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  1. Unpopular opinion, reward tanks are only an issue now because they lowered to the bar to earn one in CW campaigns and wargaming turns a blind eye to rigging 260/279 missions; atleast on NA server. Never mind the selling of accounts, selling of MoE, selling of rigged reward tank grinds. All of this is totally negating whatever minute worth earning them had. I blame my fellow "good players" around me for helping in that regard and i blame the brain dead boomer players who buy said services in order to complete their garages. On the plus side when shitters have T95 at least i don't hav
  2. Wish yall responded to my platoon invites anymore ;_;
  3. My girlfriend refuses to play tanks because my current clan is abhorrent apparently lol. I kind of agree with her lol.
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    2. hazzgar


      After playing a bit more. Why are you playing arty and being surprised people are angry at you?

    3. Spartan96


      its clanwars yah dingus, its an necessary evil also both teams had em

    4. hazzgar


      @Spartan96 how can I know it's CW from your screen?

  4. tried grinding a tier 8 on NA this last week, got 3 top tier battles to 36 tier 10. The tier 9 games were somewhere in the middle but still less than half that of the tier 10 ones . . .
  5. it took a bit to realize that i had been losing hp at some points because of buggy hit registry but the graphics over haul sure looks nice. I also quite like the new scores
  6. RIP NA Clan league , silver league, gold league, and about any other comp format

    1. mati_14


      Literally, no reason to play anymore.

    2. SoliDeoGloria


      hasn't clan league been dead since like 2 years ago though?

    3. MAJEST1C


      WGLNA died long time ago

  7. sorry about running your ELC 90 over on himmels encounter for a while
  8. yall act like we have some massive number of threads to sift through when this forum is so close to death. Who cares if he didnt status this
  9. I get they want to start a new and fill a new cast but jesus christ they killed pretty much every character from original trilogy cept Chewie, r2/c3p0 and leia. (of which Carrie Fisher unfortunately is not with us anymore so she'll not be returning after Episode 9) Plus the whole *Can track them through hyper space now* insert is annoying that its even canon.
  10. Got a titan X for sale if anyone's interested,  will send pics via pm. (Not OC'd,  or tampered with)

  11. Anyone else noticed a larger number of TDs arty and LTs being placed as the top 3 top tiers of a large number of these 8-10 matches?
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