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  1. is7 is the king of heavy pushing
  2. Exactly ! this is what i experience. And yes , i do stack BIA+vents+ food
  3. is it just me or gun is pretty bad ? i think i miss all my not fully aimed shots and snapshooting is impossible
  4. Ooo , don`t be silly , you are not free, we need you. I`m sure your work is much appreciated and when people will start getting rekt by green 70 xTE T57 player they will realize wn8 is still a better approach of understanding one`s skill. Sure they will be players who will pad on any metric system, but hey no sane people will ask for perfection
  5. it is true that all the time i burned was because i was exposing my side armor to BIG TD alpha gun... So that is my bad. But there are many times i finish the game with dead commander / gunner or destroyed gun ... I have safe stowage, i dont have preventive maintenance, i do run premium repair-med-FE Edit: the crew/module damage i`m talking about refers to tank hits (i am not talking about getting hit by arties)
  6. every shot i take knocks commander/gunner or destroys gun/ammorack . I even burned 3 times in 66 games...
  7. The tank i hated the most was chi ri . Yeah, you can have fun games in it in tier7 , but this thing gets in tier9 all too often. It should get pref MM
  8. my cent 7/1 misses a lot too, and it misses even more in the last week, i`ve just complained about it to my buddies. I even switched my coated optics for vents and my AFE for premium food to negate that and it`s still shit... But it`s nice to see i am not the only one noticing this
  9. Tier X might be frustrating/uncomfortable for you , judging by the experience (games in tier X / number of tier X tanks ) you have in that tier...
  10. i like the RNG ! don`t shoot me !
  11. i know one guy with 6000+ battles in t67 (tier 5 us TD) , i don`t remember his nickname, will PM it to you tonight when i get home
  12. why not both ? if you have so much free xp, use it to elite the tanks in the grinding process.
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