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  1. i have tried countless time's but since they changed the region from SEA to ASIA seems all i get is no clan found when trying to type my name, just started again and trying to see progress but i can't now sadly
  2. so guys do you reckon its still ok to use a e4 as a hybrid even though they nerfed 100 dmg, i find that taking a massive hit away from it , i also think e4 has trolish amor at times
  3. i think reds oranges and yellow should be laughed at and had rubish thrown at them, just last game is6 was creepin up on me in my isu the whole team about 8 new they were comming for mins, i even had a td behind a rock next to me does he help ? no? do i even bother to look at his ratings no? i mean whats so fun about being shit at a game they actually cause more headaces then helps, even if they come on a flank to help there usually in the way. fuken scrubs, they should be burnt at the stake PS it has often crossed my mind that there should be like license test for tankers, so the brain dead zombies are not aloud to drive powerfull vehicles, for example they should have visual tests.
  4. 268 suckssss common guys its past its prime dont listen to these guys , even before the patch i sold it. German td line, i think the foch still has a mean punch, 183 if your got the skill level.
  5. its a crap tank fullstop, it lost its alpha , i was looking forward to getting one untill the td nerfs, same as the 268 why get one when you can play a isu and do the same damage? i think up to the t30 is the way to go. the jpz and 183 are making a comeback,
  6. i been banned, i just hit a e50m in my waffle twice,, but the ban was not 24hours which was good, but now the days of justice are over
  7. for starters stop poking when they have there guns aimed at you, second when your shooting someone and your 6th sense goes off, please dont just sit there waiting to reload move ...and dont be that player where your poor td ally is right next to you getting shot in the ass and you dont help him because you dont look at your minimap..
  8. 322 battles left current 2400 DPG
  9. so i usually go the K6 in my waffle but i am getting spotted as i shoot even at maximum distance,, where is a good spot for a td to set up especially with no cammo.
  10. hey mate use Vbaddict ADU dosier, it very helpfor to keep track of mounts of information
  11. atleast you didnt get sick of playing, and decide to tk 2 camping heavies... true story banned for 1 day only way to make me take a break gumby is a happy chap
  12. hah!!! mate you wouldnt last 5 mins on SEA server, many say its potatoes normal time, but after 12am it goes full retart, just got to learn how to use team as meat shields and go for maximum damage,
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