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  1. Hm. I hadn't thought of using a USB mic. If the sound on the mobo is fine, that should work. Now I'd just have to find people to platoon with... though, when I can play, I'm usually daily-doubling. Someday, I'll have most of this grinding finished, and that'll be less of a problem. I just want to be able to (for example) switch flanks, and not have to guess that the 5 tanks I'm leaving behind have a chance of defending. As for win chance, I'd probably turn that off, or not give much credence to it beyond statistical probability (as it is). Thanks for the idea of the USB mic.
  2. Hi - Been playing since pub release. 30,000+ games. I play to win, but am not very good. Explanation: I'm kinda OCD in that from very early, I've been grinding every line. Only in Aug.2013 did I get my first Tier X. Still grinding several trees, though most are at Tier 8-9 (barring the newer ones). Never once platooned, or in a clan. Explanation: No RL friends who play, plus a broken mic port. If I were to play in a more serious way, I would throw myself into it completely -- I would not play without a mic. It would just be a detriment to my teammates. Until I get a new mobo/pc, I'm stuck playing alone. I have tried a couple of the new "team battles", and found my lack of mic to be a serious problem. I play ok, have a generally good handle on strategy. I often end up derping stupidly. Even more often, I rely on pub teams to follow simple logic/strategy (fail). In all my games, I've never installed XVM. Explanation: Every time I really want to, there's about to be another update, and everyone seems to complain that it doesn't work afterward, so I put it off. Right now, I'm so sick of relying on people with no clue what they're doing -- but not knowing that until they've failed, themselves, that I realize I need it, update or no. Having problem with search functions, and hoping to find a link to a safe XVM download site, advice with settings for it, and good advice for improvement in my general play, of course. Probably will be more than 3-6 months before I get a new PC, so the mic-port thing is kind of moot, at the moment. Thanks, Rhad. EDIT: Sorry, the "new player" tag should have been "new member".
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