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  1. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/updates/1-5-wot-prem-account/

    So, just like WoWS, there's going to be a WoT exclusive premium coming. RIP WoWP. And I'm calling it TP, because it seems shitty that they're going to exclusive premium.


    • At will applicable x3 exp multiplier. Seems 5/day use, but still tasty. Stackable with daily 1st win bonus, so possible of x5-x8 exp multiplier... Dayum.
    • 10% bonus credits up to 750k/week (stored in a bank system thingy).
    • Supah Speshul Meesions for TP holders only.
    • 'Toon bonus: TP holders get 15% exp/credit bonus in pre-made platoons, everyone else gets 10% credit bonus. TP holder doesn't need to be the leader.
    • Fuck Map rotation! - 100% more blocked maps for TP holders. (read: 2 total).

    Changes/minutae/bad stuff?:

    • Same cost as Universal Premium (UP).
    • When it is rolled out, all UP time becomes TP for WoT, remains UP for other WG titles.
    • WoT Premium awards from campaigns/missions/etc will be TP only after rollout.
    • Piggy bank awarded every week, or when your roll of TP runs out.
    • Purchasing in-game will only give you TP, UP needs to be bought via launcher or store.
    • TP and UP can be bought/acquired on same account, but run simultaneously and TP takes precedence for WoT.

    So, if you've been dabbling in more than just Tanks, it's a bit of a nerf... but WoWS has had Warships Premium (WSP) for a while now, and clearly it's worked out well for WG, as they're bringing it to the land side. If you main/only play WoT, though, it seems a straight benefit.

    Of course, WoWP players get fucked... but who cares what bots think?

    Thoughts, opinions?

  2. 6 hours ago, Tarski said:

    Probably a problem with the copy-paste from the forum. I've had problems with the codes even though they look right, then pasted into the address bar to get plain text with no invisible formatting, then re-copied, then had it work. 

    Nope, copy-pasted, pasted as plain text, opened a new window and hand jammed it in... nada.

  3. 7 hours ago, Rexxie said:

    There's a big difference between driving a Cromwell and driving in the baby tiers; T5/6 highlights aggressive play, but T1-3 (and depending on MM, 4) is ALL about camping. If you could be as powerful camping in a Leo as you can in a Leich, no one would bother moving past the first row of bushes.

    I don't know if I'd call it chaos though, just bad players combined with obnoxiously short TTKs.

    This. The damage vs HP ratios are MUCH more skewed, especially coupled with DPM levels. Higher tiers allow for some mistakes... and if you lose 1/2 your HP, you've got 10+ seconds before that tank shoots you again. Whereas, the M2 Medium goes BURP 3 seconds later.

  4. On 12/31/2018 at 2:25 PM, Hellsfog said:

    The Japanese tier 4 Ke-Ho. I haven't played it since the changes to tier 4 MM but it was a nice tank and may still be. Reasonable mobility, good base pen, 131 gold pen.  

    Still good, though, the M5A1 does everything that the Ke-Ho does, but a little better.

  5. 20 minutes ago, woe2you said:

    Are we best off buying them immediately and reselling after the general sale ends, or is it sufficient to just select which tank to discount now and buy/resell at leisure?

    Buy/Resell at leisure. Once applied, the discounts last until used. So, very useful if creating your own on-track and haven't researched the tanks, yet. However, the discounts do NOT stack with any other sale/discount that WG may offer.

    For instance, this year, I've used/bought/resold all my choices for Tier II-VI, used my discounts on Tier VII/VIII PL line, and used/bought the Type 4 and T-100. I'm still teching up the PL line (on tier VI), and while I could have made more credits on the VII with a different tank, since I need to grind the fucker anyhow, it was wiser for me. As the VIII discount is credit neutral, again, the PL VIII is the only VIII in the game I haven't teched to/through yet, so no brainer there.

  6. 10 hours ago, Joyrider216 said:

    I don't have the replay, its pre 1.3. Also, I consider myself a connoisseur of T6 TDs and historically do well in them, having the turret is really nice for flexibility, but I do agree that the accuracy leaves much to be desired, and feel my dpg would have been 500 higher simply because it misses some very easy shots regularly  

    APCR spam? I've noticed the AP is a little slow...

  7. 10 hours ago, Joyrider216 said:


    Because it can do things like this. Its a tremendous TD platform and should be treated as such, I ran with binos rammer and vents. I personally loved this tank, but can definitely see the speed being a killer for some. 

