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  1. Hey Vettish, Same time frame here too. Thanks for replying and the offer. II will add you to my friends list when I log on tonight. Actually I am back too after about a year long break myself. I am grinding low tier lines but am doing that now very casual, I just don't like low tiers. My main grinds are the T8 Uk Hvy line, and the T8 Pershing, tough one though. And I am considering grinding the Soviet T9 T10 tank. I have enough Tier 9's / 10's I can run as well either grind or go for a MOE. Thanks again Tracer001
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been wanting to post this for a while now and thought I would just do it. I am looking to take my game to a higher level and would like to try platooning. I'm looking for more of a chill/casual type of platoon. I like to win but am not looking to game with ragers. The reason for this and I'm not sure how to explain this is that I am ex military and have been diagnosed since March 2018 with PTSD. Some days I'm too afraid to leave the house, have difficulty making change, being in crowds. A friend told me its a good day when you are above ground, I understand that now. Just giving some background. As part of my therapy or recovery I am doing online gaming to help me interact with others. Some days I just can't hit that battle button. Those days I'll go off and play some DCS offline. This is why I thought platooning could be a good place to start. I think I'm at about 50.6% but am willing to play with any skill level. Its just nice to be able to work with someone else, whether directly or just on the same side to win. I think I am getting better at map awareness thanks to Taugrims and Lemmings videos. I can play any tier. I have a number of Tier 10's and am grinding 8's and 9's as well. So if anyone is interested in running platoons, add me as a friend or message me or reply here? Thanks everyone for reading, I hope I made sense and GL Tracer001
  3. I just unlocked the top gun last night and have only the engine to unlock then grind for the Cent 7/1. Although I am happy with the performance of the Cent now after driving the Comet, I think I should research the engine now and then grind. The reason being I will get to the 7/1 faster but will then be at the lowest engine and from past experience the bottom engine is complete crap. It will probably drive like a super pershing. On another note, I dropped coated optics last night and ran wet amo rack and had no problems being ammo racked once a game or every 2nd game. Will keep it till my loader gets 100% safe stowage which sadly won't be till near the end of the grind.
  4. Hey Guys, I'm going to unlock and buy this tank on sunday coming up. I love the Comet by the way. I didn't enjoy the Cromwell grind but the Comet is amazing. That turret made all the difference for me. I read somewhere that someone said that you don't need the top engine in this tank because its so slow anyway, is that good advice? Would you guys recomend just getting the second engine? How much speed will I gain with the top engine compared with the second?
  5. I like the KV4 so far. I just got the big gun and wow. I played a match last night where i held off two KV5's and whittled them down to <400 health each. I was sidescraping but they penned my top turret using APCR, still need to upgrade turret after engine and tracks. What I learned from that battle, sidescrape covering your left side (if able) to help hide your top turret and bait enemy into shooting then stop tank and fire safely. And when loading move back and forth if exposed. But I also like the Super Pershing as well so the slow speed doesn't bother me, I just have to plan where I'm going. This should be a nice slow grind to the ST1
  6. I had something similar happen to me the past two days. My win rate tanked to below 40% but my wn8 rate skyrocketed. In playing all those losses I have played my best games to date. I'm trying to keep my tank alive and deal damage through all parts of the match. Even when I played amazing and did 4k of damage in my KV4 we still lost. I'm really hoping its simply a short bit of bad luck, I don't honestly know what I can do to play better. Now if I was getting 400 damage a game then thats different : ) Tracer001
  7. LOL thanks for the replies guys, LOL. I thought my first impression was right. Honestly if I'm fighting an enemy, I honestly don't mind someone else takes out the tank. It means as stated above we take out one more cannon and we get to move on to the next faster. I would rather have a high damage count than low damage but lots of kills. Take what you can get. The object after all is to kill the other team, period. I did have xvm installed but it was down that weekend sadly, otherwise I would have called the guy out due to his redness. I've honestly had no one accuse me before if doing it, but when I saw his stats I just saw red. I had a good session last night in my pz.sfl v. using and abusing the vision system and learning to not stay in the same spot all the time, move around and let the enemy focus on other targets then bite him in the ass again. Lessons learned off this board, Thanks again for all the advice, hopefully some day I'll feel comfortable in asking for a platoon mate once my stats get better. Until then I'm enjoying the challenge. Tracer
