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    Tracer001 got a reaction from hallo1994 in What Would you Do In This Situation?   
    LOL thanks for the replies guys, LOL.  I thought my first impression was right.  Honestly if I'm fighting an enemy, I honestly don't mind someone else takes out the tank.  It means as stated above we take out one more cannon and we get to move on to the next faster.  I would rather have a high damage count than low damage but lots of kills.  Take what you can get.  The object after all is to kill the other team, period.
    I did have xvm installed but it was down that weekend sadly, otherwise I would have called the guy out due to his redness.   I've honestly had no one accuse me before if doing it, but when I saw his stats I just saw red. 
    I had a good session last night in my pz.sfl v.  using and abusing the vision system and learning to not stay in the same spot all the time, move around and let the enemy focus on other targets then bite him in the ass again.   Lessons learned off this board,
    Thanks again for all the advice, hopefully some day I'll feel comfortable in asking for a platoon mate once my stats get better.  Until then I'm enjoying the challenge.
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    Tracer001 got a reaction from OOPMan in See you all next year, or maybe in 2015...   
    I feel your pain.  I left last year for about a year.  I too had had it.  You try and post your frustration on the WOT forum and all you get are the raving fan boys who attack anyone with an opinion where you want to change the game or point out its faults.  I was tired of being TK'd deliberately.  I was seriously tired of games where there could be up to 10 arty in a match.  I prefer one or two and I still don't like how they are implemented, totally arcade. 
    I came back just over a month ago and feel so much better.  The rage has subsided, arty is at a much better level where you can actually drive like a tank.  I have not been tk'd yet, but I have seen idiocy and wonder why they even play.  But its rare.  I had a win rate of about 48.3% and thats where I left it.  Since coming back I am reading all I can both in guides and posts, learning how the game really is played.  Watching videos on the various tanks and techniques.  And I have to say that winning is a lot more fun than losing as much as I used to.  I can't carry a team except for the rare exception, but most battles I do make a difference now, and it feels good.  And I'm also not playing 60 matches a night, I'm doing only what I can and it seems like about 12 matches a night is the sweet spot, I don't want to overdo it.
    I may reach your point again and take a break, but its good to know that there are other people out there that go through the same thing. Take a break, don't think about it until its time to come back, hopefully we'll see you in a few months or even year.
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