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    Errants got a reaction from Fedaykin89 in The Czech Kolo-Hose - The Tier 1 Abomination   
    @Kuroialty152 games later - ACED!
    Defeat Abbey Kolohousenka Experience received:1,058      17,436    Battle achievements Top Gun, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" Ammunition:    -16 012   Total:    1 424      WN8: 8 016 (100) - Base exp of ONLY 440... The FUCK!? Not complaining, because I finally have it. Fuck this piece of shit tank. Tier II battle 5/10 BTW.
    So, it came out of retirement because of the launch of the ITL tanks, and the expected refilling of low tiers with it. Also, I think I've figured out that Ace targets are a weekly thing - and it resets on Friday. So, I've only been playing my tanks I'm trying to Ace on the weekend, Friday-Sunday, and letting the shitters suck in them the other 4 days. It has paid off dividends, as I've knocked out several tanks I've not be able to hit afore. Additionally, I think major patches bork it similar to MoE's... So, again, even easier with a new line out.
    Regardless, fucking done with this, final stats:
    57.89% over 152 battles
    2.69/2.59 Damage/Kill ratios
    231 DPG, 1.55 spots/game, 1.66 KPG (this thing is SLOW and BLIND)
    Max exp was 1,259... which makes this 440 Base all the funnier.
    Max damage of 665 (did 605 in the Ace)
    Max kills of 8 (only 6 on Ace, still amazed that other game dinnae give me it.)
    CO - BiA, 6th, Camo 87%
    Driver - BiA, Camo, Off-Road 87%
    Binos/Optics/Vents - 40/40 APCR/HE (Thanks, Kuro, for the HE tip), LFAK/LRK/AFE (crew wasn't back to 100% at start of match, so no food)
    So, I'm not a fan of Abbey being added to low tiers... LOTS of base/bush kemping going on. And a little large for the Tier I speeds. But, it worked out! Finally...
     Sold: 'Kolohousenka' successfully sold. Received  :  17,440. Spent  :  20.
    Fuck. This. Tank.
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    Errants reacted to Rexxie in Newbie Here   
    pm me 
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    Errants reacted to Enroh in Recent WN8 bug ?   
    We do deal with it. Exactly as you have seen. 
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    Errants reacted to AXIS_OF_RESISTANCE in Recent WN8 bug ?   
    My recent wn8 is showing inaccurate values 

    it should be way higher than 2424 right ?

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    Errants reacted to AXIS_OF_RESISTANCE in Recent WN8 bug ?   
    Why do you even care if it is second or 100th post ?
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    Errants reacted to Enroh in Recent WN8 bug ?   
    It is the rule around here. You don't go asking about "muh stats". That is why I care. 
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    Errants reacted to AXIS_OF_RESISTANCE in Recent WN8 bug ?   
    Deal with it .
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    Errants got a reaction from Wanderjar in Feb Scavenger Code tracking   
    Unsure where it came from, but TANKSHOT is a valid code. Found it in a ModPack chat.
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    Errants got a reaction from Wanderjar in Feb Scavenger Code tracking   
    Tried again tonight, thanks for the correction and the work y'all are doing on compiling.
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    Errants reacted to CanadaGuy in Is win/loss part of the WN8?--if not it should be   
    I have no idea how the WN8 formula works, but from what I've heard and found searching the web, it is mostly based on kills and damage dealt.
    I believe it needs to have win/loss factored in as well, and here's why:
    Mainly... The servers are full of stat padders that just want to get the best WN8 possible on their tank so they can sell their accounts (illegally) on Ebay and being able to claim they have "purple" stats in order to increase the value of the account being sold.
    To further these fools economic gain, they simply camp in the game, and don't try to win--- because winning doesn't matter to them.  They are just farming damage for their stat padding.
    Camping almost always causes a loss for the team that is trying to play and have fun---not playing to line their pocket book.
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    Errants got a reaction from Archaic_One in "Soldiers of Fortune" CW Reward Tanks (907/VKK offered for the last time?)   
    Think the seagulls from Finding Nemo... but all saying "Fame Points?!"
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    Errants got a reaction from VTSplinter in Tanks for Nothing and Credits for Free!! 2018 Edition   
    So, I went and did this for myself last year... 
    And, since they're doing the same thing again, this year (II-V 100% off, VI 80%, VII 60%, VIII 50%, IX 40%, X 30%), let's see if anything has changed with the new nations. Please remember that all numbers will be what you net in profit unless otherwise stated. There may be tanks close to the leader/runner(s) up, but I'm using the rough rule of "close enough for Errants to mention", and not a hard and fast percentage for almost making the cut.
