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  1. Play many TX games, you are always top tier and you can do big amount of damage over there cause the health pools are larger and guns are bigger
  2. The change will have huge implications on many maps, not only just that u mentioned ... having some hard cover in hand will become very important after they will implement this change.
  3. i am a little confused this change is already implemented in 8.11 ? or it will come in the future
  4. My advice to you is be more patient and let the game develop a little, at first there are 15 enemy tanks, its quite a big number and in order to succed in playing aggresive at start you need to have a good map awereness and intuition about where those enemy tanks might be deployed which is not easy to do. As the game develops and more enemy tanks get killed/spotted it will be easier for you to handle complexity better and take the correct course of action.
  5. having some hard cover around u will be even more important, this will bring some interesting changes in the gameplay
  6. if its a circle with 700m radius that means it basically covers almost all the map ... maps are currently 1000x1000 700m radius means 1400m diameter
  7. i know its not directly related but i have a short question one thing i don't quite understand view range is a circle with 445m radius or diameter ? in other words if its 445m radious with me in the middle that means i will spot anything around me in a circle with 445m radius in all directions ?
  8. Depends on what u are playing, usually playing heavies on open maps is quite difficult cause u don't have the speed to relocate and influence the game where its needed. I only play medium tanks in high tiers, this allows me to always be first in the engagement area, put in the first few shoots using my max view range and continue spotting for my team. Playing heavies on open maps means u need to be more cautios than a medium player cause u are a big and slow target for tds and arty. Overall i find medium tanks to provide the best overall flexibility in order to carry random teams in high tier games ... works best in a platoon with other meds or with tds which can shoot what u are spotting.
  9. As long as u do decent dmg you should have a very nice WN8 playing T9 medium tanks. This is my last session playing T54 and Leo PTA http://www.noobmeter.com/recent/eu/3kilos/514482311/514482311_00003282_20140119_232745/514482311_00003331_20140121_094232 49 games 2.85k avr dmg 3.9k+ WN8
  10. i have to agree, the amount of camping in high tier games on EU server is epic ... it must be said that i didn't play on any other servers so I can only speak about EU
  11. U can use this web site to see the influence of a full cammo crew on any tank in the game http://www.wotinfo.net/en/camo-calculator
  12. Well I would go even further and say that optics + full cammo crew is mandatory on all high tier meds ... full cammo crew makes a big difference combined with tank cammo + tank paint.
  13. having good stats has nothing to do with platooning or not ... in fact you should get better stats when playing solo
  14. Usually you should get a much higher WN8 score compared with WN7 cause the scaled has changed with around 500 points ... so I would say in your case its a step back ...
  15. No point in still using eff anywhere ... it should be declared obsolete and removed from stat tracking web sites and XVM ... I mean really the only important part of eff(decap points) is implemented in WN8 and there is no point in measuring cap points anyway so ...
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