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  1. So, sunk a total of $140 into NY Lewt Bauxen. No Type 59 (or any other Tier VIII tank awarded), but I did net ~$297 in Gold, Credits, Garage Slots, and Premium Time.

    So, not a total waste?

    1. DirtyACE7


      No it's definitely not a waste. It is the best possible value for gold you can get. Getting a premium tier 8 is a bonus but certainly shouldn't make you feel like you wasted your money as you do get a lot for it.

    2. Bavor


      I bought a $19.99 box and received 4 tier 8 premiums I already owned.  So I got around 40,000 gold.  I also bought a $5.99 box and got two low tier premium tanks.  I also bought a WoWP box and got some premium planes, and gold.  Overall they were very profitable.

    3. NightmareMk9


      I received 11 as a gift and purchased 25 more.  Literally the best thing I got was the Penis Tank.  I received 1200 gold 3 x in the 25 boxes.  Total SHIT RNG

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