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  1. That's fair, I did go to the extreme so maybe "dead" was going too far, but when you consider which players benefit most from RNG I feel confident in saying that the game would not have gotten as big as it has if the RNG was too small and shot dispersion was too accurate. A reasonable argument could be made for +/-20 or maybe even +/-15 RNG rather than the +/-25 we've always had, but going as low as +/-5 or even +/-10 would be too brutal for all of the bad/average & casual players, and they wouldn't have anything to compensate for that brutality. At that point WoT would have to use SBMM to
  2. If you want dead-on accuracy at 350m then maybe you should be playing FPS games instead. I'm not saying that you, or anyone, has to agree with me, and there is certainly a lot of room for discussing how much accuracy should be expected at different ranges, but 350m is a pretty large distance, that's a pretty darned reasonable range for a "perfect" shot to miss. It's important to remember that 350m in WoT isn't really 350m, all of the numbers in this game are significantly scaled down from real ranges.
  3. Since this is a purely subjective topic, I'll feel free to weigh in here. I like the RNG for the following personal reasons (although I don't expect anyone to have to agree with me): 1) It's not a FPS. I don't want WoT to play like the 12 most popular, cookie-cutter, guaranteed accuracy first person shooters. When I'm in the mood for guaranteed accuracy I'll go play Call of BattleQuake FortressShockHalo WarfareStrike. When I play WoT it's because I want something different, not something the same as all the others. 2) It feels more like a WWII era. The 1930-1950's were no
  4. Preface: I know I'm necro'ing an old thread (July 5, 2017), so if you're not interested in this topic now is your chance to move on. I was only just now made aware that this thread existed. It figures that the one time I get quoted & referenced extensively on WoTLabs is also a time when I made some pretty serious errors, and committed the sins I have argued against frequently when people write posts using tin foil hat thinking on the forums. Life is funny that way. 1) Confirmation bias. I was thoroughly convinced that the old MM had a lot more "awful" match ups than
  5. You're wrong! Maybe not about this one thing, I don't know, but c'mon we both know I'm smarter than you. So much smarter you guys.
  6. It seems like there's something you're not accounting for, those numbers don't add up. 4 light tanks x 3 camo each = 1200 gold if purchased at 50% discount. Set of 2 Emblems and 2 Inscriptions for the T54ltwt = 256g, or if purchased at 50% discount or 512g if purchased at full price. Discount camo + discount emblems/inscriptions = 1456g or Discount camo + full price emblems/inscriptions = 1712g Neither of those match the 2040g that you were refunded. Just doing a quick and dirty check on the possible iterations of 100g, 200g (half-price a
  7. Not all of them - American, French, German, Russian. The Chinese Tier VII and VIII light tanks will not be affected by this change, they are adding the two new Chinese light tanks (IX & X) without any changes to existing Chinese lights.
  8. Why would you even use a second account to do this, all you're doing is wasting time and money to lie and say, "Look how good I've always been, I was never a noob like other people." That's a complete gutless move. Every pro athelete you've ever seen had to play in high school (and most in college) before being pro's. And even pro-atheletes have good seasons and bad seasons with only a few of them being great for their entire career. Every grand master of chess had to start somewhere. Bill Gate and Warren Buffet have both made mistakes, even after becoming fantastically wealthy. Ever
  9. Of course you can. You can grok a concept, a philosophy, a language, a culture, an object, anything physical or conceptual that can be described can also be grokked. The direct translation from Heinlein's fictional Martian language is "to drink" something, but of course that is not literal. You metaphorically "drink" the idea, you merge with the concept of it, and a complete understanding of it infuses your very being, it becomes equal to you. You can grok TD's and applesauce, physics and the Martian language, all can be grokked. It looks like you don't grok grokking.
  10. Dating advice + hatred is about the hugest market that humanity will ever have. If you can't make money writing about a combination of those two things then you don't deserve money.
  11. Yeah, I'm with you. My assumption is that people would do some experiments using Company battles where they could arrange for matches in which they control all of the conditions and variables rather than trying to data mine from replays. I'm pretty sure that anyone who has the knowledge and tools to figure out this information by data mining replays has zero interest in doing the work that would be required.
  12. Yeah, this is pretty much why I'm not interested in attempting this work, but I figured that there might be some obsessive-compulsive Russians out of the millions on the RU server who had maybe tried to figure it out at some point.
  13. It wouldn't be all that difficult. Considering that hidden camo values have been worked out by player testing it's not a stretch to think that this testing might have also been done. Do you know where I can find those official formulas?
  14. Are there any sources that provide actual verified numbers showing credits/XP earned from damaging enemy tanks, capping, etc? Of course we have the descriptions in the wiki, but it's all phrased in non-numerical generalities. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Battle_Mechanics#Tank_Experience_and_Credits "Small flat bonus", "flat bonus", small flat bonus", "Per point of damage", etc. Where this would matter most is when players are arguing in-game about whether it's better to cap or to track down and kill the last one or two players on the enemy team. I've seen tons of people arguing about which
  15. vbaddict knows all, tells all. Top Tier X's in net income per battle http://www.vbaddict.net/statistics.php?tier=10&tanktype=0&nation=0&premium=0&modeid=0&team=0&battles=1000&groupby=0&fieldname=creditsn&server= Top Tier X's in net income per minute http://www.vbaddict.net/statistics.php?tier=10&tanktype=0&nation=0&premium=0&modeid=0&team=0&battles=1000&groupby=0&fieldname=credits_per_minuten&server= You will immediately notice that those pages have all negative numbers, but of course that's because they are
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