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  1. Disclaimer - This may not work upon the next update, this may not even work tomorrow, but I've got it working now and I'm not having any issues with it. Just don't blame me if you screw it up and end up having to reinstall WoT. Doing the following will allow you to launch the normal WG Game Center from Steam when clicking the "Play" button on your Steam installation, it should also allow Steam to update WoT for you instead of having the WG Gaming Center running in the system tray all the time (however, I can't actually confirm this until we get an update). The only cavate I've found is th
  2. Well... I finally did it.image.png.6fc1af31cda23740d4e56b819fdf6b4a.png

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      im sorry for your loss 

  3. When you're just trying to hide your WN8 dalxtP0.png

    1. Wanderjar


      but is he really purple tho?

    2. Android25


      It's me, I'm almost there; 11 points as of now, but coming back from not playing a lot isn't helping that last little purple grind :P

  4. I don't really play low tiers at all. My average tier is over 8 at this point... but I bought the black market mini maus in the heat of the moment and this tank is absolutely  the most OP tank I've ever played...
    In 5 games, I've averaged over 5 kills per game, have 3 top guns, 2 of which were 8 kill games, and 2 orlik medals... I feel dirty even owning this tank.

    1. Private_Miros


      To be fair, you can do this with any half-decent low tier tank. Good crews and equipment are generally enough to make you OP, insofar that the skill difference alone wasn't sufficient.

    2. Android25


      I suppose, after watching a friend platoon with me and also wreck people in his tetrarch. Though it is kind of sad that the thing is nearly impenetrable when top tier... You can do things you would never do with most tanks.

  5. Finally got the 260 today... Glad grinding for that is over.

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    2. echo9835


      Congratulations! That is a difficult tank to get. enjoy.

    3. NightmareMk9


      FU LT15, I was playing JUST tier 10 lights for a week and losing 80% of my games.

      I should just switch to the TD and pay 1 order to skip MT13

    4. Kymrel


      LT 15 is just basically play an EBR 105 and get Prok...

  6. Got two packs of 75, I'll likely be gifted a few more by friends through exchanges through the month. I was in a rush for work, so I didn't jot everything down like normal, but the first set included all the lower tier tanks at least once, the commander, all the skins except the one for the E4, and both the E75 TS and the 703 II. The next 75 included the E4 skin, the 703 twice and the progetto (which I also already have). Total gold haul including compensation for 3 tier 8s was about 100,000. Credit income appeared to be around 8M. I won't have time to do decoration stuff until
  7. After almost 24k games I believe last night I had my first game where I was called a "total dumbass" and "pussy" by a player while pulling off over 1400 base xp and winning

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    2. j_galt


      I tend to message those guys after the match to make fun of their results.  Petty, I know, but it does lead to the craziest walls of text before they get blacklisted.

    3. Android25


      I was fairly level headed and just send him a :^)

      I feel sort of bad for him actually... maintaining a sub 47% WR is actually a challenge... he must be actively giving poor advice to his team in most of his games.

    4. Kymrel


      I would have thought that after 24k games you would have had that happen more often. You have led a sheltered life :D

  8. At one point I broke the Delete key on my K70. They didn't replace the whole board, or even give me a new set of caps. But I did get a hand addressed bubble envelope with a new delete key. That was kind of cool.
  9. Is fun game mode.


    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      i also enjoyed it, one of the better special event mode they have done in recent times.

      miles better than home front, and not as boring as FL.

      only gripe id have is teaming in solo mode, and the retarded module dmg (fires and ammo racks are way to frequent due to them lowering module HP) 

    2. kariverson


      On 8/28/2019 at 1:30 PM, Deus__Ex__Machina said:

      i also enjoyed it, one of the better special event mode they have done in recent times.

      miles better than home front, and not as boring as FL.

      only gripe id have is teaming in solo mode, and the retarded module dmg (fires and ammo racks are way to frequent due to them lowering module HP) 

      Yeah teaming in solo sucks ass. But man it felt good when I beat both their IS3 asses with my t54-55whatever tank. 

