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  1. JagdTiger 8.8, yes/no/am I fucking retarded for considering buying it?

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    2. Fabunil



      Not for the Jagdtiger, but for you being retarded for even considering it.

      Be smart and buy something with a turret and that doesn't need to spam gold to penetrate all those new tier 8 superheavies.

    3. monjardin


      Aside from the armor power creep versus what used to be good penetration for a tier 8 pref, Strv S1 drivers will giddily farm steel wall awards from your 88 mm with 30 mm plates at ricochet angles.

    4. Errants


      Whelp, fuck, guess I'll have to wait for more rentals to fix my stats from playing it then...  Since it really is that shit.

      Have Skorp and E-25 already, so don't need it as a trainer, was solely for vanity, as I didn't realize playing rentals put them on your stats.

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