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  1. Burrowed an account to try out new Caern on live server, fucking hell.


    1. TAdoo87


      Your censoring skills are improving. :minidoge:

    2. KruggWulf


      Can confirm pretty amazing. Second screenshot I sat in one spot, bounced fucking everything while I sat and dpm'd everything I could before I was overwhelmed (thanks to arty for making you unable to move) :/ T30 APCR, Super Conq APCR, etc, reliably bounced. Its kinda ridiculous.

      This was on live server, also recently bought it back, have they buffed it again on the test server? I haven't looked at any of the patch notes and cba.

    3. hazzgar


      Now I face the difficult decision of should I buy OP t95 or OP Caern