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  1. i have tried countless time's but since they changed the region from SEA to ASIA seems all i get is no clan found when trying to type my name, just started again and trying to see progress but i can't now sadly
  2. Barrowton

    Why is the E4 So Mediocere?

    so guys do you reckon its still ok to use a e4 as a hybrid even though they nerfed 100 dmg, i find that taking a massive hit away from it , i also think e4 has trolish amor at times
  3. i think reds oranges and yellow should be laughed at and had rubish thrown at them, just last game is6 was creepin up on me in my isu the whole team about 8 new they were comming for mins, i even had a td behind a rock next to me does he help ? no? do i even bother to look at his ratings no? i mean whats so fun about being shit at a game they actually cause more headaces then helps, even if they come on a flank to help there usually in the way. fuken scrubs, they should be burnt at the stake PS it has often crossed my mind that there should be like license test for tankers, so the brain dead zombies are not aloud to drive powerfull vehicles, for example they should have visual tests.
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    Why is the E4 So Mediocere?

    fuck it all JPZ e100 ftw......
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    what TD line to grind?

    268 suckssss common guys its past its prime dont listen to these guys , even before the patch i sold it. German td line, i think the foch still has a mean punch, 183 if your got the skill level.
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    Why is the E4 So Mediocere?

    its a crap tank fullstop, it lost its alpha , i was looking forward to getting one untill the td nerfs, same as the 268 why get one when you can play a isu and do the same damage? i think up to the t30 is the way to go. the jpz and 183 are making a comeback,
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    Retarded new TK system

    i been banned, i just hit a e50m in my waffle twice,, but the ban was not 24hours which was good, but now the days of justice are over
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    ISU-152 compared to Object 704

    My current results
  9. Barrowton

    The problem with WN8

    stop playing lt at low tiers all together
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    Tired of being a NOOB!

    for starters stop poking when they have there guns aimed at you, second when your shooting someone and your 6th sense goes off, please dont just sit there waiting to reload move ...and dont be that player where your poor td ally is right next to you getting shot in the ass and you dont help him because you dont look at your minimap..
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    Journey to Unicum TD

    322 battles left current 2400 DPG
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    Journey to Unicum TD

    Hey guy's so i have wrote a blog on newcomers forum but got reccomended to come here seeking the right answers, lovely Nisa was kind enough to give me some advice through my journey mind you it's short 1600 battles and so now i thought i would post a blog on my journey to unicum, and hopefully meet and provide readers and new readers to come a blog providing how i achieved my goals and what struggles i came across to get there, i got reccomended to seek Servios's knowledge as a td player so here goes and i am sure there are others, A little about me, I am 24 years old and very passionate about WOT and really adicted as soon as i got my BL10 i stayed up playing 1 day with no sleep upping my stats. I am really dedicated to improving and have changed my WN7 by about 200 points in 2 days, i am very gratefull for all information and i am a extremely quick learner as i am a knowledge junky, and applying junky, So some things i have got on a handle at 1600 battles with the USSR line, -i have skilled angling at close combat and distant ranges -skilled the 15 metre rule for cammo, -peek a boom -good at fidgety manouvering like you heavy tanks do, -i can play agressive when need to but prefer to not take hits and die -know my weaknesses on the tanks i encounter Improve ment and issues - location for maps on highland, sigfried , ensk , westfield , ruinberg, i struggle on these maps by struggle i mean to get my 2k damage, without taking hits, i will touch on my standards following. -playing too aggressive not waiting and being patient, -when tired i often rush my shots which is a habbit i have gotten much better at compared to lower tiers, -taking hits by trying to be a hero with tha big troll cannona at close combat well BL10 what can i say yes i only play tds and had 500 battles in ISU and now moving on to the obj 704 second day, I got the BL10 a few days ago and i have started to really up the ante so to speak in my journey, But i am finding that i am now getting put in more experienced players games pretty much majority so less scrubs now, Which is ok its just not so trolltastic anymore. Still on the ISU bad days i managed a 2-1 ratio and good days about 3-1 but now been put in more competetive matches by MM so about 2-1 (average damage i would do is 2.2kish) I feel i am a little hard on myself and do not really know what it takes to be at around 1500 ratings in a short time frame, i feel very confident in battle field and feel i know where to go and how to read progression, but its different when your a td and you want to really want to make a difference, but its hard fending off heavies with more then 1 on 1, and yes as you know wot you don't always have players that help you. my rule for the ISU 152 was to try aim for 1800 quite achievable / easy. seeing as its health is 1k (war3 terms) so i should try do double damage, my questions are i am not sure what to aim for on the Obj double health is 3400 i feel 3.4k would be hard to achieve at my current journey and the thing is i would say i take damage more then i should(opinions please?) i feel that 2.2k damage is quite achievable and managable with my skill level, but what i wonder is whats a good target damage or DCR i think that 2.8 like servios would be achievable, but 4 kill ratio would be way out of my league at this stage, anyways guys here is my OBJECT 704 STATS @ 19 games. Ofcourse 50% is shocking , my averages are around 60 on isu and now 70% on the object i had to fix that up in tier 6, i can aim very well
  13. Barrowton

