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  1. 22 games from 86% to 95, 430U's (un)expectedly high.


    Great tank tho, at least for pubs its a superior 113.

    1. nabucodonsor


      A 403u trades HP and gun depression (to the side which is kinda hard use if you are not used to it) for handling and better armour which nullifies the advantages the 113 has anyway. The extra protection compensates for the 15% less hp. Considering you can work around the gun depression it is obvius how much better the 430U is. And this is my problem with the tank, not the fact it is so good but it kills other tank's niche proving once again how bad that idiot Murazor is.

    2. mati_14


      6.6k combined? what the actual fuck? 430U reqs are higher than 907 or what?

    3. CarbonWard


      at 93% i lost 0.05 mark with 5100 combined, so i figured the 3 mark expected is around 5500.

      Also, 430 don't really lose depression compared to 113, with how the gun is positioned 113 is never gonna realistically be able to use that additional side depression anyhow without being suicidal.

      but still, 113 is still better than 430U in clan wars simply due to the extra HP, if it does get used at all these days, which not really since most clans opt for 268V4 and 5As as their mobile spearhead.

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