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  1. the buffed kv5 would have better armor than the Oho, which is more than armored enough even in tier 10 matches. Not to mention 2300 dpm (with 100% loader, so 2400+ with 110% loader due to cmdr) which is absolutely nuts.
  2. S1+ELC-Winterstorm-Plisen-Kharkov-Stalingrad=A shit load of damage.


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    2. TheMarine0341


      I should try and finish my S1 three marks, think Im sitting at about 91%. The new maps really seem to favor kemping boosh fgts

    3. Assassin7


      Wait those four maps were all removed? Thefuck?

    4. simba90


      They were removed? I might even play this weekend then.

  3. 7R4QUsU.png
    Last mark before the "beta"'s end.

    5A still pretty fun i must say.

    1. king_spaniel


      Nicely done per usual.  What's the expected for the 3mark btw?

    2. CarbonWard


      around 5.1, significantly lower than what used to be(5.7)

  4. Aslain best mod, for everything i need and everything i don't need.
  5. fsaDglJ.png

    Fuck, couldn't mark it in less than 100 games.

    But for reference, expected is around 5100-5150.

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    2. CarbonWard


      Well i mean, i can pull the same dpg/winrate on a badger/SC/5A/907/430U, but i can see why pubbies hate playing against it, armor is really out of this world.

    3. nabucodonsor


      You could pull the same dpg with anything, even with a Leo.

      So how would you compare this to the other top tier Xs? Do you find it overpowered? 

    4. CarbonWard


      Overall its one of the strongest tier X in the meta right now, high mobility+high armor means this thing could contest the map like no other.

      But in the hands of pubbies the weaknesses are also very telling, low acc, low dpm, slow rate of turn all means if you are not careful and get separated from your team you are dead meat.

  6. well, thats an old line thats not optimized, 705A line is literally an original line made just to reinforce WG's new philosophy
  7. for a tank that sidescrapes, its side armor is pathetic, 100+25mm track is shit, esp compared to say SC's 102+25+25(also with a 300mm bulge that blocks off the rear part of the side altogether. Basically from my experience, if you don't angle at ricochet angle, your side will get penned, every single time. Also, WG says they want to streamline the grind process so players don't have to suddenly change playstyle, then they introduce ISM, which has awesome side armor(infact, as an ISM you want to angle at 30 degrees as 20 degree angle would give your opponent very easy shot to y
  8. tVqmdDw.png

    First tier 10 session since new computer, smoooooooooooooooooooooooooth.


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    2. CarbonWard
    3. TheMarine0341


      Best way to do it. Weird though, that monitoring software should should 8 cores, not the 4 given that its a 7700k. Heres mine with the 8 core 1700x1Ivf2m3.png

    4. CarbonWard


      its showing core 0 to 7 on taskmanager, not sure why its not showing here.

  9. 22 games from 86% to 95, 430U's (un)expectedly high.


    Great tank tho, at least for pubs its a superior 113.

    1. nabucodonsor


      A 403u trades HP and gun depression (to the side which is kinda hard use if you are not used to it) for handling and better armour which nullifies the advantages the 113 has anyway. The extra protection compensates for the 15% less hp. Considering you can work around the gun depression it is obvius how much better the 430U is. And this is my problem with the tank, not the fact it is so good but it kills other tank's niche proving once again how bad that idiot Murazor is.

    2. mati_14


      6.6k combined? what the actual fuck? 430U reqs are higher than 907 or what?

    3. CarbonWard


      at 93% i lost 0.05 mark with 5100 combined, so i figured the 3 mark expected is around 5500.

      Also, 430 don't really lose depression compared to 113, with how the gun is positioned 113 is never gonna realistically be able to use that additional side depression anyhow without being suicidal.

      but still, 113 is still better than 430U in clan wars simply due to the extra HP, if it does get used at all these days, which not really since most clans opt for 268V4 and 5As as their mobile spearhead.

  10. SUUaEWu.png

    tfw prebuild is cheaper than DiY.

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    2. CarbonWard


      its an asus workstation.

      you know, the kind that isn't mean to play games, with 250w PSU.

    3. crapcannon


      Last time I bought a pre built was a 2001 Dell. Still works too!

    4. MAJEST1C


      @CarbonWard, did you check out the custom build (ibuypower) website first before buying it from Amazon. They usually offer shit ton of freebies and discounts? I believe shipping to Canada is free. There's president week sales going on right now.

      I'm building a 5-6k PC by the end of this year. :doge:


  11. 705A afterthought.

    Would not play again.



  12. 60 games on Sunday, 36 on Monday, marked in less than 100 games.


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    2. PlanetaryGenocide
    3. CarbonWard


      Would of marked it 20 games earlier if not for some seriously fucked mistakes i made.

      like flipped sideways on Ensk field, or afk RR run into Erlenberg lake.

    4. OperatorError


      Wow, nice job killing that Arty!




  13. speaking from experience 1050ti is kinda errrrrrr I would go for the cheapest 7700HQ+1060 i can find.
  14. I only played with the 130, its quite adequate considering its other stats, 280 AP is more like 295 APCR, which is close to IS7. considering its speed and frontal armor,you can easily overpower the likes of IS7 and 5As when fighting for forward positions.
  15. on the move VR isn't important. Your reload is long enough that you can easily stroll into any bush between your reload and wait that 3 seconds.
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