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  1. BC 155 58 purchased! (forgot to copy the thingy)

    Didn't it use to be a 4 shot, 5 sec intraclip?

    Now 3 shot, 10 sec intraclip. Oof. Guess it got changed in the arty changes, or when it went to HD and fugly model it has now.

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    2. Tedster59


      The autoloader got changed in 9.18, and TBH I like it better, the 72 sec downtime before was too long, though I wish the interclip was 7.5 sec as originally tested.

    3. Errants


      @Tedster59 Glad you weighed in. So, it can't run fuel, vents, nor rammer... Currently thinking LFAK/LRK/Food with GLD/Net/??? for loadout. And are the prem shells worth it at 155mm, or just stick with basic? (I run all Prem on my CGC and 53/55, and will do so with T92 once it gets a crew)


      @Haters - Lotta neg rep... someone's gotta play arty for organized play... ^_^

    4. Tedster59


      I'm fairly certain I have GLD/camonet/spall liner (not even sure why I have it, I guess as additional protection against CB), repair/medkit/food, and full prem HE.  Due to the way HE damage mechanics work, prem HE actually does increase your damage output due to how splash radius is a part of the damage formula, even on direct hits, since the damage calculation is done at the thinnest armor the explosion can "see".

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