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    Errants reacted to hazzgar in shitting after eating a couple super hot peppers is literally the worst thing ever...   
    Try scratching your balls after cutting a few super hot peppers.
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    Errants reacted to TheMarine0341 in I've been purple for a week and already want to be blue again holy shit   
    Id rather be a perma blue in this game then ever be a unicorn. Fuck, Id rather be a yellow shitter
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    Errants reacted to Epic in We should find a way to push WG to activate a mode in randoms where you can choose if   
    Suggestions like these make it clear you have no clue about WG or their player base. If it was profitable to remove arty from the game, WG would've done it already. 95% of the players don't care about arty, and they by far spend the most money on the game.

    Stop thinking like the top 1% matters for this game, or that our opinions and ideas would make the game better...  we don't, and they wouldn't.
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    Errants reacted to TheMarine0341 in I hate enemy t49s more than arty.   
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    Errants reacted to CraBeatOff in Remember when we used to be able to get Marks of Excellence?   
    Yea those were cool to display. Although this period has made me realize that most tanks in my garage that i actually play are marked.
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    Errants reacted to Fulcrous in COD WW2 Hype Day!   
    I'd rather play tanks than any Call of Duty title.
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    Errants reacted to CraBeatOff in Purchased: 'T49' successfully purchased. Spent credits: 3,550,000.   
    Congratulations on obtaining THE BEST TANK IN THE GAME. You'll be granted an indulgence to grind the 152mm using the 90, but use those XP boosters to minimize your time in the valley of the heretics.
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    Errants reacted to TheChang in Purchased: 'T49' successfully purchased. Spent credits: 3,550,000.   
    Thank you Master. With each match I come running to glory, with my barrel thickening and shortening to perfect slapping size the entire way.
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    Errants reacted to How_Terrible in Why does NA get a marathon for tier 8 premiums? I mean there is one for the IS6 (plus   
    That is what you get for choosing to live on an inferior continent.
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    Errants reacted to ZXrage in ok. so in Discord I can set the language to english US, where the times are in 12 hou   
    >not using military time
    what a pleb, this man
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    Errants reacted to hiipanda in It's impossible to find a platoon for the Tank Rewards missions with a player who doe   
    you just don't spam invites in battle and then leave the platoon once it is over?
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    Errants reacted to Hellsfog in Do you guys think we should write a guide for the new lights? I think we have not rea   
    Without sarcasm, thanks. I'd like to give it a read. 
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    Errants reacted to Daerlon in Can we start a petition for TD weekend so I can complete MT15-4 w/honors....I need me   
    are you on NA? every weekend is TD weekend.
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    Errants got a reaction from sohojacques in The number of times I've reflex repaired my tracks, only to then realise that it's my   
    Solution, LRK on ALL tanks!  (then I try to repair my ammo rack and swap to Prem ammo by accident)
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    Errants reacted to kreigermann in So, gun marks fucked AGAIN on NA?   
    yay! now I can blame WG and not me for my T49 mark stuck at 86%
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    Errants reacted to CraBeatOff in So, gun marks fucked AGAIN on NA?   
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    Errants reacted to Assassin7 in today has been a good day.   
    Tank rewards wont load for me.
    Guess ill have to wait till after work when its like 4am EST and no ones trying to access the site
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    Errants reacted to CraBeatOff in Does top of the tree lower MOE regs?   
    it appears so, as it causes more people to play the line, often with worse crews and un-upgraded tanks, spamming games to grind XP
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    Errants got a reaction from arthurwellsley in Victory Mines M3G FT Experience received:3,903 ( x2) 21,057 Battle achievements High   
    861 base, then premium account and daily bonus.
    And running them in the III not for the daily, but to satisfy my CDO.  I play every tank in a line, I just started with the IV on this one, and am dropping the crews to lower tiers as I also grind my way up.
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    Errants reacted to TheMarine0341 in Victory Stalingrad AMX 13 57 GF Experience received:3,062 103,799 Battle achievements   
    Still so very damn sad I never got one
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    Errants got a reaction from ThomChen114 in Ok, so Orange Fatso (2 "qualities" one can do something about) fired back at Corcker   
    This is why I've been calling him SCROTUS - Supposedly Called Ruler of the United States.
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    Errants got a reaction from CandyVanMan in Obsidian > Bethesda. Jesus Fallout 4 is so much worse in terms of storytelling and   
    So, what it seems to me is... Fallout 2 best Fallout.
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    Errants got a reaction from Nuttydave1234 in How much better is the Tortoise with the 120 vs the 20 pdr? I would assume substantia   
    Smooth, buttery, deliciousness.
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    Errants reacted to CraBeatOff in how the fuck does anyone find 3 marking even remotely fun?   
    Reminder: if its not fun don't do it!
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    Errants reacted to orzel286 in >play wows coop in podvoisky >rushing through the opening in the middle of the   
    @Errants I ran out of detonation flags. T_T
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