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  1. xUhsjrO.png

    StrvB 3 mark expected value :5300

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    2. BPX


      fuckin noice brah

    3. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      assad of bulba did it, I think when he did the 3 mark it was ~5.2k for mark but i dont remember it was a week ago or so @hiipanda

    4. CarbonWard


      I played 103 games on Saturday, honestly a bad idea since i started off with 5k dpg the first 35 games then started taking a slow dive from that point onward, an di stalled at 92-93% for like 40 games.

      Very map dependent, i had to get 5 field maps in a row since its so dpg dependent(except this game, where i saw an opportunity to get free spotting assist from Karelia offense.

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