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  1. 13 90 is definitely the strongest tier 9 LT f the patch, most expensive, too.



    1. RollerCoaster47


      Was the first ever non-premium tank I three marked back shortly after they added marks of excellence. Back then it was necessary to fire all premium ammo in it. Now though, I get by just fine firing mostly regular ammo. I love that most of these tier nine lights now have standard APCR rounds all with 200+ pen. Grinding all five light lines because they're all so much fun, well, except the WZ-132 at tier eight, still pretty mediocre.

    2. SaintLaurentius


      Carbon wouldn't be himself if he didn't fire full gold when grinding marks for people. 3,4k dpg wow! Havent you thought about the fact than when you make stats like that for plebs it's kinda obvious it's somebody elses padding?

    3. CarbonWard



      Yeah, but they don't care when i tell them so i guess they don't mind. Besides its not really as much a mark grind as its a grind from 13 90 to 105.

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