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  1. Opportunistic I knew going into this tank that relocating/falling back was going to be a big part making the gun effective. Being slightly overextended however turned out to be a bigger issue than with most other meds. Finding the sweet spot between aggressively effective (which lies between passively out of the fight and overextended) has been my issue. Not detrimental but spending hp pointlessly or not close enough to deal dmg. Kewei still uploading on wotreplays? I have not found any 8.8 other that what you have posted when platooned. I’ll just watch your mini map and keep
  2. I do use Auto FE. I should have clarified. When I have a surplus of credits I have Large repair&first aid but currently trying to buy 2 tier 10s. Crew is ~75% on third skill. should I get BiA now or wait till 4th? I will probably use optics once I have the 10.5. Currently I have to shoot more at the sides (do tend to shoot a lot of gold) and the vert stab helps with the peek-shoot-back. What is your 3 pref. equipment set?
  3. How [do I] E50 So I have had the E50 research for a while but just purchased it. I am a bit rusty on playing the German med. Line and I need a refresher. I currently do not have the turret/10.5. I will start with my assumptions and let you guys fill in the rest. Equip; Vert Stab. Rammer, vents(?). repair, first aid, f.e. Perks: Co; 6th, eagle eye, repair Gun; Dead eye, snap shot, repair Driver; Controlled impact, Smooth ride, clutch Braking Radio; Situational Aware, Repair, F.F. Load; Safe sto. Adren rush, repair. Fighting at mid-long range. Start out getting taxing
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