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  1. This kind of thing is great, not just in this thread, but in the whole context of "getting better". One criticism though: I'd much rather see this on youtube, with voice commentary. If you did more of these on yt, I'd be watching.
  2. I PMd Smylee two days ago to work with him, and the results where fantastic. He's extremely responsive, worked with me on scheduling multiple shorter sessions, and was always on time / responding to emails. I will definitely contact him again in the future, and would recommend him strongly, not just on his WoT skill, but also on how he interacts with customers. AAA++++ would hire again.
  3. Thanks all for the good advice. It seems like the main answer is "identify where you will likely get owned, and don't go there". I'll work on being more aware on this. While browsing the forums I d/l a set of 62a games from x3n4, and holy shit is it incredible to watch as he puts out damage, and then suddenly bails and moves somewhere else. I'm surprised everytime, and 2 seconds later I look at the map, and realise why he's moving. I never considered myself to lack map awareness, but watching someone like that look so far ahead is humbling. I got what I came for folks. Thanks!
  4. I'm not terrible - I know how to play. I've read articles, watched guides, follow the better twitch streamers, yadda yadda yadda. I'm not great, but I'm getting better. But there's one thing I do, consistently, that people like Zeven never seem to do: fuck up spectacularly. Just completely misread the map, go on a flank that gets annihilated, surprisingly encounter a wolf pack of purple mediums in an unusual position that decimate me, etc. Stuff like this: How do I eliminate (or at least massively reduce the incidence) of those garbage games? They aren't caused by any one type of failure,
  5. I think this is a garbad encounter, but it could have been some other deep purple, well known streamer. I'll go with garbad. T10 game, we have garbad with two purples in his platoon. I quickly turn on his stream before game begins to listen in, taking into account 20 second delay. Entire team goes one way, platoon goes the other, I follow platoon. They push harder than I would if my tank was invincible. I try to keep up, taking shots, but they steamroll the opposition. Eventually all three die, and the other flank has fallen. I get eaten up, while listening to the live stream discuss
  6. Hello friends, I've been clicking through my vbaddict profile trying to figure this out, but maybe I'm just dumb. Can I find a list of my winrates / WN8 by map (and maybe spawn)? Can I find out what my weakest maps are, which spawns I'm probably doing something wrong on? It feels like this is something that should obviously be in a site such as vbaddict, so the fact that I can't find it either menas * I'm dumb * It's info that can't be extracted ( ) Any help?
  7. Just wanted to follow up on this thread. I started working my way down russian medium line, after playing nothing but TDs for my first 5.5k games. I believe I have answered my own question I played five thousand games without ever tracking a heavy and circling them while whittling them down, watching their turret whirr ineffectually. Holy shit this is fun.
  8. Thanks for the reply! It's funny, I've had this issue for a while, and finally posted it. Started reading a few meta game threads etc and low and behold I am having what is undoubtedly the best 1 day session I've ever had in this game. 80% w/r and 3.6K WN8?!? I think I knew all along what the problem was, but maybe typing it out in public like this really forced me to confront my issues? Weird... either way, thanks
  9. Here's this mornings session: How the hell do you become consistent? How do I remove (the majority of) those garbage games? I know how to play those tanks. Is it me? RNG?
  10. I feel like I kinda know what I'm doing in this game - vision control, weakspots, damage, winning... But failry regularly, I get a pure garbage game. 0 damage, dead, loss. Do purples have these games? Do you offset them with ridic good WN8 games, or is it more a case of not having those pure shit games?
  11. I've noticed people talk about the meta and how it's shifted recently like it's a known, defined thing, but I've searched around and come up empty: is there a guide to current meta?
  12. I seem to have focused on TDs almost exclusively in this game, the play style really appeals to me. About 2k games ago I discovered XVM and wotlabs, and have been trying my best to improve. But as I watch more and purple streamers and their replays, I notice something about "flex" and carrying : no one does it in TDs. It's almost always mediums and heavies. So my question is: is it possible to solo pub into blue or even purple playing only TDs, or is there a point where I'm going to need to learn other tanks' play styles?
  13. Noob here, with a question about a line in your article: Is this true, in the sense that most good players agree with it? I play almost TD's exclusively, and have been disappointed with my improvements over time. IF it's true that TDs are easier to play (and therefore have higher expected values), that would put me at ease - and probably force me to expand my range of played tanks.
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