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  1. Could someone who can read this tell me what exactly it is? I bought it at a poorly advertised estate sale for $15 because it looked cool (very old, very large book).


    And if anyone can read it, what this says:


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    2. Folterknecht


      A very rough translation


      Wednesday the 15th of January 1749 - Mark Gottlieb Otto(w?????) was born in/on "(??????) ...ütz"


      You have to keep in mind that nowdays the german language is different. Many words are written differently, e.g. the german word for door - Tür - was written - Thür - until around 1900. Also many words arn't used anymore, different or used in an other form.


      Add to that different font, especially when it comes to handwriting. Learning the old printed font is relatively easy for a native speaker, picked that one up myself as a teenager because I read some old books.


      In the case of the name "Ottow" I'm not sure, if that translates to the modern name Otto, if the "w" was pronounced at all back than in spoken language, or if that might indicate eastern european ancestry.


      Wikipedia suggests that it was a german family name, though I personally never stumbled over it until now.

    3. Android25


      Even English has changed quite a bit over the past 261 years, but that font is a bear. Beautiful, but definitely hard to decipher. Thanks for looking into it so much, pretty cool to learn anything about it, and I certainly haven't ever had something so old before.

    4. benymazz



      Even English has changed quite a bit over the past 20 years


      Yes, we now have beautiful words and phrases like:


      Not to mention older phrases that make no sense to the non-native speaker, like "To ride shotgun", "Down the tubes", and my personal favorite, "I could care less"