  8. Their probably dumbing it down for the masses. I don't know if its just me, but I am seeing lately, an aweful lot of tankers on both sides with an efficiency rating in the 400's and below, and more than you should even below 100! I hope they're not basing their decisions on people like this complaining? That won't motivate them to drive any better. And I really really wish WG would stop saying they are making changes to a vehicle because of historical accuracy. Thats a joke. I wish there was a WWII sim that would make changes due to historical reasons, and please get rid of arty. : ) Tracer
  9. Hey Guys, I had a rather annoying experience this last weekend that I wanted to ask your opinions on. I don't rate myself as a good player yet, but am at least trying and seeing improvement. I just shook my head after this game at the lack of logic some people seem to have. Anyway, we were on El Haluf on the south spawn. I was in a KV3 and we had a platoon of top tier T29's. So I'm thinking I better go hill to help out but don't have the top engine so am slow. By the time I get there the 3 T29's are fighting up the hill so I move to the right to see if I can get any shots on a TD or guard our flank, otherwise I would be in the way, poor gun depression and don't want to block better gun depression tanks. After one shot on a TD I notice the hill needs support so I get back as soon as able. By the time I get up the hill there is only 1 T29 left and his health is low, about 250 hp left. We crest the hill and fight 2 more and as we move forward I try to get in front of him to shield him as I was at full health still, but he blocks me. Then I take a shot at a Jpanther and then the fun starts. He calls me a kill stealing you know what. I chose to ignore him but he and his platoon mates keep it up. Thanks to the Hellcat for defending me. Anyway. I said going up the middle hill, that I didn't kill steal but supported. Then I was corrected again that I kill stole. So after that I left him figuring he's an idiot and deserves to die so started back to our side to help out. The game ended shortly after that with a win. Initially I had thought wow 3 t29's, they must be good. Then after the game I look at their stats, 42%, 44% 38%. And their efficiency ratings were all in the low 400's or below. How would you guys have handled that situation? I mean should I just ignore the mouth breathers and play the best game to help our side win regardless of the moron factor? Or was I right in leaving this idiot to die if he got swarmed? Its idiots like this that ruin this game. I took a break for a year because things like this happened far too much too often and don't want to leave again. I use xvm but only to see who may need support or not support on our team and it works well. Hell we won a 24% game last night on Serene Coast, it was awesome. Any advice would be helpful. Tracer
  10. Thanks for this topic. I came here (WOTLABS) to get better and do go on the wotlab channel from time to time but my stats are way way too low IMO to platoon with anyone yet. I would love to but am a little apprehensive at this point. I'm still working hard at increasing my stats. It would just be nice to be able to coordinate efforts. Last night in my matilda I flanked the left side of the city on Siegfried line as there was a British AT TD and a heavy holding a key point. I Just hoped the other guys would keep them occupied long enough for me to work around. In the end it worked and that move helped break the city as both were destroyed. But in pub games its mostly esp or hoping others will see your move and react accordingly. I remember one guy which I won't name, I came to his flank to support him and when I did and an enemy came into sight he bolted to the back and left me there alone, I thoght WTF. In the end after our chat I am a marked man for being TKd if he ever sees me again. Anyway, long story short, I am seeing improvement in my play, I watch a lot of videos and try different things and am trying so hard to be less aggressive. After reading this thread I might send a shout out on channel and ask if anyone wants to platoon with an ave player who wants to get better. I don't want to be carried but work with someone to win and willing to do what is required, watch your back flank, support fire while you flank etc. And thanks to everyone posting info on this site, its helping. Hopefully see you on the battlefield Tracer001
  11. "Your not my mother, stop telling me how to drive this tank!" Needless to say we lost that match 15 - 14 as he was the last player alive on our side and people were offering advice which was actually helpful.
