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    Looking for a good clan to join

    WOT, Steel Beasts, Arma2
    WOT - Platooning, Improving Skills

    Have a look at my stats, if interested, contact me in game to platoon or send PM and add as friend. I'm interested in making new friends on here to platoon with and work together to get better. I'm grinding tanks from tier 6 to tier 9, and can field up to tier 10. I have played a lot of heavies in the past and am working hard on mastering the medium as I am grinding for a T54. But willing to play almost anything the platoon needs. Mega grinding the T29 to get my commander to 100% on his first skill.

    Looking for a good clan to join. Most of my stats are from last year where I just played without really knowing the mechanics. I am trying to take my game to the next level and am seeing much better results, but would like the chance to learn off some good players and get better as a player and be a team player.
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