    Tier II - H35 - 2.1k - Still the winner, though the runners' up have changed...
    Runner(s) up - M14/41 @ 2.05k, and 7TP @ 1.975k. You also have the following all at 1.95k: Strv m/38, VAE Type B, Chi-Ni, LT vz. 35, FCM 36, Loyd GC, and UC 2-pdr
    Tier III - SU-26 - 26.5k - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up - Any other arty are 22.5k - 25.5k. Those vehemently anti-arty can lose out on at least 3k with the following: Type 91 @ 23.25k, Pz 1 C @ 22.9k, M15/42 @ 22.7k, and Chi-Ha @ 22.5k
    Tier IV - B1 - 92.5k - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up - D.W. 2 @ 85k, Type 95 @ 83k, VK 20.01 D @ 78.5k, St.Pz. II @ 78k, and SARL 42 or Luchs @ 77.5k
    Tier V - O-I Exp. - 222.5k - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up - T1 Heavy @ 217.5k, Type T-34 @ 215k, AT 2 @ 212.5k, and StuG III G @ 211k
    Tier VI - M4A3E2 "Jumbo" - 195k purchase, 487.5k sale, 292.5k net - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up - Churchill GC @ 289.5k, and Hellcat or O-I @ 285k
    Tier VII - O-Ni - 596k purchase, 745k sale, 149k net - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up - T29, IS-2, and 45TP all @ 145k, or Crusader SP, Chi-Ri, T-34-2G FT, and P.43 ter @ 144k
    So, for a total cost of 791k, you'll get back 1.5761m, or a net profit of 785.1k... Wow. Not that great, but making money.
    Again, we're already in the rabbit hole, so let's look at the higher tiers, and try to get the biggest savings (and see how much of our profit we lost)!
    Tier VIII - FV207 - 2.73m base, 1.365m purchase/sale, net 0 - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up (base costs listed) - SU-14-2 (2.72m); M40/43 (2.7m); T28 Prot., G.W. Tiger P, and AT 15 (all 2.65m); UDES 03 (2.62m); T32 (2.61m); 110 and 53TP (2.6m)
    Tier IX - 212A and Type 4 Heavy - 2.22m purchase, 1.85 sale, 370k loss net - Unchanged
    Runner(s) up (cost/loss following sale) - Foch (2.202m/367k); Obj. 704 (2.196m/366k); M103 (2.184m/364k); G.W. Tiger, Conqueror, Type 61, and Strv 103-0 all @ 2.16m/316k
    Tier X - They're all 6.1m, so 4.27m cost regardless. And if you're selling a Tier X... I dunno what to tell you, but I shouldn't be advising your actions.
    So, the new lines didn't shake up the best choices, but the ITL and PL tanks did make a showing, consistently, in the runner-up category. Might not be a bad option, in general, if you throw your discounts at either one of those lines. Assuming you've not started up them.
    Finally, we come to the reason I did this the first time, figuring where to spend my discounts on tanks I've not bought yet. Again, that shit will go into spoilers, because this thing is long enough as is.
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    Errants got a reaction from HemanathanRX7 in "Soldiers of Fortune" CW Reward Tanks (907/VKK offered for the last time?)   
    Think the seagulls from Finding Nemo... but all saying "Fame Points?!"
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    Errants reacted to _Steel_Casket_ in Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!   
    This was mentioned by a wg staff member during tonights stream on Twitch
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    Errants reacted to Haswell in Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!   
    If it's not in writing, then it's nothing.
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    Errants reacted to Madner Kami in Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!   
    I don't mind one bit. In fact, I'll cheer and sing praises if they nerf Defenders and IS3As and I own these things, because I am a fucking stupid idiot, like everyone who got these things.
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    Errants reacted to Haswell in Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!   
    Official forums are that way, take your shitpoasts there.
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    Errants reacted to Assassin7 in Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!   
    I own a defender and they can nerf it as much as they fucking want if it means the game becomes balanced again.
    Thats not called ripping people off, its called making the game fucking playable so it doesnt die and leave you with NO tank to play with.
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    Errants reacted to Ezz in Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!   
    Why post this on a competitive forum where people see the value of balance? As noted, try the main forums. There might be a few people left over there that might actually agree with you. 
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    Errants reacted to _Steel_Casket_ in Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!   