    Hrm, may need to drop the Optics for Binos...

  8. 6 minutes ago, PlanetaryGenocide said:

    I'm actually grinding the Japanese lines but I don't know why since by the time I have the Type 4/5 they'll probably have done the prem ammo rework and the nerfs.  Either way I ended up buying the O-Ni just now with the discount, but to keep and grind instead of sell for profit.

    Still might be good for blocking missions though, I guess.


    Anyways, apparently you can activate the discounts and they're permanently available til you use them, so I've prepped my tier 10 one for the Super Conq because holy fuck the conqueror is amazing and there's no way the Super Conq isn't going to be my next tier 10.  Already used the tier 9 one on the Conq itself.


    Tier 8 went to the italian

    Yeah, sorry for my lack of clarity, but you can apply them to any tank, researched or not. I give the options as you can only take advantage of BUYING them if you've teched to them. And, regardless of if they're the best credit return/savings... if you're not going up the line, there's not much of a point. I'm just insane and have all but 8 tech tree tanks unlocked.

  9. So, I went and did this for myself last year... 

    And, since they're doing the same thing again, this year (II-V 100% off, VI 80%, VII 60%, VIII 50%, IX 40%, X 30%), let's see if anything has changed with the new nations. Please remember that all numbers will be what you net in profit unless otherwise stated. There may be tanks close to the leader/runner(s) up, but I'm using the rough rule of "close enough for Errants to mention", and not a hard and fast percentage for almost making the cut.

    Tier II - H35 - 2.1k - Still the winner, though the runners' up have changed...
    Runner(s) up - M14/41 @ 2.05k, and 7TP @ 1.975k. You also have the following all at 1.95k: Strv m/38, VAE Type B, Chi-Ni, LT vz. 35, FCM 36, Loyd GC, and UC 2-pdr

    Tier III - SU-26 - 26.5k - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up - Any other arty are 22.5k - 25.5k. Those vehemently anti-arty can lose out on at least 3k with the following: Type 91 @ 23.25k, Pz 1 C @ 22.9k, M15/42 @ 22.7k, and Chi-Ha @ 22.5k

    Tier IV - B1 - 92.5k - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up - D.W. 2 @ 85k, Type 95 @ 83k, VK 20.01 D @ 78.5k, St.Pz. II @ 78k, and SARL 42 or Luchs @ 77.5k

    Tier V - O-I Exp. - 222.5k - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up - T1 Heavy @ 217.5k, Type T-34 @ 215k, AT 2 @ 212.5k, and StuG III G @ 211k

    Tier VI - M4A3E2 "Jumbo" - 195k purchase, 487.5k sale, 292.5k net - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up - Churchill GC @ 289.5k, and Hellcat or O-I @ 285k

    Tier VII - O-Ni - 596k purchase, 745k sale, 149k net - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up - T29, IS-2, and 45TP all @ 145k, or Crusader SP, Chi-Ri, T-34-2G FT, and P.43 ter @ 144k

    So, for a total cost of 791k, you'll get back 1.5761m, or a net profit of 785.1k... Wow. Not that great, but making money.

    Again, we're already in the rabbit hole, so let's look at the higher tiers, and try to get the biggest savings (and see how much of our profit we lost)!

    Tier VIII - FV207 - 2.73m base, 1.365m purchase/sale, net 0 - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up (base costs listed) - SU-14-2 (2.72m); M40/43 (2.7m); T28 Prot., G.W. Tiger P, and AT 15 (all 2.65m); UDES 03 (2.62m); T32 (2.61m); 110 and 53TP (2.6m)

    Tier IX - 212A and Type 4 Heavy - 2.22m purchase, 1.85 sale, 370k loss net - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up (cost/loss following sale) - Foch (2.202m/367k); Obj. 704 (2.196m/366k); M103 (2.184m/364k); G.W. Tiger, Conqueror, Type 61, and Strv 103-0 all @ 2.16m/316k

    Tier X - They're all 6.1m, so 4.27m cost regardless. And if you're selling a Tier X... I dunno what to tell you, but I shouldn't be advising your actions.

    So, the new lines didn't shake up the best choices, but the ITL and PL tanks did make a showing, consistently, in the runner-up category. Might not be a bad option, in general, if you throw your discounts at either one of those lines. Assuming you've not started up them.

