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  1. Thanks for reading this. I recently got back into the game after a long break and have been playing for about a month. I'm not sure why but every single thing I thought I knew about tanks seems to be wrong. I solo pub alot and I know that isn't good but it is what I have for now. My question: What do you guys do in tanks when you need to 'reset' your gameplay? I seem to be much too aggressive and I count on pubs way more than I should. Have pubs gotten worse? They are almost totally unpredictable now.
  2. Zepherex I don't really know you beyond the cool sigs you make for people. When I was clanless for a bit I talked with Arrogant about joining Foxey. He laid out everything and it was all right on the money. I choose Foxey and I don't regret it for a moment and I have to believe that you won't either.
  3. Thanks so much Sela, I really do appreciate the modpack and your willingness to help out.
  4. Great mod pack and thank you for putting it out there. One question though, I need to change the minimap zoom to a key other than 17. I've changed the value in hotkeys.xc to 163 but the minimap is still zooming everytime I hit Left Control. Is there another file I need to change?
  5. I like to live life on the wild side... Mrs. Buble is hawt!
  6. Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones and Michael Buble.
  7. Pretty much the setup I'm running on mine. Doing ok with credits and games.
  8. Once out of 50 or so battles. It was pathetic.
  9. Installed this yesterday and it is fabulous. Thank you for brining something new to my WoT experience.
  10. This is interesting... No CW requirements? Life has gotten complicated lately and Mrs. Defender does not like it when I'm on for 6 hours during primetime.
  11. Haven't done this yet but I think this deserves posting...
  12. Been around from the beginning and have taken some breaks here and there. The truth is I'm horribad@tanks. I'm looking to learn from the folks here to take my game from horribad@tanks to bad@tanks. Lots of good information here and I look forward to learning.
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