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  1. Cloudflare is cranky at @Never...

  2. Unsure where it came from, but TANKSHOT is a valid code. Found it in a ModPack chat.
  3. Tried again tonight, thanks for the correction and the work y'all are doing on compiling.
  4. Nope, copy-pasted, pasted as plain text, opened a new window and hand jammed it in... nada.
  5. So, with the cap rush meta, what tank do you start out in... and then what role do you try to do once you've found yourself on either Attack or Defense? I've been finding I lose more often on Defense, anyone else have similar experiences?
  6. This. The damage vs HP ratios are MUCH more skewed, especially coupled with DPM levels. Higher tiers allow for some mistakes... and if you lose 1/2 your HP, you've got 10+ seconds before that tank shoots you again. Whereas, the M2 Medium goes BURP 3 seconds later.
  7. I've still got them both in my garage. Both are fun.
  8. Still good, though, the M5A1 does everything that the Ke-Ho does, but a little better.
  9. Buy/Resell at leisure. Once applied, the discounts last until used. So, very useful if creating your own on-track and haven't researched the tanks, yet. However, the discounts do NOT stack with any other sale/discount that WG may offer. For instance, this year, I've used/bought/resold all my choices for Tier II-VI, used my discounts on Tier VII/VIII PL line, and used/bought the Type 4 and T-100. I'm still teching up the PL line (on tier VI), and while I could have made more credits on the VII with a different tank, since I need to grind the fucker anyhow, it was wiser for me. As the VIII discount is credit neutral, again, the PL VIII is the only VIII in the game I haven't teched to/through yet, so no brainer there.
  10. APCR spam? I've noticed the AP is a little slow...
  11. Hrm, may need to drop the Optics for Binos...
  12. Yeah, sorry for my lack of clarity, but you can apply them to any tank, researched or not. I give the options as you can only take advantage of BUYING them if you've teched to them. And, regardless of if they're the best credit return/savings... if you're not going up the line, there's not much of a point. I'm just insane and have all but 8 tech tree tanks unlocked.
  13. Thank you, x4 weekend. 132-1 and 50/51 unlocked! Also up to garage level VIII, and have dropped my Tier VII and VIII on the Polish lines. Still debating where to send IX and X, though. Leaning towards the T-100 LT, as I'm Scouty McScouterson, and the Kranberry is going on track, shortly.
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