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  1. Apparently, I've forgotten how to play.

    1 win in 2 hours, so far.

    Edit: 2nd win! 2 hours, 20 minutes in.

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    2. Haswell


      I'll make you play the ISU130, that way you will know what it means to be truly useless :kappa:

    3. wes


      If you still enjoy the game, take it as improving your XVM camo LOL

    4. Darvek


      Played 6 games in my session last night - busy with other stuff. Won 5, while playing at 1300 WN8. I had 2 games out of the 6 where I did as much as my own tank's HP, and only one I'd consider an actual good game. (2k damage, decent assisting damage and 4 vultured kills in a Caern vs tier 10s.) Ah well, I was due for a shit session after playing way above my normal level for 3 days. At least it didn't come with a losing streak.

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