    Finally, we come to the reason I did this the first time, figuring where to spend my discounts on tanks I've not bought yet. Again, that shit will go into spoilers, because this thing is long enough as is.



    I still only have 11 tanks left in the game to research (fucking WG, adding shit): Obj. 705A, AMX M4 54, TVP 50/51, Type 5 Heavy, WZ-113G FT, WZ-132-1, Progetto 65, and the Polish line from tier VII. I own the Skoda T 50, WZ-132A, Standard B, and 40TP - leaving only 7 lines I've not got access to.

    Tier VII - 45TP - As a runner-up for MAKING credits at Tier VII, this one is a no-brainer. I'd make more on the O-Ni, but I've already ground through it.

    Tier VIII - 53TP - Again, a runner-up, and a line I still need to work on. Plus, I've kept a lot of the tech tree VIII's, including most of the other ones I listed. And credit neutral (for the tank) is always a bonus.

    Tier IX - Obj. 705, AMX M4 51, Type 4 Heavy, WZ-111G FT, 50TP - While it didn't make the runner-up list, at 3.5m base (cut-off was 3.6m), and the fact I'm dropping the VII and VIII on the predecessors helps make a case for the 50TP. Heard great things about the AMX M4 51, there's prem HE lulz from the Type 4 Heavy, Soviet bias from the 705, and not a lot from the WZ TD (hell, I barely even see them in-game). None are particularly screaming "Play me!" at me or my scouty playstyle... but I'm open to suggestions.

    Tier X - I've every Tier X unlocked except for the seven eight lines above. I could drop that 30% off on any of the above-mentioned lines or the following: T92, Pz.Kpfw. VII, E 50 M, Rhm. Pzw., T-100 LT, Obj. 277, Obj. 261, FV4005, and WZ-111 5A. No interest in the G.W. E 100, and the Object 268 is still terrible, right? I'm still trying to buy everything useful before I buy X's for the sake of having them. I'm staring long and hard at the T-100, but would still love suggestions on what to try and save on. I'll eventually get back into a clan, so the 5A is useful, right? Any other meta tanks I'm missing (to include the ones I've not unlocked, yet)?

    So, once again, thoughts on purchases? There's a strong argument by the circumstances of making an On-Track to grab the new hotness (PL HT), finishing off old pub meta (IJA HT), or old hotness (CZ Meds)? Something comepletely different? Feel free to toss your thoughts on! Please! Really! I had no advice on lines to persue last year, and even if I end up ignoring it, I love hearing others thoughts and perspectives.

    Once again, thanks for your time, hope this helps anyone else out who's looking to make some free credits... or save some.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Deus__Ex__Machina said:

    its and IS-3 with all the benefits of the auto-reloading system. but none of the draw backs.

    Long Story Short:

    you start the match loading a full clip,

    dump said full clip into the first poor unsuspecting soul (doing roughly 1200 dmg in 6 seconds)

    and from there you achieve having a faster reload than a standard IS-3 on your first shell, only regaining more shells during any downtime.  

    Also for those wondering about the Worse mobility and gun handling?  the tanks is no doubt slower than a standard IS-3, but by no means slow because Russian engineering stronk. You still go 30-35 on avg in a straight line, it just takes a bit longer to get there. And while the acc and gun handling is worse than the standard IS-3, the aim time is half a second shorter at 3 seconds as apposed to 3.5. which IMO somewhat compensates for the worse acc and handling (providing you have a good crew) so if your used to the standard Russian 122mm style of game-play it wont be that big a deal.

    Another benefit the tank has over the normal auto-reloaders is the ability to switch shell types quickly and easily due the the first shell being the fastest reload when fully emptying the magazine. 

    I kinda feel as though that shoulda been the mechanic for auto-reloaders all along. Longer for each successive shell, BUT the single shell reload shouldn't beat a single shot version... Give them the ability to dump, penalize them for playing poke games.

  11. 5 hours ago, Copeyhagen said:

    Grinding this at the moment. Have everything bar the final engine unlocked and I'm not enjoying it for some reason. Maybe it's just the bad timing of tier 8 match making.

    Pro tip I didn't know: unlocking the turret adds an extra shell to the clip. Lol, I played about 50 games thinking how the hell does this only have 2 shells .....

    Grinding it as well, VERY glad to hear it'll get a 3rd shell... this 2-hit combo shit is annoying as fuck.

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