    Damn why on't you guys just bend over an take it like a man. You'll let anyone FU over,........
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    Errants reacted to _Steel_Casket_ in Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!   
    wg is going to do it to us again, they will be re balancing tanks in the game including the Defender that I paid cash for. Thank wg, I'll lube up now......  
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    Errants reacted to _Steel_Casket_ in Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!   
    SOOOOOO, you like to pay money for something that will have portions of it taken away from you? Just another way of wg ripping it's players off. 
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    Errants got a reaction from hiipanda in "Soldiers of Fortune" CW Reward Tanks (907/VKK offered for the last time?)   
    Think the seagulls from Finding Nemo... but all saying "Fame Points?!"
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    Errants got a reaction from Deus__Ex__Machina in "Soldiers of Fortune" CW Reward Tanks (907/VKK offered for the last time?)   
    Think the seagulls from Finding Nemo... but all saying "Fame Points?!"
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    Errants reacted to Never in Let's talk about periodic stats, why they were broken, how they were fixed and why my Recent WN8 took a nosedive   
    So all that I'm gonna talk about here happened last night over a period of around 4 hours. This post is VERY wordy and somewhat rambly, so be warned. First things first, I'm working on a new feature that will let you see a "Period Breakdown" of each period, so for the period of, say, 24 hours, you will be able to see all the tanks that are counting in that column, along with each tank's individual stats for that period.
    But in creating this feature, I ran into a problem where there were massive discrepancies between the amount of battles that the Account Information method provided, and the sum of the battle count of your tanks. For instance, the difference between your overall battle count between the latest update and the one 24 hours ago might have been of 20 battles, but if took the battles played by each tank over this same period and added them up, the number would sometimes be different. Sometimes they were off by just a couple of battles, sometimes by 10 or more.
    This is obviously a great issue for a website that is supposed to provide statistical accuracy. I believe that what causes this issue is that not all of the methods of the API are updated all at once, so when the system grabs your stats, your overall battle count updated, but not your individual tank statistics. Again, that's just me throwing a possibility out there, I'd have to talk to someone who has access to the API to know for sure, and I have no idea who that might be.
    The way I fixed this was simple: We stopped relying on the overall numbers, and started deriving everything from the sum of each individual tank's statistics. That's what's used to calculate your WN8 already, so it's a logical step. As for potential issues, the only problem should arise in the fairly uncommon case where a tank takes a long time to be added to the API, so players would play several battles in a tank over a period of time that would all get lumped together under the "24 Hours" column once the tank's information got added to the API and WoTLabs could actually see what tank you were playing all along. But the thing is, this issue already happens! It's just masked because the numbers that were shown in the columns were based on those overall numbers which always get updated. The only place where you could see this issue happening was in your Average Tier and WN8 calculations, which several players have noticed and reported on this forum. WIth the now fully functioning system that automatically checks and updates tank information once a day and no longer relies on me checking for new tanks manually, this should be an even more uncommon case.
    With that fixed, the feature that allows you to see a detailed list of the tanks played during a certain period will be released very soon!
    Whew, that was a long one. Now, for the last topic of discussion: Why my Recent WN8 took a nosedive, and why yours (in very rare cases) might as well: Back in May 2016, we had to create a new table to hold all the detailed tank information (which is the data used to calculate WN8) since the original one could no longer perform its duty. The old table remained behind for historical queries, but as time went on and disk space became an issue, very old data started to be deleted, including those very old records that were no longer relevant... Or were they?
    Drama aside, if you're like me and you played very few battles between May 2016 and now, your Recent WN8 might have taken a nosedive. Recent WN8, as you probably know, is based on your last 1000 battles. When the system checked for the update made 1000 (or close to 1000) battles ago, it would take the timestamp and look for the tank information so it could calculate the WN8 for this period. However, if this update happened before May 2016, then there are no more tank information stored! This means that the system was actually using your overall tanks to calculate your Recent WN8, making them look very similar to each other, as was my case.
    The way this was fixed was to tell the system to ignore every update made before May 2016, and only look for those made after that point. If you played over 1000 battles between May 2016 and now, no problem at all! if not, then the closest update that has tank information available will be used. In my case it's my last 428 battles, which unfortunately encompasses the 370 battles that I've played in the past month since coming back to the game and sucking really, really bad. So yeah, RIP my Recent WN8, but at least it's not a lie anymore.
    That is all for now! If you made it this far, sorry for all the words. I really, really like to write.
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