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  1. I had a lok on reddit and on wot forums and everyone seemd to be raging about wheeled vehicle... Maybe I'l try Armored warfare but that ship probably has sailed as well
  2. Sometimes, I feel that wot itch again. thinking of dusting off my bat-Chat, How is the game now ? Are there still a lot of players online ? What is the state of the game ? Is Chai still a clan ? have we witnessed the Glorious return of Garbad or Sela? Tell me thanks
  3. Only if you teach me how to reroll buddy Start by using hard cover Yes , as long as you cover your head with a brown paper bag.
  4. you have great DPG in your bat , your assisted dmg is a bit low which mean you probably stay in the back a bit much but that's a question of playstyle. you'l get there
  5. Hi, I recently achieved my objective of buying every Tier 10 ( except for arty because FK clickers) so I am slightly bored and looking for new goals. I used to mentor a lot through the wotlabs chat channel ingame. I played pretty much every tanks in the game but I really love light tanks and autoloaders , so I developped a frontline oriented, aggressive, in and out, playstyle. If you're interested in playing with me for a day or so, pm me in-game. You can also pm me on wotlabs if you want, in-game would probably be easiest though. Depending on which tanks we play (normally ti
  6. At least I am not alone. For some very weird reason , on Monday at around 11PM EST it started moving up again , every 4k+ dmg battle would move it up by about .25% and on tuesday had 1 battle that gave me alnost 1% . Maybe server reset ?
  7. I am so confused . I am stuck at 80.05% in my batchat for the last 80 games. Had a 7800 damage game + 2500 assisted with 1200 hp left and the percentage didnt even go up ! What am I missing here ? I easily average over 3k wn8 in the bat so am quite appaled by those results.
  8. Definitely a great read , After reflexion, I find one of my tiliting point is when I miss / rng bounce that second shot in an autoloader and stick around for a third .... Then I take 1k damage in return and it goes downhill from there . Some good food for thought.
  9. As I progress through this game, I find I am my worst enemy. I play this game for fun, to relax after work. I mostly only have fun when I win, and when I have the feeling I am playing well. This is what a typical night looks like : I manage an average of 3600 wn8 with 80% win rate , not too shabby. However, look at the distribution : i have shit / lower average games followed by a string of great games/carries. Now my objective would be to only have great games, so what strategies could I use as I strive to be more consistent ? what are your tricks ?
  10. I used the 85 for my first 120 battles or so and hated the 132. Ever since I switched to the 100mm my dpg went up 50 % , win rate is at around 70 %+ over 40 games solopubbing , wn8 around 3300. Since you are dpotting but you want to deal damage , often you'l get lit after shooting so you will never use the full dpm of 85mm . Also the extra pen of the 100mm makes a huge difference in certain situations ( think , AT 15 slightly angled sides) . Oh and heat sux.
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