  12. I drive the IRacing sim and some guys do custom car paint jobs which look amazing. Some are offered free for all to use others charge for custom commission work for a fee. I am using the free ones currently and have asked the owners permission for each out of respect. I also include in the loaded file the name of the painter to say thanks. I think your service is awesome, wish I had the skill and time to put into it. And seeing the images in signatures just adds a little more to the game. There is a reason I stopped posting on the official game forum. My enjoyment level of this game since my return is much higher. Its taxing enough dealing with idiots on the battle field, not many but enough, than dealing with them in forums as well. By idiots I mean guys that try to get the team to jump off the bridge in westfield, or the heavies who camp and wait for the enemy to come to them no matter how hard your team asks them to move. Or the idiot who tried to push me out of my position in my T29 so he could take it in a medium. etc Its sad that thats only the tip of the iceburg And if its not fun then definitely stop, take a break, I'm sure you'll be back at it again at some capacity. And try to focus on the good comments and ignore the idiotic ones. Tracer
  13. It would be nice if they also showed penetration rate. Its great hitting a tank but if your not hitting in the right location it might as well be a miss. I used to be proud of a high hit percentage, but not so much anymore. Now I take shots on the move and skeet shooting lights flying towards our arty.
  14. With each win your win rate will increase by .01. Over the last two months I brought mine up from 48.3% to about 49.82% and rising, I too want that 50% proper. The main number I focus on is my last 7 days as I am in learning mode and trying to apply what I learned. Hoping my stats get good enough people will want to platoon. The hardest part is patience : )
  15. I agree with Pitch on this but take it one step further. If you start to add mods and you are happy with what you have but want to add more. Before you add an additional mod, again, take a backup of your res_mod folder so that you can go back to your last previous good setup in case you don't like the mod. Sort of a roll back feature.
  16. Hey Vettish, I'm not a great player by any means but am improving. My win rate was at 48.3% last year before my break and its now at 49.8% and still rising hopefully : ). But if your ever looking for someone to run with who is also trying to improve and will accept constructive criticism as well as offer it in order to get better send me a pm if interested. I'm searching for like minded people to platoon with. I usually start at about your time and I am on MST in Alberta, so 7pm my time = 6pm your time. My main grinds right now are the T20, T29, IS3, and can run tiers 5 to 10. Like running my Tiger1 and 2, IS3, and have an IS8, and IS7. One thing that is really helping me is the reading. Read all the guides you can, especially the game mechanics one, that one is a must read IMO. Hopefully see you on the battlefield Tracer
  17. Hey Guys, New poster here. I have been watching my performance increase nicely. I have been watching a lot of vids, reading guides etc. Up until tonight. I think my tally for the evening is 2 wins and 15 or so losses. I drove the tier v german td which I have had amazing luck in. A win rate of around 70% which now is below 40 I think. My first game rocked with 5 kills, I helped clear one side then came in behind and helped clear the other. With a few tanks left it was a close loss with two of our tanks getting all the kills. My second match I got top damage but our team lemminged. And OMG it simply got worse after that. One game, I could nt believe what I was reading. 4 guys were trying to get as many as they could to LOL something off the bridge on westfield. Which they did of course and you can guess how that ended. His reply, "Thats how I play", I like to have fun. And OMG bad team after bad team. I was usually on the team all red or with a few yellows. I didn't play any different than normal but have no idea how to improve. What do you do when you get into position only to find you are now the front line, and the 3 or 4 tanks you were backing up are dead in the first minute? Does anyone have any advice on how to endure these bouts of bad luck? I am willing to take some of the blame but not all. Do I just stop playing for the night after the 3rd or 4th loss? I have been playing so well lately, actually making a difference in most games, not carrying but definitely our side was better with my cannon in the game. What do you guys do when you run into ruts like this? I hate to admit it but I am at a loss and almost to the point where I should not even be on this site with performance like this. I have never played this poorly before. I think I will stop for tonight and take my 2 wins and try to repair my ratings tomorrow night. One thing I played earlier matches, starting around 3pm which I do not usually get on till around 7pm. It just seemed like all the kids were out today. OMG. Anyway ,I hope I made some sense I am just so flabbergasted right now, I need a beer
  18. I will probably be in the minority here but I love the Tier V, Pz SFL IVc. And I strongly disliked the Marder II and Marder 38T. But this Tier V has a good bite. And talk about fast. If played right this TD can be very rewarding. Sure it looks goofy but its worth a second look. I was underwhelmed by the stock 75mm gun but am using the 1st 88 and am considering unlocking the top tier 88 before unlocking the nashorn. I think once I buy a Nashorn I will keep the tier V in my garage.