    Karelia South spawn ?

    so i usually go the K6 in my waffle but i am getting spotted as i shoot even at maximum distance,, where is a good spot for a td to set up especially with no cammo.
  14. Barrowton

    Recent stats for # of sessions.

    hey mate use Vbaddict ADU dosier, it very helpfor to keep track of mounts of information
  15. atleast you didnt get sick of playing, and decide to tk 2 camping heavies... true story banned for 1 day only way to make me take a break gumby is a happy chap
  16. hah!!! mate you wouldnt last 5 mins on SEA server, many say its potatoes normal time, but after 12am it goes full retart, just got to learn how to use team as meat shields and go for maximum damage,
  17. i tried loading pictures with the URL link and it says You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.
  18. Barrowton

    Journey to Unicum TD

    Russian Bias ISU challenge OP oneeechan I am running a 2600 DPG @ 445 Battle challenge i currently have 377 left here are results
  19. Barrowton

    Garbad et al. What would you have done.

    hey mate i know i am no purple yet, but yes Gar hit the nail on the head with that f7, i certainly would have gone back to back up my alley and avoid them t29s flanking your pubbies from behind, and yes i would have spotted them and deal with them at the start instead of pushing the flank(however you got some kills and so forth) when you shot that churchill missed first one should have gone up the hill (be safe just incase they had a nasty sniper there) still you shot the churchy not bad, i would say that was yolo not knowing whats there. hrmm yah the t29s very juicy i would have farmed them at the start... also yes a few shots were rushed, i would say either your warming up (sometimes we get in a rushy mood i get them alot) or you are fatigued and too wound up about stats, or 3 you have potatoed a few games earlier, or 4 had some losses recently you did extremely well though man..dam that cutey pie is friken fast, im a full time td driver so im always reactional to threats and so similar to meds also you prob took some hits you didnt need to in the f7 playing with the hellcat and ht, you were frontline (no amor) prob could have fell back, i think its great you actually recognised this all in your post , and man they are the questions you ask your self and i promise after couple more thousands it will add up, for me i went from a 1300wn7 player to 1900s wn7 ratings in about a month after getting out of my pleatue its just all the little mistakes i find , even now i feel the same as you in my tds i do great but i feel like i make so much mistakes for example Garbad averaged 2400 damage in his isu for couple hundred games, and i just tracked my ISU over 30 days and it said i have averaged 2400 @ 53 games, and i feel like i am real crappy with it, i potato about half my games, but i do well in the ones i dont weird , true story ...
  20. play arty god i cant stand it when your about to shoot they move away and then your reticle takes another 5 mins to aim in, its like chasing a mouse around the field
  21. um something that really helps well is play with unica players, its funny sometimes they avoid exposure and doing damage, but survive way way much longer, one thing that helped me was learning to survive, by using tactics like hull downs, depression, its a great way to learn man, and mainly experience, i have the same problem, i will take a 1k hit so i can do 2k dmg , but maybe if i did not i could survive a bit longer and do 3k later on,
  22. Barrowton

    Accurate Stat tracker per/game

    i like the wot statistics thing, but i am having troubles setting it up, like creating a doesier file or something, or how to setup and i cant find any instructions could someone help me out. also for v baddict, may i ask does it chew your internet everytime you refresh as i am on a dedicated internet for this game, it says 16kb everytime i refresh the results yes i love emma shees so sexxsey
  23. Barrowton

    Accurate Stat tracker per/game

    hey guys i tried vbaddict dosier to check my stats and it seems to be complete inaccurate, eg yesday said i totalled 3500 wn8 then noobmeter and wot labs says 2.2kish i like checking my performance after each game so i was wondering if someone can refer me to a tracker thank you kindly
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    Farewell, and thank you

    cya yolo always enjoyed your talking under water just re roll get greater stats, your in awesome clan mate... dont leave
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    Unicum thus Unica

    Just wondering guys, the difference between 2350 wn8 to 3000 is very different skill set, so i am wondering if its improvements of tactics, aggression, confidence, brawling, or is it just experience over time that gets you there. i know this is probaly broad topic, i am sure most know what i am trying to say, say if i post replays can advice still be given even to base purple players? for me i think survival could be the main difference(eg not being greedy thus live longer do more damage)