-16, my enemy team did not have shots at him as he moronically suicide-charged the hill and lit me in the process, which got me sniped from the enemy ridge. Turns out they had better snipers supporting than I did. RIP me...

      I know it's a matter of time. The very fact that this mission would be pretty easy if I got the right map makes this so frustrating. I've played about 100 light tanks games recently with about 5 dropping me on maps where I really have a chance.

    2. Britzz


      Also try the map rotation tool, I found it to be working pretty well! Using the server filter you can have a nice idea if it's a good time to play light tanks :)
      That's about all I can suggest you and I know the frustration those missions can give :(

    3. Kymrel


      Doing that as well, but the number of users on the EU servers seems to be a bit low. I do select the servers based on the numbers there, if Karkof is on one server and Prok on the other the selection is easy :)

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  4. If someone could get the WG staffer in charge of balancing the LT missions and the guy responsible for map design (that is, dumbing them down, pruning bushes and blocking LOS longer than 45 meters) into one room that would be great. Clearly they haven't met so they probably have a lot to discuss.

    Perhaps the humane thing to do would be to put them both in a large sack, close it and dump it in the canal. It's for the best. Shhh, no tears...:nou2:

    1. Zythalin


      Boosts for light tanks / TDs are often nerfs for heavy tanks. At least one class is largely irrelevant on some maps.

      Perhaps they should tailor map selection for each class. So lights get mostly open maps whilst heavies get brawling maps.

      The reason why most good players end up playing mediums in to not feel gimped in any situation.

    2. Kymrel


      But, but, that would deny us the pleasure of seeing a platoon of three SPGs on Himmels :D

      No, I get your point, I really do. I almost bashed my keyboard the other day when somebody complained that Prokorovka was a bad map for his E-100 and his tank had no real role there. On this one, single map. When light tanks are in their element in perhaps four or so maps out of all the pile and avenues of fire for TDs are being shortened or closed entirely in every "rebalanced" map one map where heavies are not always the king was too much...

  5. Gaaah! Trying to do LT12-3, the Ghost. Do 2k spotting damage undetected. Finally load the right side of Prok in a tier 8 game in a tier 7 light. My idiots hug the red line rather than move to shoot what I spot, and  our top tier is3 shoots and kills a friendly M6 in 3 shots and gets kicked from the game. Came top of the team with 420 spotted and 999 damage. FML.

  6. My day so far. Since I hate playing arty but need to for the T55 missions I am forcing myself to play the US RNG lottery-line. As we have double XP on all wins this weekend I decided to force myself to play a lot of that shit today. 

    First game I get top damage (just over 2100) and 4 kills on Himmels, mostly in TD mode. I do over double the damage of anybody else in the team. This will be a loooong boring struggle..

    1. PrivateBert


      Yes, I am sure. I already have the Stug and the T28, without playing any arty.

      You only get 4 girls of course. That's true.

    2. PrivateBert


      I am sure you only need the last missions (the 15th of each) with honors. All others do not need honors.

    3. Kymrel


      Ah! Nice. So after the 2x XP on every win event ends today I will park my arty until I decide if getting the fifth girl is worth the horror. Using this event to finish the horror that is the M12 grind can't be ignored. 

      Thanks very much for this revelation PrivateBert. You are very right, finishing four missions with honours is much easier than subjecting myself to the horror of the RNG lottery and the constant apologizing when I hit a skilled player from across the map. IIRC I've done the HT15-3 and TD-15-3 with honours already. If I'm lucky I'll get the MT and LT missions done that way in the first pass as well.

      It's interesting that I hit a Unicum (and a member of this forum) in his T25 TD, killing him with arty. He commented with a message in chat that he hated arty or something. I replied saying I hated myself for playing it, he laughed and said in that case he forgave me :D

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  7. Ho-Lee-Fuck! That horribly annoying MT mission for T55 where you have to kill 3 arties? Got that in the very first game after selecting it, the game after I set two tanks on fire for the other annoying mission! Bromwell, Widepark and 3 enemy arties, yolo and all is good!

  8. Yeeeeeesssssss, MT12-3, the Incinirator, complete with honors. Thanks to my lovely Bromwell and a lovely bunch of KV-1 and KV-1S volunteers!

    1. Kymrel


      Took me 37 games in the Bromwell, and 6 in the Rudy. And I'm a lot richer than when I started so I think that's OK. 

  9. Enemy tanks hit in fuel tanks or engine in my Cromwel B: 5. Numbers of fires started: 0. Fuck the MT12-3 Incinerator mission.

    Total games with mission active: 26 and counting...

  10. Ah. That feeling of getting the 12th girl crew member and having no real idea where you want to put your next girl crew... :S

    1. Kymrel


      Lol. Perhaps I'll train this one for the position of Lifeguard for the Tog2 swimming pool and baths :D

    2. Trobs


      Oh snap...Thanks Kymrel you actually reminded me. I don't have a crew for the T-54LW or RU-251. One of the reasons I've been avoiding those lines!

    3. Kymrel


      T54LW is gorgeous, perfect for a girl crew.

      Still haven't been up the German light tank line. Perhaps the new girls could find a home there if I can be bothered...

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  11. So many 5,5k damage games trying for 6k damage for the TD15-3 mission. A snapshot on a panther 88 last game would have secured the mission but the gravity was too high...

  12. Gaaaaaah, how fucked up is the TD10-3 - Hidden Menace? 3k damage while not spotted. Did what I thought was 3,2k on Prok just now and the mission stubbornly remains unfinished. Nice of WG to make the missions require game play they are actively fighting against with map design -_-

    1. Trobs


      I did it on El Halluf with my Tortoise in the NW corner. I have no idea how. It was a complete shock.

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