  19. I recently ground a few of the new lines since being away a year and found it really difficult to grind the low tiers. OMG some of the things they would do to lose seemingly on purpose. I love the lower level tanks but I wish there was a way they could balance games based on number of games played. So right now I only move my Commander to new tanks. I leave the rest of the crew on the tank and train the new tanks crew to 75% and work them up as I grind out the components. The way I see it I would like to play my tanks from Tier V up so figure I might as well have good crews for the most part. Short term pain for long term gain. Otherwise to me at least its too expensive to pay to move crew around and have them trained back up to 100%.
  20. I feel sad for the other team to let themselves be capped so soon. But with what I see in pub matches I am not surprised. I sometimes if able cap as soon as I can in order to draw some back to their cap. I hope it takes heat off the rest. Find a good place to fight then cap again then hide. It can sometimes yield good results.
  21. I go there very little now. Last year it was filled with fan boys and idiots. Sorry to be blunt but it was part of the reason I took a break last year. just tired of all the shit and idiotic Wargaming can do no wrong attitude. I come here mainly. I'll go to visit to see if anything interesting is posted but I don't post there anymore, there's no point. There is more to read and learn here. I honestly couldn't care less about the other forum. For those that think I'm sitting on the fence with my comments : ), I have no time for that forum anymore, waste of space. EDIT: I just had a few bad games in a row so am a little touchy : ). I am surprised how many teams lemming at Tier6 still and when you call them out on it you get stfu and I see your dead etc. gota love this game tho its good for a laugh some time.
  22. I feel your pain. I left last year for about a year. I too had had it. You try and post your frustration on the WOT forum and all you get are the raving fan boys who attack anyone with an opinion where you want to change the game or point out its faults. I was tired of being TK'd deliberately. I was seriously tired of games where there could be up to 10 arty in a match. I prefer one or two and I still don't like how they are implemented, totally arcade. I came back just over a month ago and feel so much better. The rage has subsided, arty is at a much better level where you can actually drive like a tank. I have not been tk'd yet, but I have seen idiocy and wonder why they even play. But its rare. I had a win rate of about 48.3% and thats where I left it. Since coming back I am reading all I can both in guides and posts, learning how the game really is played. Watching videos on the various tanks and techniques. And I have to say that winning is a lot more fun than losing as much as I used to. I can't carry a team except for the rare exception, but most battles I do make a difference now, and it feels good. And I'm also not playing 60 matches a night, I'm doing only what I can and it seems like about 12 matches a night is the sweet spot, I don't want to overdo it. I may reach your point again and take a break, but its good to know that there are other people out there that go through the same thing. Take a break, don't think about it until its time to come back, hopefully we'll see you in a few months or even year.
  23. Actually its funny you mention this. Two weeks ago I began to notice a trend in my win rate. One night I would be 55% - 65%, the next night I would be between 40% and 48%, this happened for a full week after I clued in that there was a pattern. It was the oddest thing, I played the same or so I assumed but each night was either a hi or a lo. When I was on the low I got failed team after failed team and could do nothing but watch as we got LOL stomped. I noticed a change about the same time as the patch came out. I also finally installed XVM and am using it to see who to watch out for in battle. For the most part I'm seeing much more balanced games. I have no proof of this other than one weeks worth of game play, but now I am consistent. It will be interesting to see how this streak plays out. One thing I can say is that I am playing better and feel I am making a difference more than when I played last year. Who knows what the developers are doing, but I must admit this is a much better game than the one I played last year.
  24. Just saw this video, thanks for taking the time to make it and post it, I found it very informative. You even had me yawning LOL. I try to advance now with every tank angling so as to not present my front armour head on and in this tank I try to find a good hull down spot and advance in planned moves. I like to face hug any chance I get depending on the enemy of course. I recently learned about side scraping, been away about a year so this is a new tactic I tried once in my Type59 and it worked great, will have to try it in the T29. Look forward to your next video. Since I stopped grinding and am trying to learn as much as I can, I'm really enjoying this game and am actually even playing better. A lot of great info on here. Hopefully as I get better I'll be able to platoon with you guys, or at least be a target to take some heat off : ). Tracer
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