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  1. fsaDglJ.png

    Fuck, couldn't mark it in less than 100 games.

    But for reference, expected is around 5100-5150.

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    2. CarbonWard


      Well i mean, i can pull the same dpg/winrate on a badger/SC/5A/907/430U, but i can see why pubbies hate playing against it, armor is really out of this world.

    3. nabucodonsor


      You could pull the same dpg with anything, even with a Leo.

      So how would you compare this to the other top tier Xs? Do you find it overpowered? 

    4. CarbonWard


      Overall its one of the strongest tier X in the meta right now, high mobility+high armor means this thing could contest the map like no other.

      But in the hands of pubbies the weaknesses are also very telling, low acc, low dpm, slow rate of turn all means if you are not careful and get separated from your team you are dead meat.

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