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  1. Yeah,and I think he have some real good tic tacs for Mountain Pass. He doesn't have a tier 10 though, so we might just have to use O-Ho's.
  2. @RichardNixon Can you confirm/eloborate on this? As a player with 35k+ battles and mainly playing TX I am well past this limit in most tx's long time ago. So my questions: What impact will it have continuing to play past this limit How will account WN9 be affected by playing tanks with few battles and/or new tanks? Why wouldn't a percentage of total battles in a given tank be a better limit? This limit could be set pretty low to prevent "one tank" reroll accounts, if that's a purpose. tl;dr; Looking for more info regarding a hard cap on battles in a tank
  3. Wondering the same. Also looks like I took a hit from when we went from 420 to 1000. 852 (mid blue) now, think it was 385ish (purple) when 420. Might be my account, tank selection, whatever, but seems a bit odd.
  4. Hmm.... seems like we're being ninja'ed by some former LAVA members - really need to keep an eye on this situation
  5. Running an Israeli flag in XVM apparently gets you tk'ed ;)

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    2. Pale_Horse


      I usually dont trigger them on purpose. I just wait till they start crying in the chat after I killed them or stole ehm secured a kill or something.

    3. BlackAdder


      I run PL flag. Often i get post battle messages, stupid polak shit and so on. Too bad i turned off chat in game, so i cant see shit they writing (and they do). :D

      One time i switch whole client to PL, but i didn't understand shit about missions (and was inconvenient to search on internet what is mission about) so i revert to english. 

      Also bad reroll starts good fire. No matter how much WN8 player have, write bad reroll GG, and flame starts :D 

    4. nemlengyel


      @BlackAdder for the ultimate Polish experience, get Aimdrol's MLG mod. They changed all the British tanks to Polish. Kurwananter ftw

  6. I am all for that. They will probably carry me harder than N1nja_bob, anyway. Bet they are nicer as well <3
  7. Regarding 99P: No real rebulding is planned. The players left are going to play randoms and they also have a group playing ranked TB. All the active leadership along with the active CW/SH players are gathering in [N1NJA]. Still waiting for some strugglers to catch up As the OP says we are opening for international recruitment (the core is still retarded scandinavians) and are in no hurry to fill up the clan. We know we are competing in a tough market recruiting wise, so it remains to be seen whether we can lure people in with some ninja magic. We can offer some rea
  8. Really don't want to intrude on this New Orleans style funeral/celebration . Just want to let you know there's always room in 98P/99P for misbehaving scandinavians. No clicker lovers! And don't use that mission excuse...
  9. My thoughts exactly. Grats to Bulls with a great pick up...
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