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  1. manleyminer

    Zeven's Q&A with Ewe

    Lets just say we can call him Master Zeven or Doctor Zeven far as degrees are concerned. Works for WoT too. neuropharmacologist Program content primarily examines the molecular level interactions drugs have with cells, particularly nerve cells, and the effects drugs have on human behavior. The regeneration of damaged nerve pathways and the causes of and treatments for neurological diseases, addiction and chronic pain are possible areas of inquiry. Your studies will consist of a combination of classroom study, lab research and informal interaction with faculty and other students.
  2. manleyminer

    Type 59

    The new T54 Light is going to be better till they nerf it.
  3. manleyminer

    140 vs T62A Challenege

    Good read Marine. I was all gung hoe to get the 140 but I realize I'm not good enough for either so I'll make a tier 10 heavy my 1st tier 10. The T-62A will be my 1st med tier 10 when it happens.
  4. manleyminer

    [NA] M-I-T Recruitment is Now Closed

    If your red, yellow or green, we can help you. We don't care if you have 10,000 or 10 battles. We will be glad to have you with us learning to be better at World of Tanks. That is our common goal. To get better at playing the game and not laying blame.
  5. manleyminer

    [NA] M-I-T Recruitment is Now Closed

    Silver is squared away and looking good in eval. If your looking for a "Training" clan then we are here for you. We are currently averaging in the high 80's of personnel in the clan. All of our goal is to use each other to get better at the game. Platooning with another player is available about 90% of any given day. There seems to always be someone in TeamSpeak to platoon with. We have Mentoring from experienced M--M members as well as some of the top M-I-T players. We have scheduled training nights on an average of 2 nights a week (Monday and Saturday currently) A number of M-I-T members who have raised their stats, and more importantly game play, are transferring up into M--M so there is room for new blood. If any of the stuff mentioned appeals to you, come check us out here ----->>>>
  6. manleyminer

    [NA] M-I-T Recruitment is Now Closed

    Glad to have you give us a try. I see you eval has started. Enjoy it as it's the opportunity to make new friends.
  7. manleyminer

    German med trainer

    Let's see, 3002 M or 3001 D 3002 M 700 Engine pwr 55 speed 30 traverse 840 hit points 60/40/40 hull 100/45/45 turret better ROF 14.29 Same 42/70 gun on both tanks 370 view 710 signal 3001D 580 Engine pwr 56 speed 700 HP 60/40/50 hull 50/30/30 turret 13.95 ROF 350 view 310 sig
  8. manleyminer

    [NA] M-I-T Recruitment is Now Closed

    By god I think you guys are right! It does read a bit strong. Thanks for the correction. Least B_T_Justice, being the good old southern man he is, didn't take it wrong. We rednecks have our own language sometimes.
  9. manleyminer

    [NA] M-I-T Recruitment is Now Closed

    No! Thank you and the others that are making this one of the best training clans in the game.
  10. manleyminer

    WoTLabs Minecraft server

    It's hard to devote any time to something that's not going to be around much longer.
  11. manleyminer

    [NA] M-I-T Recruitment is Now Closed

    Your not required to drop tags to do the evaluation process with us. Once that's complete you can drop tags and the invite will be sent after the 48hr cool off period.
  12. manleyminer

    WoTLabs Minecraft server

    I'm thinking along the lines of paying for a server. 20 or 30 slot server is not to expensive.