  10. It's not bad... a lot more fun than anything else WG has come up with recently. Here's 50 some games. Platoon was way easier.
  11. Anyone who loves Myst/Obduction like puzzle games or is just really interested in more immersive VR world's. Cyan is running another kickstarter for their new VR/flat screen game Firmament. Campaign has another 9 and a half days and could use some funding help.  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1252280491/firmament


  12. I'm going to need a 3080 TI when it comes out so I can boost that Gaming score over 200
  13. Intel, in their infinite wisdom, only supports bootable raid of a bifurcated PCIe slot with their own optane m.2 cards. Unlike AMD who supports any NVMe. I'll have to software raid them, thankfully there's not much of a performance hit with software raids of SSDs. I've lost two windows NVMe installations to attempting to upgrade the NVMe driver. So I've moved windows back to SATA SSD. Yes I could have booted up something off a USB and fixed it, but both times Windows was getting close to a much needed reset anyway. The shroud does have thermal pads, I know they aren't super effective
  14. Calling on @Folterknecht to laugh at me and tell me what a waste of money this is (Disclaimer: I "only" paid $151 for each of these, not the incredibly marked up $389.99) How to spend $6k on your computer over time... (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/DPZdRJ)
  15. When your team can't get a push together but you've learned all the objective sniping spots




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    2. Errants


      "Fuck your slut bitch filthy mother." (assumed he missed the "r" in "made/madre") Seems about normal for pubbie spam.

      Wouldn't have said Mexican, though... that could've been any Central/Latin American dialect of Spanish.

    3. Android25


      It was more to be derogatory :P

    4. Errants


      I know, I'm being a fucking carebear.

  17. I was pulling full (active) player stats from the server monthly, took about 14 days for all 4 regions, until around a year ago. If I ever continue with that endeavor I could set up an API to pull individual tank statistics.
  18. Most clans tend to clear their inactive members and fill up with active players weeks before these types of events start... but good luck.
  19. In a sense, yes. The assumption would be that if you're playing at super uni level, say very close to the threshold, you shouldn't have a super uni win rate unless you are platooned with other players of similar skill, which tends to be the case on average (hence the inflated WR numbers). Like I mentioned, there are players capable of solo play that easily reaches beyond super unicum win rate. But the meta at such high levels can vary so widely when it comes to solo play. For example, it's very likely that there are at least some players who manage super unicum stats and fail to
  20. Colors are based on averages (as well as pages of debate) across the servers. While these averages work well for individual players because platoon play doesn't impact personal WN8 that much, it greatly tends to inflate the upper percentages of WR. Most of those of us who last changed the colors agreed that while WR colors don't well reflect non-platoon WR, platoon inflated WR is so prevalent across upper level WN8 players, that in order to keep too high a percentage from having purple WR, the average percentages were used for the top 0.1% without adjustment. This isn't to say purple WR i
  21. Bought 75 boxes and got all the tanks (less the skorp but I already had it and the OP french arty :c), all the camo's, 40k gold, 3.5 million credits, and 74 days of premium...

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    2. Android25


      I did quit... even tried to get rid of my account for a while... Guess I'm back

    3. KruggWulf


      He's a gay dergun who can't get enough (dix)

    4. sundanceHelix


      Shame for feeding WG monies. 
      Now excuse me while I buy some boxes too

  22. Hey, gay frog water is no joke! https://www.livescience.com/10957-pesticide-turns-male-frogs-females.html Also, I dropped Mechanical Engineering and took up Computer Science... much better fit.
  23. I should really just try to get rid of my account... I never play this game anymore :P

  24. I don't know how many of you are fans of the old Myst games or have recently played Cyan's new game Obduction or are looking forward to their next game Firmament, but since I wouldn't have found it without currently trying to get Myst 3: Exile running on my Win 10 gaming desktop, I wanted to point out that Cyan has finally, after over 20 years, acquired the rights to all of the MYST games, including the ones Ubisoft has owned and been unwilling to act to release them on steam. This year, Myst through URU will be re-released to work on Windows 10 and whatever the latest flavor of Mac is. It wil
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